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Soul Craft™ Your Life: New Moon Intentions

Learn how to better co-create with the universe (instead of creating on your own by sheer will, work and focus).

For only $39.95 you can instantly download this beautifully designed interactive PDF; type directly into it on your computer or print it out and draw all over it!

You’ll learn exactly how to manifest and Craft A Life You Love using Carmen’s simple, effective and nourishing method that works beautifully for herself and her clients.

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I’m Carmen Marshall, founder of Soul Craft™ and master creator behind my company’s modern-spirited line of educational programs, products, courses, gifts, and wisdom to help you create a life you (really, actually) love—because life is too short to watch your soul crumble, and your enthusiasm fade.

I’m a fierce advocate for women seeking clarity, growth, abundance, freedom, love, accomplishment, ease, confidence, purpose, prosperity, and even a little magic in their lives—big grin—and I’m proud to have been spearheading the Soul Craft™ movement for the past twenty years, where I’ve helped women from around the world design an intentional life that feels good for them to live—while making abundant, soulful money that feels good to make.

Because—thank goodness—it’s not an either/or equation.

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