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Create Your Dream Year

Get clarity, certainty, and an *exact* process for manifesting your wildest dreams!

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Manifesting just got a whole lot easier.

If you’ve been dreaming of…

No matter what your far-out goals are – get ready to bring them to life!

Welcome to a new way of setting goals

Manifest your deepest desires with my Create Your Dream Year Challenge 2024

The ONLY Goal Setting Manifesting Course You’ll Ever Need to Design Your Year.

“After 5 days of multiple lightbulb moments and energy shifts, I ended up manifesting a £7k client while still working through the final day’s homework. This is just the beginning – I haven’t even finished the course yet!”

– Allie Grimston

“Year 2 for me! I’d forgotten how lovely it feels to do this course!  I had set some goals for this year, but was hitting resistant — so CYDY helped SO much!  It’s such a positive course, but we also acknowledge + address our shadow side, without being afraid of it — I LOVE that.”

– Cathy Milkey, Colorado USA

“I can’t remember the last time I genuinely felt this excited about my life.  I am so in love with this course! I’ve told my partner about it too — we’re going do it again together! “

– Iramaya Aslami, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hi Gorgeous Soul,

Ready to *actually* make manifestation and goal-setting work for you?

You may feel like it’s impossible right now. Maybe you’ve tried manifestation to no avail. Or you don’t even know where to start. But let me assure you… I’ve seen it, lived it, and done it. And I’ve helped hundreds of women like you reach goals they never thought possible.

With my proven 7-step Soul CraftTM Method, I’ve brought to life almost everything I’ve set my mind to…

From my dream cars to my dream businesses to my dream homes. I’ve been able to live full-time in exotic places like Australia, Maui, and Bali. I’ve even been able to attract *exact* items into my life – a concept many manifestation teachers say is not possible.

And maybe your dreams look different than mine – but with my proven process, you’ll learn how to take intentional action to live your own purpose and reach your own goals – on your terms.

So buckle up because all of your uncertainty is finally over. Seriously, this really works!

In my upcoming 5-day challenge, you’ll learn...

In just 5 days, I’ll teach you how to achieve your BIGGEST 2024 goals … even if you never thought they were possible.

The best part? This isn’t just about goal-setting. It’s about goal manifesting. Let’s materialize your dreams into existence so they’re not just swept under a rug.

Here’s how my coaching style is different…

And I’m 100% there for you every step of the way.

Hi beautiful,

I’m Carmen Marshall.

The woman behind the Soul CraftTM Method and Create Your Dream Year Challenge.

I’ll be your guide. And my mission is to show you what’s possible so you can create your most magical year.

You’re worthy of everything you want in life, and this is the year it all happens.

My company, Soul CraftTM, teaches exactly what I’ve done (and still do) for the past 20+ years to create my dream life. A life where I get to live around the world doing work that I love and have time to pursue my passions.

If you’re ready to join me and set goals guaranteed to come true this year – come spend 5 days with me and we’ll make it happen!

*The 5-Day Immersion Program is ON DEMAND — so you can go through as quickly or slowly as you want — with lifetime access to all future LIVE and recorded versions.

What You Get Inside the Create Your Dream Year Challenge

Plus you’ll have access to my 20+ years of experience using and perfecting the manifestation process. 

Are you ready to get instant access to all of this?

What Past Students Say About The Challenge

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been creating purposeful programs and working with soul-driven clients – and here’s what they have to say about Create You Dream Year.

“I’m so grateful I was encouraged to do CYDY because I had no idea what it would do for me.  I’m blown away by how deep you’re going. It’s all the things I care and think about, and have touched on with different teachers, but you have all the concepts in one place, and  explained in way that makes soo much more sense.”

- Kate McElvaine Dykema, Colorado USA

“I’ve got my manifestation mojo back!  I used the Soul Craft Manifesting Formula and manifested $21K for my business in one day!

– Leah Bosworth, Arizona, USA

“I just went through the Create Your Dream Year!  My manifestations are going “crazy” already! And I haven’t even completed all the exercises! I can’t wait to finish the modules and the workbooks and see what happens then. Thank you so much for this beautiful course Carmen!”

- Nathalie Fortin, Quebec, Canada

“I’d defined my goals before CYDY, but I didn’t truly believe in my ability to achieve them. This course made my goals stronger and clearer, and put them wider and deeper into my soul. I now understand how much you can accomplish with your subconscious, and how to harness it to achieve your goals. My goals are now captured on paper, but also anchored in my subconscious. And I finally believe that I can achieve my goals and dreams – wow.

– Wouter Wissink, Alphen, Netherlands

Prior to joining the program, I was skeptical about manifestation techniques and unsure if they would work for me. However, I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try. Wow, was I ever surprised!  CYDY gave me increased clarity, while also helping me shift limiting beliefs and aligned me more deeply with my vision. This increased my confidence and tapped me into a deeper sense of my purpose. One of my biggest AHA moments was learning how to enroll my subconscious mind, which allowed for transformation without extra effort. I now 100% believe in manifestation!

– Wee Wei Leow, Singapore

“I have been studying manifestation, NLP and how to change beliefs, but Carmen’s CYDY challenge brought everything together for me, and made it so easy to understand. Before, I felt like I had a lot of knowledge, but actually manifesting what I wanted was hit and miss. Now, with the pieces I’ve learned here and knowing how to personalize it for me specifically, I am a manifesting machine. Your 7 Step Process is Gold!

– Stoney Eskew, Littleton, USA

“Carmen is one of the most savvy, fun, and passionate women I have ever had the privilege to work with, and she has been one of the biggest influences in helping me become the best version of myself possible. Carmen’s genius has helped me move most beautifully and intentionally forward in my life and my business. This woman seriously ROCKS!

– Alicia Bettison, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA

“The idea of manifestation was not new to me, yet, my approach felt like not quite there, some pieces were missing. I was curious if I could find them in Carmen’s Create Your Dream Year program. Although, it was only over a period of 5 days, I was amazed how much additional information, meditations, affirmations, mantras, scripts of all truly magic value, I was able to experience.  Thanks to Carmen’s teaching method and the tools provided, I feel so much more empowered, confident, whole and ME.

– Claudia Rollersbroich, Riemst, Belgium

Get an Inside Peek at Our Five Days Together


How to Clear the Space:

Make Space for What You REALLY Want to Achieve

Cut energetic cords and release the past so you can move forward with intention.

Learn your biggest energetic blocks to manifesting so you can start to accomplish your goals in a powerful way.

Discover your Authentic Soul Code for easier decision-making and fully connect to who you are (without apology).

Understand + Enroll the Subconscious:

Goal Manifestation on the Subconscious Level

Activate your subconscious mind (the deeper “inner” mind that’s responsible for manifesting 95% of your reality).

Introduce your desires to your subconscious mind so it naturally jumps on board to propel your vision into effortless existence.

Master your self-hypnosis routine so you can visualize your goals in a deep state and let the universe take care of the rest.  



Decide What You Want + Set Potent Goals for 2024:

Get Clarity on What You Want

Determine what you want so you can create a vision so compelling you can’t help but manifest for the new year.

Let go of the how and step into my new approach so you can say goodbye to old goal-setting habits for good.

Become unapologetic and step into your power so you can be in control of what you truly want. 

How to Rewire + Clear Beliefs:

Uplevel Your Identity by Reframing Your Limiting or Conflicting Beliefs

Uncover conflicts such as fear and resistance and discover new self-worth to create your best authentic version.

Embody the desired version of yourself and uplevel your identity to achieve your most heartfelt desires.

Recognize how to honor conflicting beliefs that seemingly contradict each other so you can move forward with intention. 



How to Personalize the Manifestation Process:

Take Aligned Action

Learn how to customize manifesting to fit your own human design and speed up the process.

Strengthen your intuition to take aligned action so you can bring your goals and dreams into reality.

Use your newly strengthened intuition to understand your goals and always know the right action to take next.


Each day includes a 10-minute meditation or 10-minute self-hypnosis you can customize for your unique self so you can fully connect to your desires.


REAL TALK about what to do when you can’t seem to manifest. If you’re stuck on establishing what you want, listening to your intuition, and letting go of the ‘how’ – we’re covering all of this.

And because this is the second time I’m running this challenge, you can currently get it at this special pricing. The price goes up in 2025, so get in on this steal while you can.

Join today for only $497

As my student in this challenge, I promise you

The Create Your Dream Year Guarantee

A Proven Process

I teach you systems I’ve personally used to manifest my own desires and create my dream life.

Newly, Updated Info

I teach you everything new that I learn every year so you can implement it into your own life.

My Full Support

I give you my undivided attention and offer my care and support during our time together.

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Split Pay Option

Two payments of $275

So, if you're a soul-driven woman who's ready to FINALLY master manifestation – this LIVE challenge is for you. I'm ready to help you make quantum leaps toward your goals this (and every) year.


Absolutely!   The ON DEMAND version allows you go through everything at your own pace.  However, I do a LIVE 5-Day Challenge at least once a year, and by purchasing the ON DEMAND version, you also have access to all future LIVE Challenges and recordings, at no extra cost.  Once you’re in, you’re in!

Hey, busy person. I see you. If you’re ready to manifest your deep desires this year, I recommend trying your absolute best to go through the 5 Days in 5-7 days. That’s how you’ll reach your biggest dreams more quickly.  But, having said that, I purposely created this version as ON DEMAND so you can fit it into your life, in the way that works best for you.  

Day 1-4 recorded sessions are 60-75 minutes, including the Q&A session. Day 5 is just under 2 hours and contains the final content, brings everything together, and includes Q&A.  Each day has a workbook that you can go through at your own pace — both a quick version and a detailed version.  You will notice mini-manifestations from Day 1 as well as an energetic and mindset shift.  Once you complete CYDY you will have completely re-designed your life and have a plan to continue to do so year after year.

Great question! A challenge pushes you outside of your comfort zone to ensure you get fast results. This powerful 5-day challenge is guaranteed to leave you with a blueprint to come back to every single year. Plus, you’ll learn how to manifest in less than a week, so you can start creating your dream year right away.

This is a huuuge benefit. Join once and get access to the on-demand as well as the LIVE challenge for as long as I continue to run this program. And the challenge gets better each year as I grow and learn new, cutting-edge concepts. Now you’ll have an exact plan to come back to every New Year and manifest your wildest dreams. This challenge is literally something you’ll have access to for life!

Yes! The price is going up for CYDY Live 2025, so now’s the time to get in on the ON DEMAND 3 Day Sale. Since you have access to this LIVE every year, once you pay the $497, the value increases every year you join live. Simply a no-brainer!

I combine the practical and the spiritual to get your subconscious on board. Most programs do one or the other, but you need both to get the most aligned results. Manifesting is not all magic, it takes practical action backed by science, and that’s when it works!

“Carmen went right to the heart of my blockages, and she gave me the exact tools to implement into my daily routine. Her way of being is heart-centered, encouraging + empathetic, yet with clear constructive advice and inspirational examples from her own experience.

If you want to create real change, get out of your own way, and learn how to manifest your dreams, I highly recommend working with Carmen.”

– Sigrun Krueger, BERLIN, GERMANY

In just 5 hours with me – you’ll have an exact, aligned action plan for reaching your goals. A plan that combines the practical and the spiritual, enrolls your subconscious, and is customized to your way of manifesting.

Let’s make reaching your goals inevitable. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Create your dream year 2024
On Demand

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