The Soul Craft Your Life Podcast

with Carmen Marshall

How do I build my dream life? My dream business? Does manifestation work?
Is my soulmate out there? Does following your intuition, synchronicity and heart work? What is my purpose, and why the heck am I here?

And the biggest question of all

How do I create a grand, beautifully fulfilling life -- full of meaning, impact, joy, inspiration, and love?

The Soul Craft Your Life Podcast is the place for purpose-driven humans who want to create and live their best life -- redefining what it means to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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#1: How to Change your life (+ the world) by moving from Fear to Love

Hello gorgeous souls!  Welcome to the first ever episode of The Soul Craft Your Life...

#2: The Journey to Living Your Purpose

Hi gorgeous souls!  I have a really special guest for Episode 2. Rick Cowley is...

#3: How to Discover Your Purpose

Hi gorgeous souls!  Episode 3 is a shortie episode from me! So, Episode 2 was...

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