Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft retreats

What if there were a place, both close and far away, on the other side of a never ending field of rice paddies, ocean and Bali beauty… where you could finally let GO.

A place where your routine got an eviction notice.

Your obligations? Ousted.

Your worries, uncertainties, and self-doubts, exiled.

Where you can finally, (finally) discover a whole reservoir of sweet, peaceful never-before-had time, all to yourself, to focus on nothing but what, exactly, you’re going to do to make your life…

One you’ll never want to fast forward through.

Let me put down my tea, and whisper a little secret into your ear:


…And it was made for people just like you and me.

For those of us who want more than a normal existence.

More than a seemingly successful life that looks good on the outside.

More than a “I’m pretty good, thanks.”

For those of us who crave our higher potential, but can’t seem to get there. 

Or maybe for those who are almost there, but there’s still that something missing. You know that something — the void you feel, but can’t quite put your finger on.

THAT something.

Lifestyle design and adventure retreat

For those of us crazy enough to follow the hunch that life is supposed to be amazing. And not just fireworks-and-cartwheels-exciting, but a quiet, fluttering happiness that comes when you’re living from a place of inspiration; a place of joy.

For those of us who have lost that I-love-my-life feeling (and KNOW it doesn’t have to stay lost.)

For those hell-bent on waking up to live on purpose, with purpose.

Whether you’ve got it (almost) together, or everything’s (almost) falling apart, there’s a gap between where you’re at, and where your potential lies, and that gap?

Is exactly what this place is for.
Lifestyle design and adventure retreat

There is a place, hidden far from the world and its expectations, tucked gently away in secret…in you and in magical Tulum. Where the nagging voice inside that’s been politely tugging on your tee-shirt and saying, “Excuse me, where do I go from here? What’s my purpose? Which way to a life of joy, connection and inspiration?”, can be heard and listened to.

There is a place, one where you have the space and time to ask the important questions  And most importantly, the answers easily reveal themselves, one truth-petal at a time.

There is a place where you won’t just discover the life you’ve been looking for, but you’ll rediscover the person within who can create that life.

There is a place that won’t just let you visit it, but will forevermore, come to re-visit you. In your thoughts. In your dreams. In your memory. And in your smile, as the future you thinks back and fondly remembers the place that changed EVERYTHING.

There is a place.

And that place stands for you.

And it’s here…

As soon as you’re ready to stand up for you, too.


Carmen Marshall’s 8 Day Bali Retreat

May 14th-22nd, 2015

Because if you’re not working towards your purpose, you’re working against it.



Connection. Dance.

And real world spirituality that doesn’t crush your spirit. (Or make you roll your eyes.)

Vibrations. Manifestation.

And all the other stuff you think doesn’t work? But does.


Healthy living. Exploration.

And heavy doses of self-care and reflection. (Because it’s time you made it a priority.)

And most of all?

The joy of experiencing life. And experiencing life in the incredible, mystical tulum.

Carmen and her life mission is focused entirely on the concept that you can live your ideal life once you’re given the tools to do so.

Most people end up stumbling, tripping or falling through life, undeliberately, not because they aren’t smart, or they aren’t driven, or they’re completely uncoordinated–wink–but because no one’s ever given them the tools, the mindset or the access to the life they deserve to be living.

Lifestyle design

Joyful, Connected, Inspired Living

Intentional Manifestation

Co-Creating With Life

Lifestyle design and adventure retreat with Carmen Marshall in Tulum

Call it what you want but the truth is this:

There’s a world of possibility waiting for you out there.

And it’s up to you and I to stop standing the world (and ourselves) up.

Create a Life You Love 8 Day Retreat

In May of 2014, Carmen held the very first Create a Life You Love 8 Day Retreat, set in one of the most magical, uplifting places in the world: Bali.

And due to the incredible joy, deliciousness and pure MAGIC of the retreat and Bali – we’re holding Soul Craft Retreat 2015…in Bali, of course.

We don’t want to go anywhere else, yet.

And guess what?

You’re not only invited — you’re our VIP.


Eight days is all it takes to change your life forever.
Join Carmen Marshall on a luxe Soul Craft retreat

Under the guidance of Carmen, you’ll spend an entire, glorious, jungle & ocean  filled, relaxing week focusing on Carmen’s exclusive, proprietary process for achieving a life you love, and gaining the clarity that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.

These are the same life values that have established Carmen as one of the top lifestyle experts in the world, and they’re the same values that will change everything.

During the retreat, you’ll be radically inspired to get your life together, once and for all, and have a plan to experience it the way you want to in terms of your health, wealth, purpose, clarity, and self-confidence about exactly where you’re headed.

There will be dancing. There will be yoga. There will be incredible, healthy foods.

There will be journaling, exploring, group discussion, and personal reflection. There will be rice paddies. And beaches. And everything you’re imagining Bali to be.

The only thing missing might be the gorgeous Brazilian from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, though you could probably find him if you really wanted to!

But most importantly?

There will be you.

Showing up for yourself, once and for all.

The Retreat Enthusiastically Includes:

Workshops + Materials

Carmen will supportively teach you all you need to know about self-designing your ideal life — and then actually manifesting it to happen.  Carmen is always growing, learning and exploring human potential as she lives and travels around the world.  Her unique gift is being to teach everything in a concise, effective and FUN way, that WORKS.

Dance, Yoga + Breath-Work Sessions

Embracing movement is one of the best ways to reach a higher vibration of joy, and even if you’ve never danced a day in your life (or you’re really shy), you’re going to leave in love with both dancing + yoga…. and your breath again.

I promise.

Exceptional Meals

Uber Healthy. Vegan, Vegetarian, + Raw experiences. Because when you take care of your body physically, you’re able to focus better mentally. And we like good mental focus, because it helps us reach our goals even faster.

And YES!  Although we encourage you to try at least all Vegetarian (Balinese Vegetarian food is DIVINE :) during the retreat for better health, clarity + vibration, we do have organic chicken + fish options.

A Perfect Place to Sleep

The first four days will be spent at Soulshine, a resort in Ubud that overlooks the stunning rice paddies. (Have I mentioned those enough? Because they’re sensational.) You’ll be sleeping in gorgeous shared rooms granting you the opportunity to connect with another person on the retreat while still having the time for personal meditation.

During the last four days, you’ll rest in peaceful bliss at Uluwatu Surf Villas, a stunning Surf Resort in Uluwatu, Bali.

Uluwatu is ON a cliff overlooking the vast ocean. It’s extraordinary and magical; just the thing to energize you in ways you never even imagined.

Not One, But Two Massages

Personal transformative experiences can be draining both physically and mentally.

To combat fatigue and stress, you’ll have two relaxing massages during your time spent with Carmen. And by the time you’re done with these? No regular massage will do. Ever again.

Exploration of Bali

Four nights will be spent in a quiet jungle oasis, while the other four will show you just how healing the ocean can be. (And in either case, you almost literally can’t walk a block without seeing a majestic temple, or some sort of ornate doorway to the heavens.)

Bali is an extraordinary place like no other in terms of the clean, gorgeous energy and the beauty that surrounds you (including the fresh, delectable scent of incense dancing around your senses), inspiring your personal magic and offering distinct, newfound type of clarity, so you’ll have the chance to see it all–from the great Hindu statues (you’ll be amazed) to the magical greenery that surrounds you from every angle, beckoning you to lean into nature, and lean into your humanity. (Did we mention that because of the climate, your skin even feels good? Trust us. It’s amazing.)

Exclusive Time With Carmen

This retreat grants you & the group the opportunity to see how someone who has mastered living life intentionally, with abundance, balance, and confidence lives. From her morning routines to how she cares for her spirit, emotions and soul, her insights will be invaluable and inspiring, adding to your arsenal of self-love and future prosperity, and you’ll all be together as much as possible during the week so we can all learn from one another in creating the life we love.

Immediate Support + Guidance

As soon as you register, you’ll receive unfettered access to an invite-only Facebook Group designed exclusively to support, encourage, and inspire you before, during, and after your journey. While it can be simple to meditate in your head while perched peacefully on the beach in Tulum, you’ll learn how to take the lessons you’ve learned during the retreat and apply them seamlessly to your one real, important + genuine life. (This is important to us.)

All taxes & gratuities

We meant it when we said this retreat is for you to focus entirely on yourself!


The permission to experience as much as you can as often as possible. You’ll receive the permission to love. There will be connections with people, and connections with yourself, all while granting you the ability to make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of everyone around you. Also included? The permission to live.

Additional Surprises, Tools & FUN Built Into Every Single Thing We Do

We’ll be playing BIG with Eastern & Western philosophies, dipping into the arts, experimenting with intention setting (just wait–it’s more scientific than you might know), singing, drawing, dancing and more–all as a deliberate way to experience more fun, more joy, more bliss, and different ways of being to create a life you love. And never apologize once.

Retreat investment $3,800 USD, all inclusive

There are limited opportunities to upgrade your room, book a room for yourself (no roomate), or book your room as a couple (shared King bed). More details for these options options are here.

Soul Craft Retreats are unique and powerfully effective retreats — with a comprehensive system that you can apply to all areas of your life.  And, it had all my favorite things — international travel, connection with inspiring and interesting people, yoga, swimming, adventures and lots of dancing (YAY!) all the while connecting to the deepest part of myself and my desires. I had so much fun. And, to top it off, Carmen Marshall, is truly one of the coolest, truly successful and most authentic people I have ever met!  It was an absolute honor to spend 8 whole days with her.

Leah Bosworth | Arizona, US

The whole retreat was a “Wow” experience. Every day, every moment was like “Wow!! Unexpected. I do not regret it and certainly I would do it again! No question. ;-) Carmen’s Retreats are the best of the best!

If you’re looking for a personal development seminar or a life-changing retreat, this is it. Don’t let distance, fear or excuses stop you – this is your life and it and you are so worth it! This was the best thing I could have done for my life.

Carlos Lopezaraiza | Mexico

What does all inclusive mean?

It means you won’t have to worry about a single thing once you step out of the Bali airport. Your transportation from the airport, accommodations, your meals*, your workshops, your materials and even our secret (shhh!) fun surprises for you all all included in the cost. No stress. No worries. Just 100% focus on you, and your experience.

*Food and drink ordered outside of what we provide (lots, we promise!) is not included, but it is available as long as you provide your own credit card, as customary, for any “incidentals”.

You’ll want to book ASAP, because we’re working on a first come, first serve basis, and that means that those who book sooner get first opportunity to upgrade your room. (Whoo hoo!) They also get the confidence and tranquility in knowing that they’ve taken a really big step forward in their own self-care–and can start prepping for the trip with our private Create A Life You Love Forum (and posting bragworthy updates on Facebook!) with a big, open-hearted smile on their face.

*Flight to Bali unfortunately not included. Ditto those strange-looking yet surprisingly comfortable U-shaped head rests for the plane. ;)

Here’s what you need to know to secure your place:

Bali Retreat Investment: $3,800 USD

Early Bird Participants also have the opportunity to choose from nicer and slightly larger rooms options for an upgrade fee of $400 USD or a single room (no roommate) for an upgrade fee of $700 USD. There are a very limited number of rooms available for upgrade options and are available on at first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in an upgrade, please contact us at after you have reserved your spot for the retreat.

Registration for Bali 2015 will close on March 31, 2015.


Payment Options:

We’ve done everything we can to have something for everyone!

Payment accepted with any major credit card.

Early Bird Deposit of 50% of $3400 ($1700 USD), with the remaining 50% ($1700) due on or before March 31st, 2015. Post Dec 31, 2014 Deposit of 50% of $3800 ($1900 USD), with the remaining 50% ($1900) due on or before March 31st, 2015.

What’s Next:

Once we receive your payment, you’ll receive our welcome kit, filled with exciting instructions on how to start preparing for our retreat! You’ll also receive access to our private Facebook forum within 24 hours where you can connect with Carmen & the other retreat participants!

If you’d like to come sooner, or stay longer to explore the beauty of the Bali beaches you can! All you need to do is contact each resort, and they’ll help you effortlessly make the right arrangements. Check our FAQ’s for all the details.

What if I’ve never done a meditation, set an intention, or twisted myself into a yoga position in my life? Can I still come to Bali, or is this too advanced or me?

You aren’t just welcome–you’re perfect for the retreat. While we will be doing a lot of vibrational work (which we promise you’ll love), Carmen will be guiding you the whole way, so you’ll never feel lost or out of place. This Bali retreat is for you.

Is this too basic for me?

Absolutely not. We all always need to be learning, and for those who are more advanced, and perhaps who have been working with Carmen for a while, will be going a lot deeper than usual.

Do I need to be a great dancer? What’s up with the dancing?

No WAY. In fact, even more fun if you’re not! While there’s a strong focus on body awareness, beginners will be perfectly at home in the classes–and you might learn a new trick or two. ;)  

We’ll teach you the basics so you have a solid foundation to build on after the retreat, but the most important thing to remember is that we aren’t dancing to dance–we’re dancing to live. (And you’ll see what I mean when you get here.)

What’s Bali like?

Think: Green. Temples. Volcanos. Rice fields. Islands. Charming narrow roads. And some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, of course!

Peace. Warm, lovely, smiling friendly Balinese people. (Perhaps unlike anyone you’ve ever met.) Incense. Tropical gardens. And taste-bud titillating foods like no other.

At our retreat, we’ll be in two locations, both jungle and near the beach, so you’ll have an opportunity to experience a little bit of both!

Do I have to share a room?

We prefer that participants share a room as part of the retreat experience, but there are a very limited number of rooms available if you would like your own room. Single rooms are an additional $700.

There are also a limited number of rooms with King beds that are slightly nicer for couples, friends, or family who don’t mind sharing a bed. To upgrade your room with a roommate, it’s an additional $400.

Will I have any free time to explore?

Absolutely, and in fact, it’s a built-in part of our retreat experience. This retreat rests on a few guiding principles, but one of them is that by getting out of your everyday environment and context (AKA home), your brain and body instantly become hyper-aware from all of the new and exciting stimulation and input that traveling abroad provides. And what happens then? Well, your brain literally starts forging new connections that weren’t there before, and in turn, you start thinking about old things in new ways–ways you never could have at home. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, and exploration will 100% be a part of this retreat, in order to facilitate fresh thinking as much as possible.

How many participants will there be?

16 on the dot–that’s our max, unfortunately, so make sure you book as soon as you can commit!

Is this retreat open to anyone?

100%. You don’t have to be someone who’s worked with Carmen in the past–all are welcome! Men and women, old and young, experienced and inexperienced when it comes to intention setting and creating a life you love. This retreat is designed to be as flexible as possible, catering to the best intentions of each and every participant.

Is this a co-ed retreat?

You bet. Both women and men are welcome.

Will we be doing a bunch of hocus pocus chanting and mystical things?

Don’t worry. While Carmen is one of the world’s greatest lifestyle experts, specializing in the art of vibration, she’s also one of the world’s most grounded, practical, fun, down-to-earth people on the planet. In other words? You’re going to get the benefits of the hocus pocus, without a single magic wand. ;)

Can I bring a friend/spouse/neighbor for a discount?

The cost per person is based on single occupancy, because there are fixed costs per person, so regrettably, there are no special rates for spouses or buddies.

I know Carmen LOVES raw food, but do I have to eat all raw during the retreat?

Not at all! We will have vegetarian, vegan, raw (and even organic chicken + fish) options for everyone. After you book, we’ll send you a questionnaire asking about your food preferences.

Is there WIFI and cell service?

While we recommend unplugging as much as possible and leaving iPhone and laptops for emergencies or photos, yes, free WIFI is included and you can use a cell phone at both places (international rates apply for cell phones).

Can I come early or stay later?

Yes!  You’ll coordinate your additional nights in Bali with individual resorts, but don’t worry–it’s a breeze. We’ll send you details once you book.

How much time will we get to spend with Carmen?

While there’s no explicit 1 on 1 time built into the retreat, this is done intentionally, as we want you to flourish from the shared connections you’ll be making with the other participants, here in the wonderful, magical land of Bali. However, you’ll be spending copious amounts of time with Carmen during the retreat within the larger group, smaller groups and spontaneous chats.

I’m trying to price out flights and my total cost – what are the travel details?

GETTING TO BALI: Fly in to DPS – Ngurah Rai International Airport located in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia Best direct flights from Los Angeles or San Francisco are on China Air or Eva Air. Singapore and Cathay Pacific also has excellent flights.

PASSPORT: Your passport must have at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into Bali. If it expires before 6 months, you will not be allowed to exit the port of departure.

ARRIVAL/EXIT AIRPORT FEE: $25 USD Entry fee and $25 USD Exit fee. If the immigration lines are long at the Denpasar Airport, we recommend paying $20 USD to use “Express Immigration Service”. This is in addition to your $25 USD Airport Entry Fee.

DATES: You will need to arrive in BALI on May 14th, so depending on where you are in the World, you may need to depart your location on May 12th.

IDR Indonesian Rupiah
ATMs and currency exchange is available
Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most places, but not American Express.
Cash is always good to have though, bring IDR with you, or exchange or get from ATM at the airport. $100-200 USD is fine.
Carmen uses ATM’s for ease ($5 ATM charge by your home bank usually)

What’s the cancellation policy?

We’ll be heartbroken that you can’t make it, but by canceling by March 1st, 2015, 50% of your full payment (ie 50% of $3400 or $3800 USD) will be refunded if you have paid in full or chosen to use “Bill Me Later” via PayPal. If you have paid a 50% deposit ($1700 or $1900 USD), and then cancel, unfortunately this deposit is non-refundable. If you need to cancel after March 1st, 2015, we are unable refund any percentage of your payment, as it will be difficult for us to find a replacement for you since the location is in Bali, and takes a lot of pre-planning for people to come.  Of course, you may also personally sell/transfer your booking to anyone you choose.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here. Who should I contact??

If you can’t find your question answered here please email us at We’ll respond as soon as we can and add it to the FAQ’s :)

Never having attended retreat before, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I walked away with was a renewal of my life goals, a smile on my face knowing I was on the right path, and a real sense of achievement for making it through 8 days of something totally out of my comfort zone. I also made some wonderful new friends from around the world after sharing our hopes, goals, and dreams together.

Those 8 days had some incredibly special magic :)

Carole Jacobs | Hawaii, US

My daughter and I chose to celebrate her graduation and next chapter with Carmen’s Create A Life You Love Retreat. CALYL was magical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and pivotal for Amanda and I. Can’t even say enough about the combination of spiritual, physical, and cultural growth it gave me. I would attend this retreat again and recommend it to anyone young, old, male or female – in Bali or even in another place. The content and immersion in culture of the land was a perfect blend of self growth and adventure.

Tamara M | Annapolis, MD