It’s a method. It’s a philosophy.

It’s a modern way of living.

And it’s how to create success that stems from your soul—because life is too fleeting to fall into it by accident.

Soul Craft with Carmen Marshall

I see you there, with that big, hopeful heart.

You’re the one with the eagerness in her eyes, and the longing in her soul—the one who’s caught herself wishing for something more in her life and her career, but not knowing what, exactly, that is yet.

Is it your career?

Your relationship?
The way you feel?
The body you live in?
Your sense of purpose or fulfillment?
Or something else nagging inside of you, telling you that you need to go. Move. Change. Act. Do something drastic—maybe just to prove that you’re still in there, somewhere.

For you, I have a message, and it comes straight from the heart of everything I know to be true:

You are not crazy. You are not foolish. And you’re not being unrealistic.

There is a way that you can live a grand, beautifully fulfilling life—while still making money that feels good to make, and making important contributions to both your career, and the world.

It’s what I call Soul Craft™: a proprietary framework for designing an all-new kind of modern lifestyle that lets you live—and earn—in gorgeously-inspired ways. It’s one part soul, and one part strategy, and the goal: help you do something remarkable with your life.

Because it’s not just about manifesting; it’s also about creating.

And with the right tools, you can create a life you love.

From working anywhere in the world (Bali, anyone?) to taking on projects that matter to you, to earning more money than you can fathom, to challenging yourself to live pleasurably, to acting on your desires.

From bringing more joy into your days, to earning respect for yourself, to doing it your way, to designing a schedule that suits you, to living without guilt, and regrets, and a box of unopened dreams.


Because the truth is this: we need you to keep doing, daring, wishing.

We need you to be brilliant and brave and undaunted. We need you to laugh and dance and sing and be as joyful as you are generous. We need you to grow and expand and plant the seeds of your soul wherever you are—and whoever you’re with.

And we need you to be you. That’s what Soul Craft is all about: crafting your life, your career, and your world in such a way so that you never have to sacrifice a single shred of your substance.

It’s not impossible to create a life you love.

…Once you learn the craft.

Or, Craft Your Own Adventure

Take a walk on the wild (soul) side.

My soul is calling me to...

Build an unconventional business

Take better care of my body

Rethink my Career

Live a more fulfilling life

Make peace with money

Go somewhere exotic

Ditch the weight

Get my carefree on

Gift myself something beautiful

Connect with nature

Listen to my intuition

The Soul Craft™ Line

Modern prosperity in your life & business

Soul Grow

Craft your spirit.

Soul Glow

Craft your body.

Soul Know

Craft your mind.

Soul Dough

Craft your money.

Soul Flow

Craft your movement.

Soul Pro

Craft your everything.

Soul Go

Craft your adventure.

Soul Slow

Craft your rituals.

Soul Co

Craft your life on the go.

How To Create Genuine Wealth

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