“My passion is helping people create the life they really want today – not tomorrow, or someday when they have more time and money. Create A Life You Love™ is about how to bring more joy, purpose and fulfillment into your life by looking at the whole picture, starting today.”

Carmen Marshall


  • Do you feel happy, vibrant and alive?
  • Do you wake up with energy every morning looking forward to your day?
  • Do you have a residual income?
  • Are you doing what you love every day?
  • Are you excited by your life?
  • Do you have enough time and money to do what you love and express your talents in the world?
  • Are you healthy, fit and have a strong immune system?
  • Is your income growing by at least 10% every year?
  • Do you feel connected to your self?
  • Are you happy?


The great news is that you can create exactly what you want – you can completely author your life. And it’s a whole lot easier than you think…and I want to show you how.


Through my life journey, I developed 10 core principles to author my life. They are the corner stone of my business mentoring programs, coaching, seminars and retreats. Most importantly, these 10 principles are the essence of creating your amazing life.


1. Purpose: Knowing and living your purpose

2. Prosperity: Creating the Income to Support Your Goals and Purpose

3. Nutrition: Creating a physical foundation for energy, clarity & health

4. Exercise: Body Movement for health, joy and freedom

5. Personal Growth: Exploration of Self-Awareness, Belief and Potential

6. Self Care: Honoring & Nourishing Self

7. Relationships: Building Healthy Connections with Self & Others

8. Slowing Down: Creating stillness and space to hear your own wisdom

9. Spirituality: Having a Daily Practice that Supports your Intentions

10. Fun: Bringing joy, lightness and humor into life


So, how can you can start to create your amazing life?


1. Join My 30 Day SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge


It’s time to design your most happy, healthy, vibrant, abundant and meaningful life. I encourage everyone to start with my 30 Day SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge as it will introduce you to a whole new way of being, feeling and thinking and will jumpstart creating the life you want.


2. Learn More About My Business Mentoring Program


From there, if you are serious about creating your ideal career in the wellness field, earning a residual income, and/or working with me one-on-one, I encourage you to learn more about my Business Mentoring Program.


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Let’s start Creating Your Amazing Life!


Be Happy…Be Vibrant…

Carmen xo