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My very best (free + paid!!) tools, systems, and resources to help you craft a life of spirit, money, magic and soul—the modern way.
Free PDF How to create genuine wealth

Create Genuine Wealth

Learn the top 5 mistakes women usually make when trying to create wealth, how to avoid them and what to do instead.

Get ahead of the curve and understand the principles of solid wealth—all without sacrificing your bliss, health or relationships.

Free PDF how to create genuine health

Create Genuine Health

Learn the top 5 mistakes women usually make when trying to create health, how to avoid them and what to do instead.

Get vibrantly healthy and feel great in your own skin—all without dieting, deprivation or removing whole food groups.

Free PDF how to create genuine health

The Art of Soulful Enrollment

On-Demand Video Series for the Direct Selling, Network + Affiliate Marketing Industry

A refreshingly different 4-part pathway to enroll new associates and level-up your income with integrity, strategy + soul.

How to manifest anything

Create A Dreamboard

Learn how to manifest anything you want and why I love using this as a tool for manifestation and crafting the life that I love.

I walk you step-by-step through creating your personalized dreamboard, teach you how to lead a dreamboard workshop, and explain exactly WHY it works.



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How to set New Moon intensions

Set New Moon Intentions

Learn how to co-create with the universe (instead of creating on your own by sheer will, work and focus).

Instantly download this beautifully designed interactive PDF; type directly into it on your computer or print it out and draw all over it!



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The Art of Soulful Inviting

The only three inviting scripts you’ll ever need.

As top income earner in two NWM companies, I created 3 highly effective and completely natural-feeling invites that work in any situation and ensure you never run out of people to invite.

This product includes the critical words that peak curiosity for your prospect, plus audio recordings so you can hear how I invite.


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Weekly Action plan system by Carmen Marshall

Weekly Action Plan, Morning Ritual, NWM Day Planner, and New + Full Moon Cycle Calendar System

This system course will walk you through exactly how to use the #1 tool for business and life success.

If you’ve used my WAP before, you know that it is a tool I developed years ago and use every single week to grow my businesses.

This newest iteration of my incredible program includes an updated Weekly Action Plan, Network Marketing Day Planner, Morning Ritual, and BONUS New + Full Moon Calendar Booklets — a system that is imperative to modern day success of network marketing entrepreneurs.


“I’ve taken a lot of courses for network marketers… but Carmen and Soul Craft have a secret sauce!”
Josie Tong

“Carmen is an amazing mentor and gives you a complete system that brought me so much confidence. A game-changer for our business.”
Deep + Simar Gill

“Soul Craft has shown me how to share about my business and what I love in a totally authentic way.”
Allyssia Barrett

Weekly Action plan system by Carmen Marshall


Helping soul-driven women (like you) plan out your year and manifest your wildest dreams!

Get clarity, certainty, and an *exact* process for manifesting your wildest dreams!


Resources | Carmen Marshall wellness, business + lifestyle expert

Guide your team to success


The success of your network marketing business is directly related to the strength of your team. The Road to $1000/week Team Training teaches you exactly how to lead and inspire your team, and what specific skills and mindset to teach.

Create a weekly action plan with Carmen Marshall

Health & Wellness Spa Seminar System


This fully customizable presentation system is NOT your typical “party-plan” presentation. It’s an experiential (and educational) presentation system crafted to have guests buy your products THAT night, and stay on them long term, as part of a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Resources | Carmen Marshall wellness, business + lifestyle expert

Online Business Presentation System


The OBPS gives you the exact framework to create a modern, compelling presentation that explains all the basics, builds the vision for what is possible in their life and has your prospect chomping-at-the-bit to have an interview with you.

When your network marketing business needs a serious soulful shakeup…


Soul Craft Your Way to 100KTM offers a non-traditional, modern pathway to ignite your network marketing business + break through your current income plateau.

Soul Craft with Carmen Marshall
Soul Pro


An intimate year-long mastermind exclusively for Soul Craft Your Way to 100K grads.

Fast-track your income, move your business online, and learn the most current and effective strategies I’m using in my businesses.