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Josie Tong review for Carmen Marshall
Josie Tong, Australia
video review for Carmen Marshall
Sarah Buhagiar, Australia
video review for Carmen Marshall
Annette Rosi, Australia
video review for Carmen Marshall
Alyssia Barrett, Australia
Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100K has been completely life changing.

I went from enrolling one associate approximately every 4 months, to enrolling 1 associate every two weeks. My conversion rate with customers after the course was 100%.

And now, just four months after the course, I’m in the Top 25 Associate Enrollers for my company worldwide weekly, something I never imagined to be possible!

~ Karen Crosmas | Newcastle, Ontario, Canada | Network Marketing 3+ Years

Halfway through the course, I enrolled my first business associate after 12 months of no activity.

And now, after completing SCYWT100K, I’ve enrolled 2 more Associates and 3 Customers in Australia and I’ve have expanded into international markets—enrolling 4 new associates in Indonesia and 1 in the Philippines! 

This is a massive improvement from No Action to Massive Action.  I’m excited to continue building internationally, which also allows me to do what I am passionate about—traveling!

~ Pooja De Silva | West Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia | Network Marketing 5 Years

A lot of the training I’ve done in the past just didn’t resonate with me. They all felt scheming and pushy. SCYWT100K has shown me a whole new way of approaching Network Marketing in a professional, yet caring and authentic manner.

I was worried this course would be too advanced for me because I am new to the industry, but instead, it gave me the guidance I was desperately seeking on how to approach and grow my business.

Carmen has shown me that there is more than one way to grow my business and now I see so much potential and have so many ideas around incorporating my passions into my business. I can’t wait to keep growing. Thank you Carmen Marshall!

~ Lee Poh | Sydney, Australia | NEW To Network Marketing

Lee Poh review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
video review for Carmen Marshall
Vanessa Jahnke, Canada
Vicki Ann Parker, Australia
Kerziah Del Rio, Australia
Simar Gill review for Carmen Marshall
Simar Gill McCullough, Indonesia + New Zealand
Before SCYWT100K, I wasn’t confident in my skills, my vision of my future was blur, and I started to doubt whether I could ever achieve my goals.

When I heard about the course, I resonated with the combination of the 10 NWM aspects that Carmen teaches, and her authentic way of doing NWM. For the first time in my adult life, I could picture someone being my mentor.

SCYWT100K totally shifted my perception of the business and my life. It taught me skills to a point where they became natural and enjoyable. It also taught me to abandon any guilt around self-care and living a life of purpose, which was a surprising new-found focus.

And…in just 2 months time, I have signed up 50% as many people as I did in 5 years!

~ Aude Bernhard | Carnegie, VIC, Australia | Network Marketing 5 Years

I’m so glad that you have created Soul Craft. It’s completely different from all of the courses I’ve done in the past – and I’ve done a lot! What I learned and implemented so far in the first 3 weeks is unbelievable. To be honest, I have been in management mode for a while, so what I took from the course has allowed me to dream bigger and step up.

Just 3 weeks into the course I started weekly online presentations – at my first one we had 18 guests!

Thank you so much Carmen. You have created a game changer in the industry.

~ Josie Tong | Sydney, Australia | Network Marketing 10+ Years

I was stuck before SYWT100K came along. I always felt something was missing, and I needed a clear pathway to get me out of the 15 year maze I had fallen into.

I started to achieve results from Week One. Just three weeks later my network marketing income was up 30%.  After the 8 week program it was up 50% and I doubled my investment money back. 

It’s now 2 weeks after the course ended and I am still seeing results – and I have no plan on stopping.

~ Claude Fullinfaw | Manila, Philippines | Network Marketing 15 Years

Claude Fullinfaw review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
When I started Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100k, I was 2.5 years into my Network Marketing business and didn’t really know how to get to the next level. Carmen’s program gave me so much clarity and a clear roadmap of how to achieve my goals.

The course combines personal development, financial planning, action-orientated goal setting – it was one of the best courses that I’ve taken and I didn’t want it to end! What really blew me away was how engaged and available Carmen was to the entire class throughout the whole 8 weeks. This program was a game changer for me!

~ Vanessa Jahnke | Penticton, Canada | Network Marketing 2 years

Susan Shelton, USA
Wai Yee, Singapore
Margherita Sanita – Di Franco, Canada
Judi Moore, USA
I am truly loving this course. It has given me words that I feel are more in line with my work, natural ways to invite, and closes that feel really good – not icky. I’ve always felt awkward asking for the sale at the end of presentations – but not any more.

I just did my first Soul Craft Passion Presentation and had 9 attendees, as opposed to my normal 3-4.

I used the Soul Craft way of naturally leading people to buy – and 8 out 9 attendees purchased!

~ Vicky Jamieson | Bonbeach, Australia | Network Marketing 11 Years

We had both been working on our business full time for the past 3 years and it was a struggle. We must have enrolled over 100 people in the business but couldn’t retain them and didn’t know how to duplicate. When we heard about Soul Craft™ we jumped in and it has been an absolute game changer.

Within a few months, we became Gold Directors (a pivotal rank advancement in our Company). Our confidence is through the roof and we are now helping our team to take leadership and grow.

The biggest shift that happened with having such an in-depth system available to us was that it completely changed our belief system. We started producing more results with less effort. We’ve had more fun in our life and business since doing this course than our whole time being in business. We would recommend this course to every single person because it’s literally the best thing that’s happened to us in our business.

~ Simar + Deep Gill | Jakarta, Indonesia + Auckland, New Zealand | Network Marketing 3 Years

Before I took the course, I was kept asking myself, how can I authentically integrate health coaching and NWM?

Within a few modules, I started understanding how to combine my passion for helping people with their health and NWM – and for it to feel completely natural and comfortable. It was like this course was meant for me.

The 8 week program is very results focused, but it also has a really caring, sincere and giving feeling to it, which resonates with me. I now feel that I have a clear roadmap as to where to take my business, and exactly how to continue to integrate health coaching and network marketing, in a way that feels right for me.

~ Gurmayll Kaur | Canning Vale, WA, Australia | 12 years in Network Marketing

Lee Poh review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
Helene Sheringham, Australia
San Tih, Australia
Claude Fullinfaw, Philippines
Linda Bourdelaise, USA
Before starting the course, I had been losing motivation as I couldn’t understand how some people were succeeding but no matter what I did, I seemed to remain in the same place.

I was looking for a professional way to build my NWM business and the content appeared to be just what I needed. It was also very different to anything I had seen before — combining both business and lifestyle; strong results and life balance.

I received WAY more than I expected from SCYWT100K. The changes in mindset, attitude and skill set in just 8 weeks have helped me enroll more people than I ever have previously – this week already I have enrolled 2 new associates and 2 new customers!

~ Natalia Andrews-Hay | Wahroonga, NSW, Australia | Network Marketing 3 years

Before SCYWT100K, I was stuck in my business and lacked inspiration. I purchased the program because how Carmen does NWM really resonates with me – build your business around your passions and purpose. There are so many courses out there, but I knew this one that would help me up-level.

Every time I finished a module, I could feel my mindset and confidence shift. NWM finally felt right. Carmen has crafted in-depth and hands-on modules that are relevant into today’s NWM environment, based on real experience, with useful templates that save you an incredible amount of time.

And it gets you results! By applying what I learned from the course and Carmen’s live coaching on the weekly Office Hours Calls, I’ve been able to enroll new customers and new team members.

~ San Tih | Seven Hills, NSW, Australia | Network Marketing 5 Years

Claude Fullinfaw review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
Prior to SCYWT100K, my business was growing at a very consistent, but slow pace. Now that both my children are in school full time, I knew this was my time to take my business to the next level.

The course provided an exact roadmap of well thought out modules and a Weekly Action Plan to keep me growing every week. I’ve been able to enroll new customers and business partners with more ease, speed and consistency. In just 8 weeks I enrolled 8 long-term customers and 3 associates!

SCYWT100K re-focused my energy and also inspired me to also get more creative with my business. It was an eye-opening career experience. Soul Craft has been such a gift for me and my business — I didn’t want the 8 weeks to end — thank goodness we have life-time access!

~ Margherita Sanita-Di Franco | Etobicoke, ON, Canada | Network Marketing 7 Years

Robin Thomas, USA
Kate Gyngell, Australia
video testimonial for Carmen Marshall
Vicky Jamieson, Australia
Karen Crosmas review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft
Karen Crosmas, Canada
I decided to join SCYWT100K because I wanted a breakthrough, and a more systematic (and inspiring) way to build my business. I received much more out of the course than expected – including knowing where to focus my efforts every week so I don’t waste my time, completely new ways of building the business AND a new community to continually learn from.

I started being more consistent in prospecting and more motivated to build my team. I became more eager to learn and change myself. In order to be successful, I started to change myself first, started exercising, expanding my contact lists and to be more diligent in my follow up.

My favorite transformation is that I’m motivated to build my team by my own self development, to be consistent and to carry out my daily action plan. I am excited to see a new me over the next few months.

~ Wai Yee Seng | Singapore | Network Marketing 16 Years

Linda Boudelaise review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft your way to 100k
Although I have always had a stable, sustainable Network Marketing business with periods of growth; one thing I haven’t had is consistent growth. Carmen Marshall is someone I have always trusted and looked up to in the way she built an International business with authentic integrity and soul.

This 8 week intensive training program, Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K, provides the tools to create a growth mindset, along with a structure and a plan. I have gained confidence and am excited for the future of my business.

~ Linda Bourdelaise | Maryland, USA | Network Marketing 10+ Years

Before I did the SCYWT 100K Program I felt stuck. My business was stagnant and I needed a new direction. I had tried numerous programs before this but Carmen’s style of focusing on lifestyle and business is where my heart passion really is.

Carmen has become the expert in this area and so I wanted to tap into her expertise. Her ability to inspire authenticity and train that to those seeking excellence in business is unique. I am excited about implementing what I have learned and help my team grow!

~ Judi Moore | Virginia, USA | Network Marketing 11 Years

Yenny Garzon, Australia
Karen Crosmas review for Carmen Marshall's Soul Craft
Lee Poh
video testimonial for Carmen Marshall
Claudia Rollersbroich, Belgium
Michelle Shong
Carmen Marshall’s Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K program is perfectly titled! I am impressed how the program is designed – heart and soul-centered. My confidence in my business and my life has increased immensely. This is how Network Marketing should be taught!

Carmen has helped me focus on my business and my life, which which has helped me live my passions and reach my goals.

~ Brenda Coppola | Connecticut, USA | Network Marketing 15 Years

I got sooo much more than I expected from the program. I realized I had some reservations about NWM and I couldn’t fully commit because I was unsure of the business model myself and how to help people be successful. The 8 week course completely resolved any hesitancy I had about the both the model and how to effectively train my team.

I also learned that I had underestimated the business side of NWM. I went in thinking, I want to grow my NWM business and came out understanding more about business itself than I ever have, what a true business should look and feel like, and how to show up as a successful business owner. Honestly, I would recommend this program whether you had a NWM business or not. If you have a business, you need to do this program.

~ Cori Cooper | New Orleans, LA, USA | Network Marketing 7 Years

Coming out of the employee-oriented world, I wanted a solid foundation & mindset for my business. Loving to learn from the best, I immediately decided to join SCYWT100K as it also came at a moment when I was ready to kick-off.

9 weeks further I have a treasure of business tools, found the tribe of my dreams and I finally got over my resistance of doing actions required to get results. I am looking forward to living the life I always dreamt of where life and business are integrated and feel like ME :-)

~ Claudia Rollersbroich | Riemst, Belgium | Network Marketing 4 Years

Deep Gill review for Carmen Marshall
Brenda Coppola, USA
Deep Gill review for Carmen Marshall
Deep Gill, Indonesia + New Zealand
Review for Carmen Marshall

Patti Rugg, USA

Review for Carmen Marshall

Gurmayll Kaur, Australia

Having just completed SCYWT100K, I am blown away with how Carmen has put twenty years of her NWM success, knowledge and expertise into an easy-to-follow, exact roadmap for us to build our own businesses, following her exact methodology.

During the 8 week course, my income increased every week!

What a unique course – combining soul and passion together to result in prospects and profits.  

~ Helene Sheringham | Newtown, NSW, Australia | 8 years in NWM

Before SCYWT100K, I was unsure if I had enough tools and basics to grow my business.  I had met Carmen at NWM event previously, loved her work and authenticity, so when my upline team highly recommended the course, I jumped in.

This course was different to others because it dealt with improving all areas in life while learning, working on and growing our business and personal life. I especially loved how hands-on nature of the program.

The course helped me maintain consistency and I increased my weekly income by enrolling 2 new associates and 4 customers! That for me was a big achievement considering the limited time I had as mother, student and Zumba instructor.

~ Yenny Garzon | St. Kilda, VIC, Australia

I recently completed the SCYW100K program and am blown away by my mindset change in my business. As a network marketer for 14 years, I’ve been through lots of trainings that focus around the numbers, the sales funnel, and the sales process. Yes, these basics are important (and Carmen teaches them too), but we are in a relationship business. Carmen teaches you to be authentic and to weave together your life, your business and your passions. I feel this is the difference that sets this course apart from others.

Before this course. I had reached a plateau and was stuck there… for way too long. Within a couple weeks of starting this course, I found my way off the plateau and started to grow my business once again. I can’t tell you how good that felt. Thank you, Carmen.

~ Susan Shelton | Alexandria, VA, USA | 14 years

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