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Join The 30 Day SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge

Are You Ready To Get SexyFit?


Join wellness expert Carmen Marshall for 30 days of education, self-care, and fun! You’ll learn the methods to easy weight-loss without deprivation and starvation, and how to stay slim for good. You’ll also learn how to increase your energy, improve your immune health, and achieve a glowing, radiant complexion.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s clinically proven and wildly successful.


Top 5 Reasons To Do The SexyFit Nutrition Challenge


  1. Lose 5-15lbs* in 30 days and get healthy, slim & sexy for summer.
  2. Detox your body to sleep better, slim down, and clear your skin.
  3. Kick your carb and sugar cravings for good and feel better than ever.
  4. Save $$ on your food bills with delicious + healthy smoothies and nutrition bars.
  5. Get educated + support to finally stop dieting and start living the healthy lifestyle you’re looking for.


Your $359 Investment Gives You The Following


  • Four 30-minute group coaching sessions with wellness expert Carmen Marshall
  • 5 Day RESET Detox & Cleanse (5 full days of food, no stimulants, no hunger.)
  • 28-day supply of the number one rated multivitamin & fish oil in North America
  • 28-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies
  • 28-day supply of yummy nutrition bar snacks
  • Access to the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge Online Group Forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation
  • 3 Day Pass to the Renaissance Aliso Viejo for Zumba® with Carmen!**
  • Weekly video trainings, shopping lists, recipes, stress reduction, exercise, yoga, meditation, low glycemic cooking, self-care tips and tons of other resources to continue on with your healthy, vibrant and SexyFit self!

*Have more than 8lbs to lose? We’ll adjust your program for greater weight loss for a minimal cost extra cost. Click on registration form below for details.




Register now to save your spot and receive your “Preparing For Your SexyFit Nutrition Challenge Guide.”

Click here to register with our secure online form. Registration is available on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited to 10 participants, registration closes Aug 31 at midnight or when the spaces are filled.



  • Day 1 – Kick-off call! Learn the nitty-gritty of the program and how to get healthy without deprivation or dieting.
  • Days 2-6 RESET Cleanse – Your first 5 days of the RESET Cleanse will consist of cleansing, or “RESETTING” the body with the 5 Day RESET. This rockstar cleanse is done through food. No hunger, no stimulants or unhealthy junk.
  • Days 7-30, You’ll eat 5 healthy meals and snacks per day, including one delicious Nutrimeal smoothie and one yummy nutrition bar – you can choose which meal and snack you replace with them. For example, a Nutrimeal Smoothie for breakfast, healthy low-GI (glycemic index) snack, healthy low-GI lunch, yummy nutrition bar, healthy low-GI dinner.

We’ll provide you with recipes, ideas for dining out, and tons of tools to fit into your lifestyle and make your SexyFit Nutrition Challenge a success!




Everyone! Well, all guys and gals 18 and up that is. Location doesn’t matter, it’s all done over the phone and online. Anyone in the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, ANZ, SE Asia and Mexico are welcome to join. (Prices will vary outside of the US, email us for details or if you are in a country we haven’t listed.)




You! And anyone that wants to demystify healthy eating and finally learn how to stay at your happy weight without dieting and deprivation. We’ve found that when you do this with other friends the results are even better – so grab a couple of girlfriends, mom’s and sisters and get ready to rock it with your crew!




Here’s how the 5 Day RESET Detox works: Each day for 5 days you drink 3 delicious and filling shakes at mealtime, eat a yummy nutrition bar for both your morning and afternoon snacks, plus one serving of fruit and unlimited raw vegetables anytime during the day. While on the RESET, you also drink eight to ten glasses of water and exercise moderately for 20-30 minutes per day. Those who want to lose weight may lose as much as 4-5 pounds on the RESET, and the fat comes off the waist first. But the most important result of the RESET is that it puts the body in a healthy state so that it is easier to make healthy food choices.




You will SAVE money on your grocery bill over the next 30 days (33 days to be exact). You will receive 43 meals and 38 snacks included in the price…as part of the 5 Day Detox + 4 weeks…and our smoothies and bars are soooo yummy! And all the coaching/support is included…so you can’t beat the price :-)

Group coaching calls, videos, low glycemic recipes and e-booklets for every nutrition obstacle out there…”How to Eat Healthily on the Weekends…Traveling…Airports…Restaurants…Mom’s House….Happy Hour…Vacations”…you name it. How can you NOT afford it?




We’ve structured all group calls to be 30 min and recorded if you can’t jump on live. We deliver all the bonus videos and webcasts to your inbox so you can play/stop and watch at your leisure. We’ve created e-booklets and e-docs for recipes, shopping lists and lifestyle tips that will blow your mind how simple they are to use.




YES, you can :-)…and it’s my personal mission to help you access your own “SexyFit” feeling from the inside out. Even if you’ve done a zillion different programs – this one is different because it’s a about a lifestyle, not about deprivation. It’s about learning how to be your most happy, vibrant, healthy self – and food is just one aspect of it. We all have it in us to be SexyFit. And trust me…when you lose even just 5 lbs and know how to eat to sustain your energy instead of responding to cravings (and want to)…you’ll be feeling sexier and more vibrant than ever.




If you could lose 5-15 lbs over the next 30 days, forever change your relationship to food and health, learn to better manage stress, feel your most happy, vibrant and SexyFit self…what would you pay? The SexyFit Nutrition Challenge™ is designed to transform your life…it’s not a quick fix or another diet pill – it’s a educational, fun, supportive 30 day program. What have you got to lose…a better question, what have you got to gain? Join us for life changing 30 days…I feel my personal happiest when I’m helping my clients feel great about themselves through movement, nutrition and personal growth – so you’ve got my whole being supporting you on this journey. Get ready to be SexyFit…




Register now to save your spot and receive your “Preparing For Your SexyFit Nutrition Challenge Guide.”

Click here to register with our secure online form. Registration is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Questions? Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Be Happy… Be Vibrant…


Be SexyFit,


Carmen Marshall



*Have more than 8 lbs to lose? We’ll adjust your program for greater weight loss for a minimal extra cost. Click on the registration form above for more details.

†Typical results are 4 lbs in 5 days. Results will vary. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required to achieve long-term weight loss results. The 5-day Cleanse is FOOD, not a DRUG