5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System – Part 2

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Drumroll, please –> Way #5


5. Get Better Sleep


You’ve probably heard the saying that not getting enough sleep is the new smoking?


Sleep is so important because it’s when our body repairs itself, heals and regenerates. We literally get a re-start and re-boot every morning.

But if we’re not getting enough sleep, it can cause a whole cascade of issues for our body.

It’s harder to think, we’re less resourceful, more emotional and over reactive….and hungrier (which can lead to overeating). And of course our immune system weakens, which means we can get sick much more easily.

Many people are not sleeping well right now because we’re out of routine, are worried, have more people at home, etc. But even pre-COVID, sleep has been a major issue.

Exercising daily, getting off our smartphones before bed, making sure our rooms are dark and cool and that all electronic devices are unplugged or on airplane mode — are all important parts helping us get a good night sleep.

In addition, here are my favorite unique strategies that I’ve used over the years — that you may not have heard of before — that I hope will help you too.


    Create a ritual that you enjoy once in bed — so that you will look forward to bedtime. It could be reading, journaling, lighting a candle…or laughing with your partner. (I know what you were thinking instead — that’s good too :)
    Why? Often times we don’t want to go to bed because we’re doing something that feels more fun — watching a movie, finishing work (not necessarily fun, but feels good to get off our list) or scrolling mindlessly on our phone — all can seem more interesting than hitting the sack.
    But if you have something to look forward to — you’re more likely to go to bed, and earlier (the amount of sleep you get before midnight is crucial).
    This will also help relax you, which is usually the #1 reason why we can’t fall sleep — we’re too wound up.
    Peter, my partner is a night owl and gets his second wind at night, so I frequently say to him, “let’s go to bed and laugh!” It’s kind of an odd thing to say/do, but it works…and gets us both in the mood to get ready for bed quickly, and helps us both relax.

    Declare a no-worry zone in the evening or after a certain time — ie 7pm at night. Tell yourself you’re not allowed to worry… until 9am tomorrow — then you can have at it :) This is a really important one for me as I tend to obsess at night.
    I’m tired, it’s end of the day and everything seems worse than it is at night — so it’s the last time I should be trying to figure anything out. I’ve learned that what I think/feel at night when I’m tired, is NOT the truth, or even near reality…and I can’t sleep if I’m hashing things out in my head.
    Let it go for the evening hours — in the morning you’ll wake up so much more energized, resourceful…and you might even have the answer, because you given it space.

    Any thing you eat after 7pm, your body will digest all night. You won’t sleep well and your body won’t be able to focus on what it’s meant to at night — heal, rejuvenate, and restore. Raw veggies and herbal tea are fine, or even a very clean smoothie that’s easy to digest (if you are absolutely starving).
    But at least 80% of the time, don’t eat or drink alcohol after 7pm — this is one of the best tips for sleep, but also for weight management, anti-aging and SLEEP.
    I’ve used this strategy for myself and my clients for almost 20 years — and it’s one of my absolute favorite health habits — and it’s much easier, more sane way to approach intermittent fasting. (You’re actually fasting from 7pm until 7am — or whenever you eat breakfast).

    I learned this from living in Bali over the past decade. I LOVE sleeping with our doors open in Bali where indoor-outdoor living is part of the magic. However, there are so many noises — geckos, ducks, bull frogs and even balinese ceremonies throughout the night — which can make it really hard to sleep.
    I bought some inexpensive silicone earplugs (mold right into your ear) from the chemist and voila — heaven. I now travel with them everywhere, and have extras on our bedside tables in our homes. Not only do you never know where it might be noisy (hotel, in-law’s house), but if you can’t sleep, having complete silence in your ears magically helps you fall asleep.

    I stay far way from sleep medications as I don’t want the ingredients in my body, or the side effects.
    Melatonin, on the other hand, is completely natural and also has anti-aging benefits — without any worrying side-effects.
    We produce less melatonin as we age and when we’re exposed to blue light (smart phone, computer screens and artificial lights) — which we all do on a daily basis. So a melatonin product can be very helpful for regulating sleep and and the replenishing melatonin in our bodies.
    Make sure you use the highest quality melatonin (this goes for all supplements and anything you are ingesting or putting in or on your body).
    I’ve used USANA’s Melatonin (called Pure Rest) for years as I trust their ingredients, potency and efficacy.
    They’re chewable, sugar-free, tiny capsules that taste like an orange tic-tac…not only do I fall asleep easily after chewing them, but I love the taste — it’s like a little candy treat, but without the sugar.

    THIS is truly a game changer — for sleep and for our lives. I’ve talked a lot about this particular gratitude practice that I first learned at Vysion Quest Retreats — b/c it’s effective on so many levels.

    Gratitude is so powerful

    Especially right before we go to sleep.
    Why? It puts you into a relaxed, non-resistant state — which naturally helps you fall asleep. And it feeds your subconscious with beautiful thoughts for the night.
    What we think about right before we go to sleep is hugely important. These thoughts are what our dreams are made of — AND these thoughts also go straight into our subconscious. The more we fill our minds and emotions with what we want and are grateful for (opposed to thoughts of worry, main stream media or fear), the better we will sleep — and the better our lives will work.
    Do this by yourself, or with your partner, or with your kids too (they love it!). Count off what you are grateful for on your fingers, one by one. You’ll probably fall asleep WAY before you hit #10 — I always do.


And that’s it. 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System quickly now….including 6 Unique ways to get better sleep.


Over to You:


  • Which of the 6 Ways to Get Better Sleep resonates the most with you — and that you’ll try?
  • What is your favorite way to fall asleep?

As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterwards — your comments help and inspire others and I love interacting with all of you.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo


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