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The State Of Non-Resistance + The Power Of Love

This week’s video blog is really an explanation in response to all of those questions into 1. It’s a little longer this week, but really worth your time (I hope!). When we are in stressful or frustrating situations, we tend to become really resistant to EVERYTHING in life. So, we need to consciously practice being in a state of non-resistance. And then take it one step further, and be in a loving state.

Today, I’m talking to you about my personal experiences and ways I’ve put this into practice.

When we shift inside, magic happens around us (tweet it!)

How To Shake A Bad Mood

Hello beautiful Create A Life You Love™ friends! I've wanted to shake things up a bit with my blog and really find a way to give you more value, without the internet noise (you know what I'm talking about, right?) So, you'll see more short, video snippets from me with...

Do You Know What Most Centers and Grounds You?

I’ve been thinking about and savoring 2013 before we head in 2014, and distilling the absolute core of Create A Life You Love.   These are some of the questions I’ve been asking:  What are my non-negotiable practices, that most ground and center me? ...

Life Coaching Meets the Wellness Industry

  Want to learn the principles & practices every successful Wellness or Fitness Professional knows & uses?  Ever wished you could spend in-depth, intimate time with Wellness Professionals who walk their talk and have hugely successful health empires,...

Healing Lessons from a Healing Retreat

  I just returned from ten days of utter bliss at the healing oasis Sanoviv. Grateful.  Zenned Out.  Uber healthy.  Relaxed. For the first five days, 24 of our coaches and I detoxed, learned and relaxed during our Wellness and Business Training...

Surviving The Holiday Season – Part 2

Here it is!  “Surviving the Holiday Season - Part 2" - strategies that I’ve used both personally and with clients over the years.  As always, I love to read your comments below the blog as to what is helping you personally…AND, I would love to hear YOUR...

Surviving the Holiday Season – Part 1

The Holiday Season can bring up feelings of both excitement and dread as we think about how we're going to navigate the next month. So... what if this year was different than any other year - what if you not only survived December 2011, but THRIVED? What...

Healthy Holiday Treats!

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, scrumptious holiday deserts and drinks accost us everywhere - Starbucks, grocery stores and even Whole Foods. I'm a big believer in "filling the void," or in other words, finding something healthy and yummy to take...

The Power of Dance, Joy and What Moves YOU!

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” –Friedrich Nietzsche This commercial was shot at the Liverpool Street Subway Station in London on Jan 15, 2009.  Only the dancers knew what was happening; the general public didn't...

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