Having one of the top business, lifestyle and manifestation pros in the industry as your ongoing and accessible mentor.

Someone who has built seven successful businesses, two international network marketing organizations and, most importantly, a purpose-driven, vibrant, fulfilling life doing what she loves.

Someone who wants to share her knowledge with entrepreneurs who seek the same rewarding (+ magical) lifestyle.

Modern Mastermind Soul Pro with Carmen Marshall founder of Soul Craft

The best part is… you don’t have to imagine.

I have created a mastermind experience that is unlike any you’ve been a part of before—with advanced training usually reserved for the highest achievers + seekers, consistent access to me, and the behind-the-scenes secrets and inner workings of my businesses, lifestyle and mindset.

I will be your ongoing business, lifestyle and manifestation coach over the next 12 months and can guide you to living the life you want, starting now.

And, you’ll be surrounded by a small, select group of like-minded, heart-centered, high achievers will both inspire you and challenge you.

As a heart-centered business owner, you want to fast-track to the next level.

You want to take action now, with a small, high level, motivated and intimate group….and more access to me. And most importantly, more real talk, training and specific guidance on what it really takes to build an a successful and soulful online empire.

You’re past the basics. You’ve built a strong foundation – now it’s time to ramp it up.

You’re ready to take your business at least 80% online, and do what it takes to get to the next level – with balance and heart.

You know it’s going to require focus, passion and commitment – but you’re more than ready.

I understand that feeling all too well.That’s why I have always hired the best coaches and mentors, and purchased and vetted countless systems and programs to first use myself and then share with you.

And now I’ve created a Mastermind Program that is unlike any you’ve been a part of before – with regular and access to not only me, but all the behind the scenes of my business and lifestyle, including up close and personal trainings in my homes around the world.

introducingSoul Pro


a modern mastermind for prosperity in life + business

An intimate year-long mastermind with me, Carmen Marshall, so you can fast track your income, clarify your niche and purpose, learn the right messaging and marketing to attract your dream clients, customise the most current and effective strategies I am using in my business, and move your business to at least 80% online.

What’s included in the Soul Pro Mastermind?


2 Mastermind Group Calls with me per month - $11,997

These won’t be your normal “lite” group calls. These calls will be uber focused, effective and transformative; the caliber of this group allows us to go much deeper than other coaching programs. Questions will be submitted beforehand so we can go deep into your business challenges.

I share all the new knowledge I learn as I up-level my own business: the best techniques, strategies and resources I am currently using to build my online empire. Right now is a very exciting time in my business, and I want you to benefit from it as well.

Intimate group coaching calls are where I deliver the best value for your investment and the most “gold nuggets” in the shortest space of time. All calls are recorded.


2 Day Live MasterMind Meeting in my homes around the world - $5997

These will be a full-on two day in person training with me, in an intimate setting in one of my homes, and our close-knit mastermind group. They’ll be held twice a year, cycling between the US, Asia/Australia and Europe. You may attend one or both. Both will be recorded if you can’t attend, and all notes/manuals provided.

2-day, live trainings are proven to be one of the most effective ways to move your business forward fast – and we’re going to take it to the next level with our “inner circle” group and environment. There will also be lots of up close and personal exposure to how I run my business and live my life – including morning routines, rituals, manifestation and energy techniques, health, fitness and self-care. And of course we’ll have some local exotic thrown in so you can also experience where I live – whether it’s Maui, Bali, Australia or Europe…or somewhere new!

*If for any reason we still can’t travel during 2024, we will do a very special and unique 2-Day live online event, or you can choose to attend the 2025 in-person trainings instead.


Purpose, Niche Clarity + Marketing to Attract Dream Clients - $2997

Eek — I am so excited to get this too you — and introduce this for the first time ever to Soul Pro 2024!

The newest addition to Soul Pro after many requests — how did I determine my niche, learn how to attract the right clients (messaging, marketing and identity) and build a hugely successful empire doing what I love, living around the world?

You will be the first to ever have my newest system— with a curriculum taught throughout the 12 months to help you discover or refine your purpose and niche. You’ll learn how to lean into your natural gifts and human design for more ease and better results. You will also learn how to refine your messaging, marketing, and way of being — to attract the right clients — and design the business and lifestyle of your dreams, for real.


My Complete Online Business Presentation System - $2997

So many of you are at a point where THIS is the next step in your online business.

My online presentation, complete Powerpoint presentation, a training video to help you understand step- by-step the psychology of how to tailor my uber successful online presentation for your own business, programs or products, my online application form, email templates, and recording of me “interviewing a prospect”.

This is the system that allows me to live around the world and enrol clients completely through my online system and you’ll be able to duplicate it from start to finish.


2 Emergency Calls - $997

Our businesses all have moments where we wish we had a mentor on speed dial. Well, now you do! You can have up to 2 “Emergencies” to Voxer me for advice.

I respond within 24-48 hours (depending where I am in the world, usually within 24 hours). I’ll give you real-time advice, strategies, what I’ve done, resources and tips to help you navigate any emergency with ease.


1 Website Review - $997

Do you ever wonder if your website is working or could be more effective? Wouldn’t it be great to have a mentor who has created 7 websites (+ rebrands + revisions) for her 7 different companies, who knows exactly what makes a prospect want to stay on your website and purchase a product, program, service or sign up on your list?

Well now you can! I will give you a video review of your website as to what you can change, improve, add and/or remove, based on my 13+ years of having 7 successful personal, business and training websites. See my current websites here:


1 Website Review - $997

Do you ever wonder if your website is working or could be more effective? Wouldn’t it be great to have a mentor who has created 7 websites (+ rebrands + revisions) for her 7 different companies, who knows exactly what makes a prospect want to stay on your website and purchase a product, program, service or sign up on your list?

Well now you can! I will give you a video review of your website as to what you can change, improve, add and/or remove, based on my 13+ years of having 7 successful personal, business and training websites. See my current websites here:



Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Interview or Podcast for YOUR Community - $997

This is a very powerful way that I can help you grow, train and inspire your audience and help your brand and/or NWM company gain exposure and credibility.

Together we will do a 30 min Live Video of you interviewing me based on a predetermined set of questions that YOUR followers would love to get answers about and /or discuss in any of the following areas: manifestation, health, money, business, life design, NWM, relationships, fitness etc. This one strategy will not only provide immense value for your clients and team, but it is one of the best way to get you out there with more exposure.


1 1x1 Life Coaching Session - $497

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Certified Life Coach help you break through any barriers you may not be able to see or navigate completely on your own? You’ll have a 1 hour life coaching session with a Certified Life Coach to help you focus on any obstacles, self-sabotage, recurring patterns that may be limiting your growth or simply any area that you feel it would help you to get outside professional support on.


Private Facebook Group - $497

You already know from SCYWT100K how valuable a private Facebook group is for asking questions and learning from your peers. This will be a different type of forum in that everyone will be asking higher level questions since you’ve all been through SCYWT100K.


Membership in the Soul Pro™ Society - Priceless

You also already know how important and precious aligned friendships are – imagine going to an even deeper level with the soulful + high achievers of our group, being able to meet in person and really challenge each other over the next year and beyond? Just priceless. THIS is the group to be hanging out with for the next 12 months and beyond ;-)

*All inclusions can be used anytime during your 12 months. The Purpose, Niche Clarity, Messaging + Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Online Presentation System is yours, with lifetime access and includes any updates or revisions.

I joined Soul Pro because I felt really comfortable that Carmen could help me get to the next level. I wanted a female coach that I could relate to and who had already walked the path.

Only a few months in, and I feel very supported and inspired. I’ve set up systems I didn’t have before — weekly trainings for my team and new presentation workshops. My new found consistency has made me more confident and other business leaders are asking me where I’m getting all my great ideas!

Carmen is always there for questions and she seems to know exactly what each of us needs at this point in our business. She’s intuitive, highly skilled and she shares her knowledge and systems so generously. I leave every coaching call more energized and with more certainty.

~ Anne Dorthe Tanderup, Switzerland

Soul Craft testimonial for Carmen Marshall
Soul Craft testimonial

How Carmen runs her business and life really resonates with me — so I jumped at the opportunity to work with her in a tight-knit mastermind coaching setting.

The higher-level resources + systems that Carmen shares are incredible. She has such a depth of experience and she shares freely — I feel like I can ask her anything. If I think it, I can ask her.

My fellow masterminders are wonderful. Everyone shows up and participates, and their engagement helps me to stay encouraged and focused. And you truly get Carmen focused on YOU. She is the one coaching us, in person, and is fully present for our questions.

20+ years of successful business and life experience is there for us to use and pull from — I haven’t seen this level of intimate coaching and access to an expert anywhere else.

~ Dr. Cori Cooper, New Orleans, USA

I joined Soul Pro because I wanted in-depth, personal coaching with Carmen. I absolutely loved SCYWT100K, and I wanted to move my business to next level, quickly.

Thanks to Soul Pro, I have online weekly trainings in place for my team for the first time – including a clear, concrete training plan. Carmen is very detailed and specific with her coaching, so I know what needs to be done, and how to set my business up for long term success — including my online presence and developing strong leaders.

Every day there are so many questions and obstacles that come along or I have to deal, but with Carmen’s mentorship, I no longer feel worried or concerned. I know I have a place to brainstorm, figure out my next steps, what strategy to apply and that there is always a way.

~ Deep Gill, Indonesia / New Zealand

Soul Craft testimonial for Carmen Marshall
Soul Craft testimonial

Carmen’s SCYWT100K was a perfect fit and the missing step to establish a well-rounded and solid foundation for my business & life. Although initially, I felt “too small” for such a mastermind program, there came the point in time where it just felt right to level-up and jump in.

The amazing, warm welcome of fellow SoulProer’s gave me the community feeling I needed to start shining light on my “dark areas” (areas for growth). This led to further personal development as well as an in-depth understanding of my ideal customers and business builders.

I now feel so much more empowered to attract the best-fitting people for my team & business (two ideal business builders in the past 14 days!) and further create the worldwide, healthy, wealthy family of my dreams.

Carmen’s unique way of asking the right questions kicked off thinking processes I never knew I could have. This, combined with a SoulPro community that truly listens, inspires, contributes + supports each other in a unique manner, is a priceless experience.

So grateful for the most generous support & mentorship.

~ Claudia Rollersbroich, Belgium

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Soul Pro™ is a mastermind group like you’ve never seen or been in before

I mentor you and a very exclusive group of Soul Crafters who live and do business by design.

You’ll have access to the newest, cutting edge online marketing and business building strategies that I am currently using, already vetted, and streamlined for you. Plus:


My newest training system – Purpose, Niche Clarity, Message + Marketing and Identity to Attract Dream Clients


My best online presentation system for enrolling clients and/or associates.


2-day LIVE trainings in my homes around the world.


High level, way past the basics training and guidance.


Transformative life coaching, emergency calls, website review, and an video interview with me to help you build your audience and elevate your brand.


Real-time access to me and connection with your fellow heart-centered and high-achieving members of the Soul Pro™ Society.

2 Day Live MasterMind Meeting in Carmen's Homes around the world

Enrollment is now closed

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Soul Pro society success story Karen Crosmas
Thank you for everything we have learned from you in Soul Pro!

Our business has taken off with our new program that we created — faster than we expected.  We’re now thinking bigger like you taught us, and have a digital marketer who is building our website, sales page and social media guidance.  

We consistently use the phrase, ‘What would Carmen do?’.  It sounds funny, but it always places our mind in a business state — and we focus.  And I’m now officially a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert!

Thank you for coming into our lives and opening our minds to multiple income sources while still attaining the ultimate goal of changing people’s lives and guiding them into incredible health and success. 

We’re forever grateful!

~ Karen Crosmas, Ontario, Canada

I’ve had continuous growth in my business since I joined Soul Pro. Not just in enrollments of associates customers, but also in systems, branding, my website and online programs.

Soul Pro is everything I wanted — an intimate, supportive and energetic community of motivated leaders and a *for real* business and lifestyle expert to learn from — to help me go to the next income level in my business.

Soul Pro has allowed me to expand the learning I started in SCYWT100K, take action and get results — rather than racing off to the “next thing”.

Carmen is so generous with content and personal experience. And her online business presentation is the most amazing system. Every day I know I made the right decision to join Soul Pro.

~ Amanda Filazzola, Ontario, Canada

Soul Craft testimonial
Soul Craft testimonial
I wanted to take what I’d learned in SCYTW100K and continue to up level, without slowing down. I knew that mentorship with Carmen would be the fastest way, with the right systems and balanced actions — that I would have my “ladder against the right wall”.

And her complete online business presentation system! I can’t believe how long it would have taken me to create my own (years)! With Carmen’s system, I got it up and running in just ONE month.

Carmen’s coaching style is incredibly empowering. I leave every session ready to take myself to the next level. She’s helped me learn how to set boundaries in my professional life, create weekly team trainings, and know I have what it takes to build the business I want. Her mentorship, support and insight is invaluable and I couldn’t be happier.

~ Simar Gill McCullough, New Zealand / Indonesia

We are so happy to be a part of something so special! There really is nothing like this out there. Soul Pro Master Mind is the perfect vehicle to facilitate change.

~ David Galloway, Ontario, Canada

Soul Craft testimonial

Frequently asked questions



Will you offer enrollment again?

Yes, enrollment will usually offered once a year.

Are there payment plans?

Yes! You may pay $14,997 all at once, 2 Payments of $7,650 or 12 Payments of $1,290. You are responsible for making all your payments on time to maintain your membership.

Are there any refunds?

No, not for this program, as you’ll be given the “keys to the kingdom” — access to my higher end systems and inner workings of my businesses — from the get go.

As you know, from all my programs, I always focus on over-delivering in value. I will be sharing information that would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire on your own, and much of it will be my own intellectual property of how I’m integrating new cutting edge strategies into my own business. You will also be privy to successes, detours, rerouting – all so you can learn more quickly the route to your own success.

I want you to feel that this is one of the best investments you have ever made – and that will always be my focus.

Can I and how do I recommend someone for our mastermind?

Absolutely — I would love you to recommend Soul Pro if you feel someone in your circle of influence would be a good fit for our mastermind. Simply have them visit this website for all the details. They can also book a strategy call with me at the bottom of this page to talk about any questions they might have, and to make sure Soul Pro is a fit.

Will you be adding new things to the Mastermind Group?

Yes! I base a lot of my programs on what participants are wanting and needing. My goal is to always have you feeling like you received MORE value than you paid for, and I always love adding things I think will help you, or that participants request.

So this program will evolve over time, with you, me and our tribe. For example, for 2024 I have added the new Purpose, Niche Clarity + Marketing to Attract Dream Clients Curriculum — that I am uber excited about.

Enrollment is now closed

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SoulPro Carmen Marshall

Are you ready for more?

You already know the answer.  And if it’s a “yes” (no matter how quiet)…

Let’s Soul Craft your way there — together.

xo Carmen

PS: Seriously interested, but still have questions? Book a FREE 20 min chat and ask me all your burning questions!