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I’m literally evangelical about Marie’s B-School because she helped me achieve what I dreamed of doing when I first started my business:

To do what I loved, to make difference on a much bigger scale and to live my life traveling the world and experiencing life.

Sounds awesome? Learn how to create a business YOU love with me in Marie’s B-School:

This is my biggest B-School Bonus Offering EVER!

And I gotta say….what we’ve got goin’ on is somethin’ special. 😍

Carmen's B-School Mastermind Bonuses

NEW! Road to $1000/Week Team Training

($499 value)

This training teaches you exactly how to train your team to give them the best chance for success.

It will teach you how to lead and inspire your team, with specific skills and mindset approaches.

Soul Craft™ Weekly Action Plan

($149 value)

Recently updated to include a Day Planner, Training + E-Book to help you stay on track. This alone has been a highlight of my Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k Course and when used consistently, will help you to execute what you need without overwhelm.

How to set New Moon Intentions training + eBook

($39.95 value)

Harness the power of nature in your business and life. Set intentions and manifest with the power of the moon and nature’s cycles behind you.

How To Make A Dream Board Training + E-Book

($9.95 value)

You might know how to make a Dream Board or maybe you’ve made one — but have you done it the Soul Craft™ way? This unique take on a traditional manifesting tool will spin it on it’s heels for you – making manifesting a lot more specific to you.

It Gets Better + Better.

Just these bonuses alone are valued well over the cost of B-School.


30 Min 1×1 Coaching (You, Me, and a look at Your Business) – valued at $250.


From My Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k Course, Carmen’s Little Black Book Of Business Tools Part 1 and Part 2, what we like to call “The Vault.” – valued at $149.


$500 discount off of my flagship SoulCraft™ Your Way to 100K 8-week training program.


$500 discount off of your own customizable SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge Website + License to run my signature program.


A Private Facebook Mastermind Group – valued at $199.

B-School Itself Is Valued At $20,781, But It Only Costs $2499 (plus an additional $500 off for Summer School Fastrack 2023!)

(12 month payment plans are also available)

If you’re still reading…it’s a no-brainer, join me for B-School!

How to Have Your Best Year Ever

I’m Carmen Marshall, founder of Soul Craft™ and master creator behind my company’s modern-spirited line of educational programs, products, courses, gifts, and wisdom to help you create a life you (really, actually) love—because life is too short to watch your soul crumble, and your enthusiasm fade.

I’m a fierce advocate for women seeking clarity, growth, abundance, freedom, love, accomplishment, ease, confidence, purpose, prosperity, and even a little magic in their lives—big grin—and I’m proud to have been spearheading the Soul Craft™ movement for the past twenty years, where I’ve helped women from around the world design an intentional life that feels good for them to live—while making abundant, soulful money that feels good to make.

Because—thank goodness—it’s not an either/or equation.

B-School has allowed me to create my intercontinental lifestyle.

Sounds awesome? Let’s create a business YOU love in Marie’s B-School:

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