The Top 5 Mistakes Women Make In Creating Genuine Wealth (And How To Fix Them!)

Work With Carmen

Imagine having one of the top business, health and lifestyle professionals in the industry as your mentor.


Someone who has built three successful business, two international network marketing organizations and, most importantly, a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life doing what she loves. Someone who wants to share her knowledge with other entrepreneurs who seek the same rewarding lifestyle.


The best part is…you don’t have to imagine.


Carmen will be your personal business coach and can guide you to living the life you want, starting now.


What’s more frustrating than being stuck in a career that leaves you feeling as if you’re treading water in the middle of an ocean with no beach in sight? Carmen understood that feeling all too well. Let’s face it – it’s not easy for those who have an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit to follow the “road always taken.” So Carmen didn’t. And she’s never looked back.


Carmen Marshall is in the top .001% income earners in the world, making her a sought-after speaker and trainer among the industry’s business and direct selling leaders.


Her company, Live Well International, is one of the leading network marketing training programs to entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them build thriving businesses through education and personal development.

Carmen’s SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge helps individuals shift their health, state of overall wellness, energy and vibration so they can have the physical foundation to author their lives.

And finally, her Business Mentoring Program brings it all together with her 1×1 business mentoring and 10 Core Life Principles to completely author the life you want to design.


You simply have to ask yourself…am I ready finally have the life I truly want?


Carmen works with a very exclusive group of women each year to mentor, train and develop them into thriving, vibrant business owners.*

If you’re selected to work 1×1 with Carmen, you’ll not only tap into one of the most sought-after business and network marketing mentors in the world – you’ll learn how to create your path of business ownership profitable, sustainable and most of all, enjoyable!


Who is Carmen’s Business Mentoring Program for?


  • Women (and men) with an entrepreneurial spirit (e.g. business owners, real estate professionals)
  • Women who want to live what they teach and center a business around health, happiness and prosperity
  • People who want to love what they do for work
  • Women with a strong desire to transition from a traditional job into owning their own business
  • Successful women that want to reinvent their lives and align their work with their life values
  • Self starters who want to create an additional income stream and/or thriving business
  • Successful coaches and wellness professionals who want to integrate residual income into what they’re currently doing
  • People who are coachable, willing to grow and want to learn from the best
  • Health & wellness professionals, including medical doctors, acupuncturists, clinic owners, studio owners and fitness experts, who want to expand their wellness businesses

Side Note: 90% of the people that I work with are women, but 10% are ROCKING men!  If you think you’re a rocking man that resonates with my philosophies and want to work with me, I encourage you to apply.


Who is Carmen’s Business Mentoring Program NOT for?


  • People not willing to put time, effort, and focus into creating an additional income stream, a successful business and abundant lifestyle
  • Anyone looking for a “get-rich-quick scheme”
  • People who are not self-motivated or positive
  • People not interested in health & wellness
  • People who don’t want to be part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurial women (and men)
  • People not interested in growing, expanding and learning
  • Wellness professionals who don’t want to incorporate wellness programs into their practice


Apply for Carmen’s Business Mentoring Program


Carmen works with individuals who are serious about taking charge of their future by taking control health, happiness and prosperity. She works with those who have a great work ethic, are positive, willing to learn and grow, and determined.


But there’s one catch: There are no shortcuts.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


Authoring your life and creating a business that you love to work in every day takes focus, determination, personal growth, a high desire and belief in yourself and what you’re doing.

Carmen feels the process of growing your own thriving wellness business is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in life – as it gives you better health AND sets up you up to be financially free.


The best part is that it’s ALL possible.

All you have to do is take action.


Apply for Carmen’s Business Mentoring Program