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An 8 Week Online Immersion with Carmen Marshall

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An 8 Week Online Immersion with Carmen Marshall Start earning a lucrative income in your NWM business in 1 year

I get it. You fell in love with a dream.

To work your own hours. From anywhere. And to stumble into this paradise that somehow seemed too good to be true (except you KNOW people who live there)

Where business and life actually do coexist in a yummy way that yields time to live your life on your own terms and the finances to support all of your hobbies, dreams, and yoga pants.

You found a company with a product that literally has felt like it saved your life and you genuinely think it can help others too.


You’re working the plan, but still not quite living la vida loca?

Frustration sets in as friends and family start to say no or get slightly annoyed at your product and opportunity flooding their social media feed when they “just want to see pictures of your kids or your travels.”

But… the dream still exists. The dream is still out here and you know it’s within reach, but you just don’t know how to get there.

I get it.

When I set out to start a business, I researched hundreds of types of businesses from bootstrapping my own, to franchises, to network marketing. And guess what?


Committing to Network Marketing has been the most lucrative, most flexible, and smartest financial and lifestyle decision I’ve ever made.

Network Marketing is a brilliant model that has brought entrepreneurship and wealth to millions of people around the world. So you’re right — the dream is out there AND within YOUR reach.

In this 8-Week Immersion, you will learn my non-traditional approach to creating a modern, soulful and kick-ass Network Marketing business.

You’ll learn how to break your first 100K year so you can start to have the time, money, and freedom that you joined Network Marketing for in the first place.

If you and I haven’t met before, or even if we have, you can learn all about my journey to Soul Crafting my own life with the time and financial freedom I’ve experienced through Network Marketing in the video below.

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What is this program about?

It’s an 8 Week Immersion with Carmen Marshall To Soul Craft™ Your Way To Earning $100k/year… and then $500k

An 8 Week Online Immersion with Carmen Marshall Start earning a lucrative income in your NWM business in 1 year

This course is 100% Online. You’re probably well aware that most courses these days are online.

It’s really the best way to get you all of the information and 1x1 equivalent expertise at an extremely affordable rate.

But, if you’re not going to do the course work, please do not enroll.

It’s the inspirational and educational jolt you need to get you into action and start producing the results you’ve been expecting.

The business roadmap you’ve been searching for now exists within this course.

This is an “In-Action” course. Which means you – and everyone in the course – will be learning and implementing what you learn every single week. You’re not going to just listen and learn and do a few exercises, you will actually be testing and working your business at the same time.

And that’s magic.


Each week, a new module will be released and we’ll dive deep into these topics over the course of this 8 week business immersion. Your coursework includes a combination of video modules, pdf downloads, checklists, tools + resources all developed from my own journey in Network Marketing and exactly how I’ve made my businesses uber successful.

Module 1: belief [+ purpose]

  • The Alchemy Of You – a deep dive into designing the person you want to be and uncovering any self-sabotaging tendencies
  • Overcoming Fear + Comfort Zones
  • Strengthening Your Belief – Products, Company, Compensation Plan, Industry + Self
  • Connecting Your Purpose + Passions to Your Business

Module 3: presenting [+ health]

  • Create Compelling Presentations connected to your Passions
  • Carmen’s 5 Favorite Ways to Present In Person + How to become a master at each
  • Online Presenting: Who, What, How + Follow Up
  • How to Make Your Health A Priority
  • Using Your Own Health + Wellness as a Business & Marketing Strategy

Module 5: laser focused action week

Double up all income producing activities for maximum learning and fast tracking business

Module 7: training your team [+ self care]

  • Attracting + Growing a Six-Figure Mindset Team
  • Training Your Leaders To Make 100K / yr
  • How to Lead, Duplicate + Empower
  • Quick Start MindSet + Personal Development Training for Your Team
  • Taking Care Of You, Your Life + Your Relationships
  • Slowing Down to Speed Up
  • Stress, Overwhelm, Disappointment + Frustration and ‘I want to Quit!” Strategies

Module 2: inviting [+ money beliefs]

  • 3 Inviting Scripts that work in any situation + don’t make you feel like a Cheeseball
  • Online Inviting (Facebook Groups + on Social Media)
  • 10 Ways to Never Run Out of Prospects
  • Your Best or Worst Market -> How to Talk to Family + Friends
  • Know your Numbers
  • Transforming Money Beliefs
  • Six-Figure Income Mindset
  • Growing Your Net-worth

Module 4: follow up [+ personal development]

  • The Entire Follow Up Process
  • Swipe-able Follow Up Email Copy + Tools
  • Resolving OBJECTIONS
  • Personal Development for Your Business + Life
  • Developing Unshakable + Authentic Self-Confidence
  • 10 Network Marketing Secrets No One Tells You

Module 6: enroll [time management + organization]

  • How Enroll Associates with only 1 Follow Up Session
  • After You Enroll, then what?
  • Time Management – MIT’s + TDL’s (Most Important Things + To Do Lists)
  • How to Organize Your Business To Be A Business
  • The Vault of Carmen’s BlackBook Of Business + Lifestyle Tools
  • Make Your Work, Work (systems, automation + hiring)
  • Mistakes, U-Turns and Re-Directs

Module 8: online marketing [prep for 500k]

  • Pulling it All Together
  • Review, Recap + Staying The Course -> Your Future
  • How to build your Network Marketing business with a Blog
  • How Build an Engaged Audience on Social Media
  • Setting the Foundation for your Online Brand
  • Best Online Strategies to Prepare for the 500K leap
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Once you’re IN, there are even more added perks:


Weekly LIVE Office Hours


Community of Like-Minded Network Marketers who are ready to do business differently


Private Ask-Me-Anything Facebook Group


Resource vault filled with extra goodies

Josie Tong review for Carmen Marshall

Josie Tong, Australia

Sarah Buhagiar, Australia

Annette Rosi, Australia

Alyssia Barrett, Australia

What you won’t learn

This is NOT a course or pitch to join my team. You also won’t receive specialised training on or about your specific company or products. This is a course to help you create your own team in whatever Network Marketing company you’re already invested in building.

Whatever product or service it is that pulled you to Network Marketing and brings out a passion within you — that’s the business you want to build.

Who this is for


ANY network marketing entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if you just started or if you’ve been at it for 25 years*.


Network Marketers who are eager to make their businesses successful.


People who are ready to do the work, ask questions, engage, and learn.


Self starters who want to create an additional income stream and/or thriving business.


People who are coachable, willing to grow and want to learn from the best.


People who are committed to getting into action in their business so they can break that 100k barrier

Who this is NOT for


People not willing to put time, effort, and focus into creating an additional income stream, a successful business and abundant lifestyle.


Anyone looking for a “get-rich-quick scheme”.


People who just want to “see” what it’s all about. Please review our refund policy.


People who are already earning $100k /yr in their NWM business, have several people in their downline earning $100K and feel completely comfortable training their team to make $100K+.


People who don’t truly believe in their product, service, or company.

*it will be imperative to have technical knowledge. The course is online, videos are online, you’ll have to download PDFs and access our Facebook forum. Technology is a benefit to your Network Marketing business.

I am truly loving this course. It has given me words that I feel are more in line with my work & passion to use for invites, setting up expectations in a presentation and closes that feel really good – not icky. In fact, I did one of Carmen’s Passion Presentations and followed her closing (as I had always felt a bit awkward asking for the sale)…I had 9 attendees (as opposed to 3-4 at previous, recent presentations) and 8 out 9 attendees purchased! So excited to be able to use this system and know I can teach my team this too.

~ Vicky Jamieson | Bonbeach, Australia | Network Marketing 11 Years

My experience of the course has been truly amazing. In 8 weeks, I have got so much confidence in how to run this business. There are so many aspects of the business that are clear to me now as opposed to before. It’s an intense coaching program and it’s way beyond what I had imagined. Thank you Carmen for such an in-depth understanding that you have brought to net work marketing. Within a few short weeks, I am leading trainings for my team, having clear and straight closing conversations and can now present in many different ways. I’m also clear about what’s been stopping me and what I would like to create for this business and my life.

Thank you for this course and for who you are, this journey has been truly amazing and I am looking forward to incorporate everything in the coming year and I’m on my way to 100K.

~ Deep Gill | Jakarta, Indonesia | Network Marketing 2 Years

A lot of the training I’ve done in the past just didn’t resonate with me. They all felt scheming and pushy. Then I found Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k. This course has shown me a whole new way of approaching Network Marketing in a professional, yet caring and authentic manner. I was worried this course would be too advanced for me because I am new to the industry, but instead, it gave me the guidance I was desperately seeking on how to approach and grow my business.

Carmen has shown me that there is more than one way to grow my business and now I see so much potential and have so many ideas around incorporating my passions into my business. I can’t wait to keep growing!! Thank you Carmen Marshall!

~ Lee Poh | Sydney, Australia | NEW To Network Marketing

Lee Poh review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

When I started Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k, I was 2.5 years into my Network Marketing business and didn’t really know how to get to the next level. Carmen’s program gave me so much clarity and a clear roadmap of how to achieve my goals.

The course combines personal development, financial planning, action-orientated goal setting – it was one of the best courses that I’ve taken and I didn’t want it to end! What really blew me away was how engaged and available Carmen was to the entire class throughout the whole 8 weeks. This program was a game changer for me!

~ Vanessa Jahnke | Penticton, Canada | Network Marketing 2 years

I was stuck before Soul Craft™ came along. I always felt something was missing, however I needed a clear pathway to get me out of the 15 year maze I had fallen into. When I joined the course I started to achieve results from week one. 3 weeks later my network marketing income was up 30%. After the 8 weeks, my income was up 50% and I doubled my investment money back. It’s now 2 weeks after the course ended and I am still seeing results.

If you looking to invest in this course and are a little hesitant, I recommend you jump right in. I’ve doubled my money back in first 8 weeks. This is from someone who has benefited and know that I will continue to benefit from Carmen’s coaching through this course. Just do it is all I suggest.

~ Claude Fullinfaw | Manila, Philippines | Network Marketing 15 Years

Claude Fullinfaw review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

I’m so glad that you have created Soul Craft. It’s very different than all of the courses I have done in the past. What I learned and implemented so far in the first 3 weeks is unbelievable. To be honest, I have been in management mode for a while, so what I took from the course in just the first 3 weeks has allowed me to dream bigger and step up. With the actions that I took, we started a weekly online presentations (first one we had 18 guests!), I was able to draft a business plan for 2019 and integrated ‘soul’ into it.

Thank you so much Carmen. You have created a game changer in the industry.

~ Josie Tong | Sydney, Australia | Network Marketing 10+ Years

Frequently Asked Questions

When does SOUL CRAFT™ Your Way to 100K begin?

The deadline to enroll is January 22nd and Prep Week begins on January 10th.

Your first module is released on January 26th.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a 2 week window to request a refund. See our specific policy for Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100K here.

Requests for refunds after Module 2 are not permitted.

What is the Investment?

$$1,999.00 USD when paid in full.

We do offer a few payment plan options. Please see those here.

What if I miss the Live Office Hours?

As always, it’s BEST to get on LIVE. And part of being a leader + successful is making what’s important, important.

As we have participants from countries around the world, we will do our best to accommodate as many timezones as possible. However, if the time difference is simply not possible for you, or if the uncontrollable does occur and you miss a session, they will be recorded, but you won’t be able to ask questions live until the next session. There are no make-up LIVE sessions.

Can I apply to be an affiliate?

Only those who complete the course will have the opportunity to become an affiliate. Details on our affiliate program are available for 100K Course Alumni.

Is this for a specific Network Marketing company?

Not at all. This course is for all Network Marketers, in any company, who are committed to making their first 100K a year with soul, and then onto 500K+ per year. It is not company specific and the process and skills are applicable to any Network Marketer.

Should I encourage my team to join the program?

Absolutely! The more people in your team going through the same program, with accountability, and an exact process over 8 weeks, the more quickly your and everyone’s business will grow. Imagine if you had 2-10 people in your team going through the program with you – where you could be in 8 weeks?

If this is open to all Network Marketers, will there be cross-recruitment?

Absolutely not. The program is a recruitment / advertising free zone and any one that is found to be doing this will be terminated. We want every one to grow and learn from each other, and never at the expense of comparing or putting down other companies, or trying to recruit. All ships rise on a rising tide and we want to up level the reputation and ethos of Network Marketing.

Can I share this course with my assistant, my team, or my significant other?

Tuition is for 1 person / 1 distributorship only. If you have a partner, assistant, or team member who you think would benefit from this course, but is not legally listed on your distributorship, they need to enroll separately.

Should you have questions or need clarity around this, please email us at instead of making an assumption. Thank you for your understanding and helping us to keep this fair for everyone.

Kerziah Del Rio, Australia

Vicki Ann Parker, Australia

Claude Fullinfaw, Philippines

Linda Bourdelaise, USA

I found SoulCraft Your Way to 100K to be a game changer in my business. I have been full time in my network marketing business for about 2 years and was starting to come to a point where I felt burnt out. I was really struggling to incorporate my business into my lifestyle and most of the time it felt like I had no life.

Since I started this program, things have changed tremendously. I started looking at my life holistically and started incorporating things that I love doing into my everyday schedule. I now feel more grounded in my business than ever before because it feels like I can actually do this for the long term. This has also given me a lot of confidence; I am clear and confident that this course has given me a solid foundation to take my business to the next level.

~ Simar Gill McCullough | Jakarta, Indonesia | Network Marketing 2 Years

Linda Boudelaise review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

Although I have always had a stable, sustainable Network Marketing business with periods of growth; one thing I haven’t had is consistent growth. Carmen Marshall is someone I have always trusted and looked up to in the way she built an International business with authentic integrity and soul.

This 8 week intensive training program, Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K, provides the tools to create a growth mindset, along with a structure and a plan. I have gained confidence and am excited for the future of my business.

~ Linda Bourdelaise | Maryland, USA | Network Marketing 10+ Years

Before I did the SCYWT 100K Program I felt stuck. My business was stagnant and I needed a new direction. I had tried numerous programs before this but Carmen’s style of focusing on lifestyle and business is where my heart passion really is.

Carmen has become the expert in this area and so I wanted to tap into her expertise. Her ability to inspire authenticity and train that to those seeking excellence in business is unique. I am excited about implementing what I have learned and help my team grow!

~ Judi Moore | Virginia, USA | Network Marketing 11 Years

Carmen Marshall’s Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K program is perfectly titled! I am impressed how the program is designed – heart and soul-centered. My confidence in my business and my life has increased immensely! This is how Network Marketing should be taught!

Carmen has helped me focus on my business and my life, which which has helped me live my passions and reach my goals.

~ Brenda Coppola | Connecticut, USA | Network Marketing 15 Years

Before SCYWT100K, my business was just operating without any real direction or confidence. I needed to find a course that was aligned with my beliefs, my passion and my personality. That is definitely what this course has provided me. The transformation in just these 8 weeks is amazing! My posture and my vibration have changed.

Carmen shows why it is key to have balance in your life and business to achieve true success.

This course has provided the insight to grow my business and be accountable for my activity. My vision is so clear; my direction is clear; and I am excited to take my business to new heights.

~ Karen Crosmas | Newcastle, Ontario, Canada | Network Marketing 3+ Years

Coming out of the employee-oriented world, I wanted a solid foundation & mindset for my business. Loving to learn from the best, I immediately decided to join the Soul Craft Your Way to 100K program as it also came at a moment when I was ready to kick-off.

9 weeks further I have a treasure of business tools, found the tribe of my dreams, finally got over my resistance of doing actions required to get results and looking forward to live the life I always dreamt of where I life & business feels one and it is ME :-)

~ Claudia Rollersbroich | Riemst, Belgium | Network Marketing 4 Years

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Robin Thomas, USA

Kate Gyngell, Australia

video testimonial for Carmen Marshall

Vicky Jamieson, Australia

Karen Crosmas review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft

Karen Crosmas, Canada

Vanessa Jahnke, Canada

Karen Crosmas review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft

Lee Poh

video testimonial for Carmen Marshall

Claudia Rollersbroich, Belgium

Michelle Shong