When your network marketing business needs a serious soulful shakeup…


Soul Craft Your Way to 100KTM offers a non-traditional, modern pathway to ignite your network marketing business + break through your current income plateau.

Welcome to an 8-week online immersion for network marketers who want to grow their business differently + unapologetically on their own terms

If you’re r-e-a-d-y for:


A refreshingly original & stunningly effective roadmap for building a lucrative network marketing business — one that doesn’t require you to compromise on your values, integrity, or sense of self…


A step-by-step system, accountability and personalized support that will get you into action and on the road to 100K in revenue + beyond in the next 12 months (even if you’re uber busy, short on time, or super overwhelmed)…


New strategies to refine what’s already working in your business and fix what isn’t, so you can break through your current income ceiling, invite with ease, and build an independent team that shares your vision and drive…

Soul Craft Your Way to 100K will show you how to build a profitable business in total alignment with your passions & values… 

Because quality of life, personal freedom and financial prosperity can and should co-exist. Inside Soul Craft Your Way to 100K, I show you how.

When you Soul Craft your business, here’s what’s possible…

Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100K has been completely life changing.

I went from enrolling one associate approximately every 4 months, to enrolling 1 associate every two weeks. My conversion rate with customers after the course was 100%.

And now, just four months after the course, I’m in the Top 25 Associate Enrollers for my company worldwide weekly, something I never imagined to be possible!

~ Karen Crosmas | Newcastle, Ontario, Canada | Network Marketing 3+ Years

I’m so glad I did Soul Craft Your Way To 100K!  

I just rank advanced and now have 40+ people in my organization. 

My FB group has grown to 400+ people and I created my personal brand website and blog.  I also created my FB business page — all from just doing everything Carmen Marshall’s course said to do!  

Carmen has a wealth of knowledge from 20+ years of experience that I’m continuing to implement in my business — invaluable content and personal development.  

~ Emily Morales | Illinois, USA | Network Marketing 5 Months

Annette Rosi

“Now I have a life. And my business is alive!”

Sarah Buhagiar

“Soul Craft helped me drive and scale up my business, while helping my team and enjoying it too.”

Josie Tong review for Carmen Marshall

Josie Tong

“I’ve taken a lot of courses for network marketers… but Carmen and Soul Craft have a secret sauce!”

Alyssia Barrett

“Soul Craft has shown me how to share about my business and what I love in a totally authentic way.”

It’s not another online course stuffed with stale advice you’ve heard before…


If you’re willing to learn & do the work, The Soul Craft Method is a comprehensive roadmap that will revolutionize your business and re-energize your life.

It’s the direct result of my 20+ years of experience as a top-earning network marketer (and unofficial rulebreaker).

It’s the same system I’ve used to build an abundant income in network marketing, without compromising on my personal values, authenticity, or pushing my passions aside in the name of “growth”.

And now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

An 8 Week Online Immersion with Carmen Marshall Start earning a lucrative income in your NWM business in 1 year

I’m Carmen Marshall, by the way. Have we met before?

I started my first network marketing business in 1998, but my journey as an entrepreneur has been anything but straightforward.

In the beginning, I was very skeptical about network marketing:

I’d heard it was a pyramid scheme — and even though I couldn’t really explain what that meant — I just thought it wasn’t right for me.

Fortunately, a (very) patient friend explained what network marketing was: an opportunity to share a product you believe in, with people who will benefit…

And the chance to grow your income while helping other people in your team build wealth, too.

I was sold on the potential of network marketing, but I wasn’t on board with the “standard” way of doing business.

Not then and not now.

It seemed like so many people talked a big game about living the laptop lifestyle + sipping piña coladas on a far-away beach…


Meanwhile, many network marketers I knew behind the scenes were barely breaking even — or their health, happiness and free time was non-existent while they hustled their way towards “freedom”.

That didn’t sound like success to me. 

I didn’t want to pour my heart and soul into a business if it meant I had to work around the clock and sacrifice my passions.
I wanted to feel excited about my business, crystal-clear on the vision I had for my life, and craft an action plan that would give me the income and lifestyle I wanted — without compromise.
And I didn’t want to become the stereotypical salesperson that people avoided at parties and family get-togethers to make it happen.

In the 20 years I spent experimenting (and sometimes stumbling) my way toward success in network marketing, I hit a lot of roadblocks along the way.

Below are some of the biggest ones…

I have a feeling some or all of them might resonate for you:

I couldn’t get excited about inviting people…and I had no idea if I was doing it right.

Since it’s just you + me here right now… raise your hand if you’d rather stick a fork in your eye than reach out to potential customers or associates.

Hands up? No shame! I’ve got you, and I get it.

You don’t want to be gross. Or pushy. Or face rejection + the dreaded “no”.

The scripts your company or sponsor share with you feel outdated and clunky… and the guides you’ve found online feel awkward, salesy and so not aligned.

And even when you manage to bust through the fear and share about your business, you worry whether you’re saying too much… too little… or the wrong thing altogether.

Either way, you know something isn’t working. Inviting people to join your business should feel fun and effortless — but right now?

It just feels off… and all too easy to avoid.

I needed help creating the right structure to follow through, focus + get things done.

If you’re anything like me, you chose network marketing because you fell in love with a dream:

One where your business gives you time to live a life worth living — and the finances to support your hobbies, passions, and yoga pants (my guilty pleasure.. what’s yours?)

You found a company with a product that literally has felt like it saved your life and you genuinely believe it can help others too…

But you’re still not quite living la vida loca.

Life is busy with a capital-B and it seems like there’s always so much you could be doing…

  • Should you be sharing on social media and building your brand?
  • Or researching some strategies to freshen up your presentations?
  • Maybe prepping for your next team meeting + crossing your fingers they show up this time?

The options feel endless, the to-do list is never ending…

And you’re constantly focused on a million little things at once (which may or may not also include a day job, relationships, and keeping hungry children + pets alive).

Most weeks, it feels like you’re running around in circles without a plan…

… Or your meticulously planned schedule ends up in shambles by Tuesday — because something always gets in the way of your good intentions.

I didn’t know how to train & motivate my team toward success.

There’s so much advice (and hype!) about how to create duplication and residual income in your business, it’s enough to make your head spin…

  • “They” say you need to create an amazing team culture + community that people want to be a part of…
  • That you should deliver regular training sessions and be available to support them…
  • That taking your business online, leveraging social media and building a personal brand right now is the magic key to passive income, profits and bliss…

… But the guidance around how to actually do these things?

It’s either non-existent, frighteningly outdated, or seriously misguided.

(Just ask any network marketer who’s sunk an entire afternoon — and her will to live — into lurking around in overcrowded Facebook groups.)

Meanwhile, I was constantly stretched like a stressed-out rubber band between all my obligations and to-do’s.

My associates were always so fired up and excited when they first joined me… but many would eventually lose sight of their vision + goals, get stagnant and stuck, or slowly fade away.

It was as if I was solely responsible for keeping everybody motivated and focused (and it felt like a serious grind.)I didn’t know whether I needed to start doing things differently…

Or whether I should spend more time making sure I was attracting the right people into my business in the first place.

(Spoiler alert: I needed both. Desperately.)

Linda Boudelaise review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

"After 3 years in business, it felt like we were caught in a loop of constantly talking to people and not getting anywhere. Our retention was really low and we couldn’t find a way to duplicate our system.

We felt we already knew the basics well, and we had sponsored over 100 people already. But we wanted to create a lifestyle that was more sustainable instead of the constant ups and downs.

So we enrolled in Soul Craft — it’s seriously like a complete university course!

Now, we have a very structured system behind the way we work. Our team is more confident and focused. And we have more time now for self-care and the things we love than we ever have.

Within a few months of finishing the course, we became Gold Directors — a pivotal rank advancement in our company. We recommend Soul Craft to everybody because it is literally the best thing that’s happened to us in our business."

~ Deep & Simar Gill | Jakarta, Indonesia + Auckland, New Zealand | Network Marketing 3 Years

Distracted, deflated… and so not inspired.

Do you ever feel that the harder you work to grow your business, the further you move away from the things that make you feel alive?

Health?   An afterthought.

Relationships?   On the backburner.

Income?   Wildly unstable or frustratingly flat-lined…

… So let’s change that.

I know you began network marketing to design an intentional life that feels good to live — and to earn an abundant, soulful income that feels amazing to make.

And here’s what I wish I knew then…

It’s not an either/or equation.


You don’t have to sacrifice your freedoms, passions, or personal integrity to build a prosperous network marketing business.

And you definitely don’t have to keep spinning your wheels + burning out because you’re trying to make someone else’s plan “fit” your personality…

All while letting the things that make you feel vibrant + alive fall by the wayside.

Plot twist:

Your passions are the path toward
everything you’ve been searching for.


(What you’re missing is the clarity + strategy
required to bring it to life.)

Putting my passions, wellbeing and personal values at the forefront of my life (paired with the soulful strategies I needed to take action and generate consistent, sustainable income) is what catapulted my business from $30K in revenue to $100K in a single year.

I used the same principles that now form the complete
Soul Craft system that is available to you today.

Because aligning your life and your business with what you truly want doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design.


Soul Craft will show you how.
 Alessandro Lanzi review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

"Thank you, Carmen!  Joining SCYWT100K was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  In just 5 months I enrolled 4 associates, 22 customers + had 12 rank advancements in my team.

I learned how to present and train my team online,my income grew by 20%, I developed my personal brand…and OMG — this is crazy — I won TWO incentive trips (one to Disney World!) — all the result of putting into action the Soul Craft Method. 

I also love being part of the Soul Craft Tribe — being able to learn and contribute at the same time."

~ Emmanuel Díaz | Mexico City, Mexico | 6 years in network marketing

"Before I took the course, I was at a point where I was asking myself, “how can I authentically integrate health coaching and NWM”?

Within a few modules, I started understanding how to combine my passion for helping people with their health and NWM - and for it to feel completely natural and comfortable.

The 8 week program is very results-focused, but it also has a really caring, sincere and giving feeling to it, which resonates with me.

Moving forward I feel that I have a clear roadmap as to where to take my business, and exactly how to continue integrating health coaching and network marketing, in a way that feels authentic for me.”

~ Gurmayll Kaur | Canning Vale, Western Australia | 12 years in network marketing

Gurmayll Kaur

When you grow your network marketing business to 100K and beyond — the Soul Craft way:


You won’t feel torn between growing your business and building a life you love, because you’ll be doing both at the same time (and on a proven path to 100K and beyond).


You’ll build and grow your network marketing business on a steady foundation that reflects your personal interests, skills and expertise — and become more magnetic to your prospects in the process.


You’ll no longer be pulled by distractions that fracture your attention and dilute your results — because you’ll be spending your precious time where it matters most.


You’ll take consistent action toward the life and business you want because your daily activities are clear, motivating, and totally aligned with your goals and the person you want to become.


You’ll begin to see incredible results in everything you do: from inviting, to enrolling, and everything in between… because you’ll be using authentically original strategies that have been proven to transform businesses…

The business & lifestyle design roadmap you’ve been searching for now exists within this course.

When you grow your business the Soul Craft way, your business and life will grow richer together.

You don’t have to choose.

You can have both.

Beautifully by design… and totally of your own making.

If you’re ready, I am so excited to share this invitation with you…

Soul Craft with Carmen Marshall


An 8 Week Online Immersion with Carmen Marshall Start earning a lucrative income in your NWM business in 1 year

Soul Craft Your Way to 100K


Get the soulful systems, structure and support you need to break through 100K in your network marketing business in the next 12 months… and lay the foundation for 500K, 1 million and beyond.

You’ll learn how to:


Design a soulful network marketing business around your unique blend of passions, interests and expertise (even if you’re not totally sure what they are yet).
Craft your own powerful daily rituals and habits that guarantee you’ll focus only on the activities that move your business forward (and forget about the rest).
Break through fear & build real relationships with potential customers & associates, invite them into your business in a refreshing, authentic way… and weed out the people who aren’t a fit.
Create consistent residual income, recurring revenue and a world-class team with the exact systems I’ve created, tested and refined over 20 years as a top-earning soulful network marketer.
Build a business you actually enjoy — by ensuring your health, happiness and personal freedom remain a priority (and an income-producing asset that helps you grow your business to new heights)

Before we go any further, a warning

Soul Craft is NOT your average network marketing training program. There are no cheesy scripts, vague recommendations to grow your social media channels or time-wasting homework activities around these parts.

Instead, I share the exact language, approaches and system I’ve used to attract people into my business, and how to customize them to suit your personal style, preferences and quirks…

It’s not a woo-woo course that’s heavy on ideas and light on implementation. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to create the habits, beliefs and mindset required to break through the barriers standing between you and the life you want.

And if you think you already know all there is to inviting, presenting, following up, enrolling and training? Stay with me here…

Soul Craft will show you how to streamline, refine + dial-up your current activities, build a schedule you’ll actually enjoy sticking to, and transform the way you work… forever.

Before SCYWT100K, I wasn’t confident in my skills, my vision of my future was blur, and I started to doubt whether I could ever achieve my goals.

SCYWT100K totally shifted my perception of the business and my life. It taught me skills to a point where they became natural and enjoyable.

And…in just 2 months time, I have signed up 50% as many people as I did in 5 years!

~ Aude Bernhard | Carnegie, VIC, Australia | Network Marketing 5 Years

Prior to SCYWT100K, my business was growing at a very consistent, but slow pace.

The course provided an exact roadmap of well thought out modules and a Weekly Action Plan to keep me growing every week. I’ve been able to enroll new customers and business partners with more ease, speed and consistency. In just 8 weeks I enrolled 8 long-term customers and 3 associates!

SCYWT100K re-focused my energy and also inspired me to also get more creative with my business. Soul Craft has been such a gift for me and my business — I didn’t want the 8 weeks to end — thank goodness we have lifetime access!

~ Margherita Sanita-Di Franco | Etobicoke, ON, Canada | Network Marketing 7 Years

Margherita Sanita-Di Franco
Join today for a special limited price

3 payment plans available!

Soul Craft payment plans

Best Value

1 payment of $2499



2 monthly payments of $1,299.50 $1,049.50


Most Flexible

3 monthly payments of $933 $766.33


Your special offer of up to $500 in savings ends soon! The price increases to $2499 in:

Here’s how it works:

Soul Craft Your Way to 100K is held online and accessible from anywhere in the world. You’ll have access to the entire program (and all future updates at no extra cost) for life.

No matter when you enroll, you’ll receive access to our special “prep week” to get you into action straight away. After that, a new module will be released to you each week for 8 weeks.

8 video-based training modules with actionable workbooks, scripts, templates and more to get you in motion and seeing results fast.

Lifestyle design strategies to discover, integrate and optimize your business around your passions + wellbeing, specific to network marketing.
Year-round access to support from Carmen + accountability from the Soul Craft community to generate 100K and beyond in your network marketing business.

Soul Craft Your Way to 100K is structured around an original, clear and organized process to soulfully increase your income + align your business with your vision for your life:


Your Life

Here’s what we’ll cover in the program:

Prep Week!

Soul Craft Prep Week is the perfect introduction to the B-I-G revolution you’re about to experience in your life and business.

In this special module, we lay essential groundwork by clarifying:

  • Where you’ve been, where you are today, and exactly what you want from your life and business in the future.
  • What’s *really* been getting in the way between you + what you want, with some major “aha” moments about how to finally break through frustrating patterns that keep showing up in your life and business.
  • Why most dreamboards don’t work — and how to create your own “Alchemy of You” board to shift you into aligned action toward your biggest dreams.
  • How to use the Soulful Success Formula as a compass to guide your decisions and actions toward what you truly want (instead of getting derailed).

If you’re sick of the usual “goal setting + productivity” advice, this week will turn everything you know on its head (in the way best way possible). I’ll show you how to set intentions that stick, re-imagine what it means to set goals, and get your physical + mental space set up to ensure you get in motion and stay there.

Module 1: Your Belief + Purpose

  • A detailed, inspiring plan for identifying your unique skills, interests + expertise… and how to use them as an asset that builds your brand and attracts an avalanche of like-minded people to you.
  • How the Soul Craft “5 Pillars of Belief” will help you create unshakeable confidence in everything you do — from inviting, to presenting, following up and training — and stop letting self-doubt rule your actions and results.
  • A clear method for uncovering your deeper purpose and vision, and aligning them with the daily actions you’ll take to create a soulfully aligned and prosperous business.
  • How to use quick but effective daily rituals as a way to get things done in your business consistently, without burning out or getting bored.
  • A 10-minute practice for building the mindsets and behaviours of a soulful 6 & 7 figure network marketer (and letting go of the patterns that no longer serve you).

Module 2: Effortless inviting + money beliefs

  • The only 3 scripts you will ever need to invite the right people to learn more about your business — whether you’ve just met, barely know each other, or have been in touch for years.
  • A soulful process for reaching out to people you know in real life, online, and on social media (with a step-by-step action plan to guide you through).
  • How to use my “Creative Channelling” method to make sure you always have several sources of ideal prospects to connect with (and avoid putting your eggs in one basket).
  • How to break free from fear of rejection and limiting money beliefs that hold you back from growing your income — and make invitation an easy, consistent part of your business.
  • An empowering approach to knowing your numbers, LOVING your numbers, and identifying the specific weekly actions you need to take to hit your financial goals.

Module 3: Powerful presenting + prioritizing your health

  • Carmen’s “core 5” presentation models — plus when and how to use each one.
  • How to avoid generic presentations and the cliched “home party” vibe by designing a bespoke presentation around your personal passions and story.
  • The SoulCraft Principles of powerful presentations (consider this your A-Z bible for presenting authentically and structuring your process around what will truly serve your prospects).
  • How to avoid common presentation challenges, including: simple strategies for increasing your presentation show-up rates, how to avoid overwhelming people with information, and how to segue into the order form without being pushy or gross.
  • How to create more time to prioritize your own health – and how to leverage your own wellness journey to generate interest and buzz around your business (it’s a serious double-whammy!).

Module 4: Authentic follow up + Your personal growth

  • Why the common approach to “closing” in network marketing is often counter-productive (and how to approach your follow up from a more soulful space).
  • My exact follow-up formula, soulful scripts and tools for nurturing prospects who aren’t ready to buy just yet, without feeling like a creepy stalker.
  • How to ask EN-GAUGING questions that re-engage prospects and help you uncover their true feelings about moving forward.
  • How to respond to the ONLY 7 categories of objections you’ll ever receive (and every specific objection imaginable within each group). Once you know the underlying reason behind why each objection is coming up, I’ll show you how to authentically explore and resolve hesitations — often before they even arise.
  • How to create your own “personal development action plan”. If you feel like you’re always doing professional development but never really growing or changing, this is KEY to becoming the person and business owner you’ve always dreamed of being.

Module 5: laser-focused double action week

Aaaaaand… exhale! Week 5 is your laser-focused action week — but this isn’t your usual kind of “intermission” …

In this module, there is no new content for a very important reason. Instead, we’ll consolidate everything you’ve learned so far and turn it into a week of focused action where you’ll take massive action + double down on your top 3 income producing activities.

If you’re bumping up against tricky stuck points or challenges, now is the time to make the most of the amazing community + your ongoing access to me inside the group (plus our twice monthly coaching calls, personally hosted by me) for feedback and straightforward solutions.

This week alone has the potential to drive serious results in every area of your business. In fact, showing up for this week of focused action is where many of our students have made back their investment and more.

Better yet, this week is a powerful pause, of sorts: one where you’ll get the space you need to reflect, ask questions, integrate, and get the clarity + answers you need to really ramp up your results.

(Also: dance break optional, but highly recommended.)

Module 6: Engaging enrollment + soulful productivity

  • Learn my step-by-step enrollment process that is built around genuine care and respect. This is an approach that encourages decisive action that feels good for you and your prospects.
  • My exact methods, processes and phrasing that prevents your ideal prospects from slipping away or going cold (by saying and “selling” less, not more).
  • You’ll also learn a conversational, relationship-focused approach to gauging people’s interest, responding to their objections, and creating authentic reasons to buy or join you now.
  • How to organize your time around what truly matters in your life and business (whether you’re already an avid planner or struggle to manage your time — I’ll show you how to make your schedule stick in a way that feels positively divine.)
  • I’ll show you my battle-tested systems for prioritizing, organizing and creating the time you need to get things done as a successful network marketer.

Module 7: Training your aligned team + self care

There’s a big difference between empowering your downline… and enabling them. If training your team is currently a major energy-drain, you’re in luck: this module will show you how to create strong and independent leaders in your team.

  • You’ll learn how to feel confident in training new associates with my step-by-step team training game plan. You’ll create a clear success path for each new team member without wasting time, and ensure your associates get quick wins and build momentum right from the start.
  • Exactly what to provide training on and what to say. Learn my system for providing weekly live and/or online team trainings that keeps your associates engaged and consistently in action.
  • How to identify your leaders early on, and nurture them successfully. This is SO important because great leaders in your team are what gives YOU leverage. I’ll show you how to attract leaders and support them correctly to fast-track their (and your) success.
  • We’ll also focus on making sure YOU get looked after as well. I’ll show you how to make sure that self-care is an easy, regular part of your schedule, along with how to manage feelings of stress and frustration that every network marketer faces.
  • Your team will respond to the example you set: so let’s show you how to model what it truly means to be effective, powerful and soulful in everything you do, without burning out in the process!

Module 8: Online marketing, branding + your road to 500k [+ beyond]

The Soul Craft method takes a unique approach to online branding. The truth is: the first 7 modules are all you need to break through 100K. But a rock-solid brand is essential for making the leap to 500K in revenue and beyond.

  • Learn how to lay the foundation for your online brand and use it as a tool to accelerate the growth of your network marketing business.
  • We’ll talk blogging, audience-building, engagement and social media — and how to use them as part of a holistic, aligned business strategy that keeps you focused on your bottom line.
  • The wealth-building strategies I learned the hard way on my road to earning 7-figures as a network marketer. I’ll show you to track and grow your net worth, even if you’re not sure what your net worth is right now!
  • A unique method to help you easily review everything you’ve learned in the past 8 weeks and ensure that all of the amazing new strategies, habits and systems you’ve learned become an automatic, consistent part of your life and business.
  • We’ll wrap up with the 10 most important things you need to know to stay on track for growth, and how to ensure you stay focused on building your soulful, prosperous network marketing business (and loving your life while you do).



This is an “in-action” course. Which means you + your fellow Soul Crafters will be learning and implementing what you learn every single week. You’re not going to just listen and do a few exercises.


You will actually be taking action and working your business at the same time, week by week.


Quite simply, when you combine the power of being in action with having access to a mentor (that’s me!) and a tribe you can come to for any challenges you might hit, in real time…


Well, that’s when the magic really happens.

Claude Fullinfaw review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k

Before SCYWT100K, I was stuck in my business and lacked inspiration. I purchased the program because how Carmen does NWM really resonates with me - build your business around your passions and purpose. There are so many courses out there, but I knew this one that would help me up-level.

Every time I finished a module, I could feel my mindset and confidence shift. NWM finally felt right. Carmen has crafted in-depth and hands-on modules that are relevant into today’s NWM environment, based on real experience, with useful templates that save you an incredible amount of time.

And it gets you results! By applying what I learned from the course and Carmen’s live coaching on the weekly Office Hours Calls, I’ve been able to enroll new customers and new team members.

~ San Tih | Seven Hills, NSW, Australia | Network Marketing 5 Years

I am truly loving this course. It has given me words that I feel are more in line with my work, natural ways to invite, and closes that feel really good - not icky. I've always felt awkward asking for the sale at the end of presentations - but not any more.

I just did my first Soul Craft Passion Presentation and had 9 attendees, as opposed to my normal 3-4.

I used the Soul Craft way of naturally leading people to buy - and 8 out 9 attendees purchased!

~ Vicky Jamieson | Bonbeach, Australia | Network Marketing 11 Years

When you join Soul Craft Your Way to 100K, you’re not just investing in a step-by-step system to support your growth…


Your enrollment also includes access to me for extra clarity every single week, a like-minded community for accountability + support, and the exact tools and systems you need to take your business to 100K and beyond:


Unrivalled Support: Twice-Monthly Live Office Hours With Carmen Marshall + + Monthly Guest Experts…

Twice per month, I personally host and lead an intimate “office hours” session, just for Soul Crafters. This is where we dive even deeper into the course content together AND best of all, you get direct access to me for extra feedback, guidance and support.

If you can’t be there live, you’ll get access to a recording, and you can even submit your questions to me in advance.

And… ready for a BONUS within a bonus? In addition to the twice-monthly office hours hosted personally by me, I will also be bringing in guest expert trainers twice per month to support you.

Once per month, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our certified Life Coach to bust through mindset barriers and tricky beliefs that keep you stuck.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get live coaching from more hand-picked experts, including our resident technology and systems expert to keep your network marketing business organized and running like a well-oiled machine!


Private Members-Only Forum for Feedback, Community and Support… Whenever You Need it!

I am so committed to being present and available for you that you will also receive access to our members-only private Soul Craft community forum.

I am personally very active in this group and available to you for quick-fire feedback and support (yes, actually ME!) — and this is also where you’ll be able to tap into an incredible tribe of life-minded and network marketers, myself and the Soul Craft team to share feedback, ideas and support.

In short? You’ll never have to grow your business alone again. (And it’s not like the noisy online groups you might have joined before: one part motivation, one part “get it done” guidance and support, this is a place you’ll look forward to visiting on the regular.)


Carmen’s industry-first “Health Spa Seminar” Presentation System.

Results, retention, and duplication. The Health and Wellness Spa Seminar System is the presentation model that took me from 30K – 250K per year in NWM in just 1.5 years and created some of the strongest leaders in my team.

It is also the foundation for all my other systems. Once you learn this presentation model, you will be able to develop many other authentic and effective presentation styles that relate directly to your target market and tribe you want to serve.

The H&W Spa System is like no presentation system out there and is NOT your typical “party-plan” presentation. It’s an experiential (and educational) presentation system for 2-3 of your main product lines, in a comfortable setting designed to have guests wanting to buy all your products THAT night, and educating them as to why they would want to stay on the products long term, as part of a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

In this training, you receive the complete Health & Wellness Spa Seminar system with an in-depth 61-page manual, and a 3-part video training designed to walk you through how to implement every stage of the system with ease (including what to say and why at each stage). Plus: sample order forms, sign-in sheets, marketing materials and so much more!


The Soul Craft Weekly Action Planner.

The Weekly Action Planner (WAP) for Network Marketers is an industry-first tool I developed from scratch to ensure I stay focused on the essential activities for moving my business forward, while making space for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This is the #1 business + lifestyle planning tool for network marketers who are ready to fast-track their growth. You’ll receive a 12-page workbook, video training, and a gorgeous printable version of the WAP – complete with morning ritual and day planner sheets to use for the next 48 weeks and beyond.


Carmen’s Little Black Books of Business Tools, Part 1 + 2.

Keeping your NWM business running smoothly is essential, and it took me a lot of trial and error to find the right tools for the job. In these 2 bonus guides, I’m sharing everything I know about the tools, software and technology you can use to dial up your relationship-building activities, get more done in less time, and stop wasting time on repetitive tasks that don’t move the needle in your business.

From websites, to payment processing, to organization and more — I’ll show you the tools I personally use and trust to power my business and get things done (so you don’t have to research, test-drive, or waste time and $$$ on tools that don’t fit).

In total, You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to the complete Soul Craft Training Program, including 8 video-based training modules (plus prep-week) with scripts, templates, worksheets and printables, all gorgeously designed + carefully structured to get you out of overwhelm and into action. ($5999 value)
  • BONUS 1: Twice-Monthly Live Office Hours With Carmen Marshall PLUS Twice-Monthly Group Support Calls with Guest Experts ($1999 value)
  • BONUS 2: Access to Carmen & Extra Support inside The Members-Only Facebook Community ($999 value)
  • BONUS 3: Carmen’s Industry-First Health Spa Seminar System (sold separately for $999)
  • BONUS 4: The Soul Craft Weekly Action & Ritual Planner for Network Marketers (sold separately for $149)
  • PLUS: Carmen’s Little Black Book (1 and 2) of Time-Saving Business Tools (value $299)
  • Free & forever access to all future program updates

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000+

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3 payment plans available!

Soul Craft payment plans

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2 monthly payments of $1,299.50 $1,049.50


Most Flexible

3 monthly payments of $933 $766.33


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Susan Shelton

“Within a couple of weeks of Soul Craft, I found my way off the plateau I was stuck in and began growing again.”

Vicki Ann Parker

“The systems, templates and processes of a 3-star diamond director with 20 years of experience.”

Kerziah Del Rio

“If you’re looking at leveling up, changing the way you do things or building your business online, Soul Craft is definitely the way to go.”

Josie Tong review for Carmen Marshall

Simar Gill McCullough

“Carmen is an amazing mentor and gives you a complete system that brought me so much confidence. A game-changer for our business.”

The Soulful Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, your decision to join Soul Craft is 100% risk-free.


You have a full 14 days to experience the program and put it into action. In return, if you feel we haven’t delivered on our promise and offered you value, you are eligible for a full refund.

If you know anything about me, you know that I talk a lot about the importance of personal responsibility. You can’t be the author of your life if you aren’t willing to show up and write!

So, please only invest in Soul Craft if you’re serious about your business and willing to do the work — this is not an “I changed my mind” guarantee.

If you take it seriously and show up with everything you’ve got, Soul Craft will give you the specific strategies, support and lovin’ kick-up-the-butt your need to shift you business and your life into an entirely new level. (This will change everything — don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

And that is why we stand behind this program with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

If you’re willing to bet on you, we are too.

Our full policy is available for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course content?

When you enroll in the program, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes. That email will contain your private login details to access the course dashboard online. “Prep Week” will be available to you immediately (and it is PACKED full of amazing action steps to give you momentum fast).

Each module is then released to you each week for 8 weeks, to give you time to learn and implement the lessons as you go. If you fall behind, you can work through the modules at your own pace.

The Live Office Hours are held online via Zoom meetings, and the bonus members-only forum is hosted inside a private Facebook group. You’ll receive your link to join when you enroll.

Best of all? Not only do you have lifetime access to the content, FB Forum and Live Office Hours, but also to any updates and new additions to the program. The course is designed to keep using and coming back to — as your business, and you, grow and expand.

What if I miss the Live Office Hours?

As we have participants from countries around the world, we will do our best to accommodate as many timezones as possible.

As always, it’s BEST to get on LIVE. And part of being a leader + successful is making what’s important, important!

However, if the time difference is simply not possible for you, or if the uncontrollable does occur and you miss a session, they will be recorded for you to watch at a time that works for you — and you can submit your questions in advance if you know that you won’t be there ahead of time.

Is this for a specific Network Marketing company?

Not at all. This course is for all Network Marketers, in any company, who are committed to making their first 100K a year with soul, and then onto 500K+ per year.

It is not company-specific and the process and skills are applicable to any Network Marketer.

If this is open to all Network Marketers, will there be cross-recruitment?

Absolutely not.

The program is a recruitment / advertising free zone and anyone that is found to be doing this will be terminated immediately. We want everyone to grow and learn from each other, and never at the expense of comparing or putting down other companies, or trying to recruit. All ships rise on a rising tide and we want to uplevel the reputation and ethos of Network Marketing.

Should I encourage my team to join the program?


The more people in your team going through the same program, with accountability, and an exact process over 8 weeks, the more quickly your and everyone’s business will grow. Imagine if you had 2-10 people in your team going through the program with you – where you could be in 8 weeks?

Can I share this course with my assistant, my team, or my significant other?

Tuition is for 1 person / 1 distributorship only. If you have a partner, assistant, or team member who you think would benefit from this course, but is not legally listed on your distributorship, they need to enroll separately. Full terms and conditions here.

If you have questions or need clarity around this, please email us at info@carmenmarshall.com instead of making an assumption. Thank you for your understanding and helping us to keep this fair for everyone.

Do you have an affiliate program?


If you take the course and then wish to recommend it to a friend, colleague or team member, you can apply to be an affiliate in order to receive a commission for every purchase that comes via your referral.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

Your investment is protected by the 14-day Soul Craft Guarantee.

You have a full 14 days to experience the program and put it into action. In return, if you feel we haven’t delivered on our promise and offered you value, you are eligible for a full refund.

See our specific policy for Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100K here.

What if I’ve already purchased the WAP separately from your store?

Awesome! If you’ve already purchased the WAP separately, we’ve got your back.

Just be sure to use the same email address to purchase the course as you used to purchase the WAP, and your discount will automatically be reflected at checkout.

Don’t see your discount in the cart? Email us at info@carmenmarshall.com to have your purchase credited toward the price of your Soul Craft enrollment.

Can you remind me what I’m getting again?

Yes! Your enrollment in Soul Craft Your Way to 100K includes:

  • Lifetime access to the complete Soul Craft Training Program, including 8 video-based training modules (plus prep-week) with supplemental guides, worksheets and printables, all gorgeously designed + carefully structured to get you out of overwhelm and into action. ($5000 value)
  • BONUS 1: Twice-Monthly Live Office Hours With Carmen Marshall — PLUS Twice-Monthly Group Support Calls with Guest Experts ($2000 value)
  • BONUS 2: Access to Carmen & Extra Support inside The Members-Only Facebook Community ($999 value)
  • BONUS 3: Carmen’s Industry-First Health Spa Seminar System (sold separately for $999)
  • BONUS 4: The Soul Craft Weekly Action & Ritual Planner for Network Marketers (sold separately for $149)
  • PLUS: Carmen’s Little Black Book of Time-Saving Business Tools ($389 each value)
  • Free & forever access to all future program updates

Important questions these Soul Crafters
asked before they said YES:

“I’m busy! Do I have time to make this work?”

“Increased income and consistency… even with limited time as a mother, student and Zumba instructor.

Before SCYWT100K, I was unsure if I had enough tools to grow my business. I had met Carmen previously, loved her work and authenticity, so when my upline team highly recommended the course, I jumped in.

The course helped me maintain consistency and I increased my weekly income by enrolling 2 new associates and 4 customers! That for me was a big achievement considering the limited time I had as mother, student and Zumba instructor."

~ Yenny Garzon | St. Kilda, VIC, Australia

“Showed me where to focus my efforts each week so I don’t waste my time.

I decided to join SCYWT100K because I wanted a breakthrough, and a more systematic (and inspiring) way to build my business. I received much more out of the course than expected – including knowing where to focus my efforts every week so I don’t waste my time, completely new ways of building the business AND a new community to continually learn from.

I started being more consistent in prospecting and more motivated to build my team. I became more eager to learn and change myself. In order to be successful, I started to change myself first, started exercising, expanding my contact lists and to be more diligent in my follow up."

~ Wai Yee Seng | Singapore | Network Marketing 16 Years

“Am I really ready for this?”

“I really wanted my new network marketing business to be a success, without it completely taking over my life, or getting too stressful.

Before SCYWT100K I wanted to learn how to do NWM differently, from someone who had achieved what I wanted, and that I could relate to.

Going through the fabulous experience of the course provided me with the confidence that my vision CAN come true and gave me the skills to propel myself toward them.

The content helped me in so many real-life situations that came up in the 8 weeks and gave me so many ideas that I took action on. My productivity went up hugely, and therefore my results. I finally learned how to set goals and to follow through… AND I busted through my resistance to inviting people to join my business.”

~ Sue Edwards | Hagerstown, Maryland | Network Marketing less than 1 year

“From completely stuck with many stops and starts… to my biggest week of enrollments ever!

Before SCYTW100K I felt completely stuck. I had some clients and success, but each time I started up, I would get overwhelmed, discouraged and eventually stop again.

I was time-limited as I work full-time and have a 6 year old son, and I wanted to find a more authentic and doable way of engaging with people.

SCYTW100K changed everything.

It taught me how to do NWM in a realistic way that makes me feel good about the business I want to build. Carmen takes you through a personal growth journey that allows you to build an even better life for yourself while growing your business.

Through SCYWT100K, I figured out who I am in my business, changed my mindset and lifestyle to work for me, took a much needed vacation with my family, learned how to invite and present to people in a way the feels great, and had my biggest week of enrollments - 3 customers in just 1 week!”

~ Anna Dupree | Riverheard, New York | Network Marketing 1 year

“Soul Craft goes through everything you need… in 8 weeks I enrolled 14 new customers and 2 new associates!

I am kind of new to NWM, only being in the business for 1.5 years. I completely needed to rearrange my belief system in NWM and especially myself.

This program teaches you how to build a business so different then other NWM companies and gets you laser focused on revenue growing activities that give you more results with using less energy, and more importantly, saving time.

Soul Craft helped me expand my customer enrollment: In only 8 weeks I enrolled 14 new customers AND 2 new associates!!

I so recommend SCYWT100K — it goes through everything that you need in this business. Truly how to build this business authentically and so differently."

~ Amanda Filazzola | Canada | 1.5 years in network marketing

“I was worried this course would be too advanced for me… but instead it gave me the confidence I was desperately seeking.

lot of the training I’ve done in the past just didn’t resonate with me. They all felt scheming and pushy. SCYWT100K has shown me a whole new way of approaching Network Marketing in a professional, yet caring and authentic manner.

Carmen has shown me that there is more than one way to grow my business and now I see so much potential and have so many ideas around incorporating my passions into my business. I can’t wait to keep growing. Thank you Carmen Marshall!

~ Lee Poh | Sydney, Australia | NEW To Network Marketing

“Am I too experienced?”

“As a network marketer with 14 years of experience, I’ve been through lots of trainings that focus around the numbers, the sales funnel, and the sales process… but this is different.

Yes, these basics are important (and Carmen teaches them too), but we are in a relationship business. Carmen teaches you to be authentic and to weave together your life, your business and your passions. I feel this is the difference that sets this course apart from others and I am blown away by the mindset change in my business.

Within a couple weeks of starting this course, I found my way off the plateau and started to grow my business once again. I can’t tell you how good that felt. Thank you, Carmen."

~ Susan Shelton | Alexandria, VA, USA | 14 years in netowrk marketing

“10 years of experience… I wanted more consistent growth

I’ve been with my network marketing company for 10 years. Although I have always had a stable Network Marketing business with periods of growth; one thing I haven’t had is consistent growth. Carmen Marshall is someone I have always trusted and looked up to in the way she built an International business with authentic integrity and soul.

This 8 week intensive training program, Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K, provides the tools for growth, along with a structure and a plan."

~ Linda Bourdelaise | Maryland, USA | Network Marketing 10+ Years

“I wanted to dream bigger and step up.

Soul Craft is completely different from all of the courses I’ve done in the past – and I’ve done a lot! I have been in management mode for a while, so what I took from the course has allowed me to dream bigger and step up.

Just 3 weeks into the course I started weekly online presentations – at my first one we had 18 guests!

Thank you so much Carmen. You have created a game changer in the industry."

~ Josie Tong | Sydney, Australia | Network Marketing 10+ Years

“But how is Soul Craft different to what’s already out there?”

I’m so glad you asked…

The Old Way


Teaches tactics and stuffy scripts for finding, inviting and presenting to prospects… leaving you feeling resistant to reaching out to people because it feels nothing like you’d say in real life.

The Soul Craft Way


Guides you through a step-by-step process for identifying ideal prospects, reaching out to them authentically, and developing bespoke presentations that build trust and excitement for your offers (say goodbye to tired home-parties for good).


Gives you rigid systems for motivating your team that feel more “drill-sergeant” than human (or vague advice like “build a team culture” that you have no idea how to implement).


Shows you a framework for attracting self-motivated people into your business, giving them quick wins that create traction, and building an engaged team of consultants who are independent, driven, and aligned in their vision.


Tells you to focus on JUST building your network marketing in person OR online — and gives you a bag of random strategies and social media tactics that don’t work or feel gross.


Gives you a roadmap for how to build real-life relationships with like-minded people — so that you’ll never run out of people to speak to (without chasing down your friends, family, or random internet strangers) and then how to scale your business online with the same relationship-first approach (instead of turning into another spammy internet marketer).


Pushes you to focus on growing your business at the expense of your wellbeing, relationships, and free time.


Uses a soulful lifestyle design approach that allows you to build a profitable, one-of-a-kind business around your passions — in service your personal wellbeing + freedom.

All-content, and no access to the trainer for additional support.

Direct access to Carmen on live calls twice a month to get your questions answered — and access to our private community of like-minded of network marketers who will support you and keep you accountable to your goals.

When I started Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k, I was 2.5 years into my Network Marketing business and didn't really know how to get to the next level. Carmen's program gave me so much clarity and a clear roadmap of how to achieve my goals.

The course combines personal development, financial planning, action-orientated goal setting - it was one of the best courses that I've taken and I didn't want it to end!

What really blew me away was how engaged and available Carmen was to the entire class throughout the whole 8 weeks. This program was a game changer for me!

~ Vanessa Jahnke | Penticton, Canada | Network Marketing 2.5 years

Radical transparency: Soul Craft isn’t for everyone.

Please don’t enroll in this program if:

You’re not willing to put time, effort, and focus into creating an additional income stream, a successful business and abundant lifestyle.
You’re just looking for a “get-rich-quick” program.
Your want to “see” what it’s all about. Please review our refund policy.
You’re already earning $100k /yr in your NWM business, have several people in your downline earning $100K and feel completely comfortable training your team to make $100K+.
You don’t truly believe in your product, service, or company.

Soul Craft Your Way to 100K is perfect for:

Successful network marketers who want to break through their current income barrier, spend their time where it matters, and lay the foundation for 500K in revenue and beyond..
Newer network marketers who have chosen their company, sold their first few products and are ready to grow their business the right way from the start.
“Stuck in the middle” network marketers who are struggling to get traction or momentum in their business, and are looking for ways to create predictable and consistent income.
The network marketer who wants to jump back into their business after an extended break or hiatus (or has been waiting for the perfect time to go “all-in” on their business). This is the game plan you need to make it happen.
Network marketers interested in learning more about building your brand and taking your business online, but you’re overwhelmed by all the things you “could” be doing — and you don’t want to waste time on posting aimlessly on social media or any other activities that won’t directly impact your bottom line.
Health coaches and wellness experts who want to develop an extra income stream in their business that supports their clinical and coaching work and improves the outcomes they’re able to deliver to their clients.
Any network marketer who wants soulful structures to breathe new life, excitement and additional income into their business — whether it’s original and authentic approaches to inviting, presenting and enrolling, training your team, or structuring your time and business in a way that gives you true freedom and fulfillment — Soul Craft will show you how.
“I once struggled to find my place in business - told I had to "toe the line" and "duplicate what others have done". I knew more than anything in the world I wanted to help others succeed in both their business and their life. I had so many ideas and went in so many directions; sometimes I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

I have taken many other business programs in the past, but SCYWT100K exceeded my expectations greatly. I finally have a PLAN that is already working, and will improve as I continue to incorporate this amazing material in my business.

By focusing on my business in a way that is authentic to me, I have been attracting many more people who are excited to work with me. I see a huge difference in my own mindset around both my business and my life.”

~ Robin Thomas | North Carolina, USA

Join today for a special limited price

3 payment plans available!

Soul Craft payment plans

Best Value

1 payment of $2499



2 monthly payments of $1,299.50 $1,049.50


Most Flexible

3 monthly payments of $933 $766.33


Your special offer of up to $500 in savings ends soon! The price increases to $2499 in:

It’s true: re-inventing your business requires boatloads of bravery...


Because it means you’ve gotta begin truly listening to the little voice — the one you’ve been ignoring for a while now — that knows you are meant for more.

Not just in your business… but in every corner of your life, too:

Your health. Your wealth. Your happiness. Your relationships. All of it.

Yup… that’s scary as hell.

(And it’s exactly why most people will never take action toward the things they say they want.)

But you’re still here. And I have a question for you:

Soul Craft your way to 100k with Carmen Marshall

Do your life and business look the way you want them to, right now?

If your answer wasn’t an enthusiastic “heck yeah, Carmen!”...

… Then I consider it my personal mission to help you identify, with 100-carat crystal clarity exactly what you do want…

And then guide you through precisely how to bring that vision to life by building a prosperous network marketing business around your passions… one that supports you financially and soulfully, too.

Having just completed SCYWT100K, I am blown away with how Carmen has put twenty years of her NWM success, knowledge and expertise into an easy-to-follow, exact roadmap for us to build our own businesses, following her exact methodology.

During the 8 week course, my income increased every week!

What a unique course – combining soul and passion together to result in prospects and profits.

~ Helene Sheringham | Newtown, NSW, Australia | 8 years in NWM

Linda Boudelaise review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
I got sooo much more than I expected from the program. I realized I had some reservations about NWM and I couldn’t fully commit because I was unsure of the business model myself and how to help people be successful. The 8 week course completely resolved any hesitancy I had about both the model and how to effectively train my team.

I also learned that I had underestimated the business side of NWM. I went in thinking, I want to grow my NWM business and came out understanding more about business itself than I ever have, what a true business should look and feel like, and how to show up as a successful business owner.

If you have a network marketing business, you need to do this program.

~ Cori Cooper | New Orleans, LA, USA | Network Marketing 7 Years

So take a moment to tune in, get still and really listen to what calls you right now.

Sit for a moment with the divine discontent of wanting more from yourself, your life, and business.

That restlessness you feel?

I call that your soul fire — and it’s quietly waiting for you to strike the match that sets it alight + roaring to life.

The path toward an abundant, vibrant and deliciously authentic business + life is right in front of you.

… Not in the “woo-woo” way, but in the “exact roadmap toward building a prosperous business that serves your vision for yourself, your wealth, and your future” kinda way.

If you’re willing to do the work, Soul Craft has everything it takes to give your business the soulful shakeup it needs.

Not 8 weeks from now…

… But today.

Your path ahead is on the other side of the buttons on this page — just punch in your info, and we’ll fire off your program login details within the next 15 minutes.

No more waiting. No more second-guessing.

The question is…

Are you ready for more?

You already know the answer.  And if it’s a “yes” (no matter how quiet)…

Let’s Soul Craft your way there — together.

xo Carmen

PS: Seriously interested, but want make sure SCYT100K is right for you? Book a FREE 45 min call with me and discover if SCYWT100K can help you reach your 8 week, 6 month + 1 year goals.

Join today for a special limited price

3 payment plans available!

Soul Craft payment plans

Best Value

1 payment of $2499



2 monthly payments of $1,299.50 $1,049.50


Most Flexible

3 monthly payments of $933 $766.33


Your special offer of up to $500 in savings ends soon! The price increases to $2499 in: