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Whether you want to launch or expand your business, health, leadership skills, life balance, sense of purpose and/or completely SoulCraft™ your life, personalized coaching with an expert who has actually done it, can be what it takes to break through to the next level.

Combing both strategy and soul, Carmen’s one-on-one coaching session ($499) OR 6 Coaching Sessions spread over 3 months ($449 per session), OR 12 Coaching Sessions spread over 6 months ($399 per session) will be tailored to YOU, your specific needs and personality.

Carmen will talk to you about your dreams, challenges, and specific situation, and then mentor you with strategies, coach you through personal breakthroughs and guide you every step of the way with her hands-on approach.

Carmen only coaches a few people per year and space is available on an application basis. She would love to know more about you to see if might be a good fit.

Please keep your answers short and concise – first instinct responses are usually the best.

Carmen will review your application and a member of her team will contact you within two business days to let you know if you’re a candidate for 1:1 Coaching.