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Refer a Friend

Give your friends a free trial of Soul Craft™ Your Way to 100K. If they enroll, we’ll give them $500 off and pay you $500!



Here’s how it works:


  1. Our RAF Program is available to all new students of SCYWT100K as you are going through the program to help your friends, collegues + team members join you!
  2. Invite your friend using the form below.
  3. Your friend will get a free trial and a $500 discount.
  4. If your friend enrolls, you’ll earn $500 cash.

Important: No Google Ads, Adwords, Facebook or Instagram Ads.


Invite your Friend:

  • Feel free to edit this + make it personal ;)

Note:  Soul Craft Your Way To 100K course payment plans must be paid in full in order to receive Refer a Friend commission. If you are still on a payment plan, any commissions from a referral will be used to pay for the remaining payments on your payment plan first, with the remaining amount going to you. In addition, to use the Refer a Friend program, you must be in good standing with your payments.

Commission payments will be sent by Promoter (us!) via PayPal 30 days after the Customer purchases Soul Craft Your Way To 100K. Customer may choose a multiple monthly payment option that purchases the Product. Therefore, you should expect to receive metered payments for each collected monthly payment every 30 days after the initial payment until the customer has paid Promoter in full for the Product. If a sale is canceled or refunded for any reason, any paid commission will be deducted from the amount owed to the referrer and any subsequent payment. Referrers will not be paid a commission on sales or orders that are in delinquent status. Referrer commissions will not be paid based on any sales or amounts that are attributed to spam, credit card fraud, or returned Product. Promoter reserves the right to change the dates of the commission payout at any time.