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Do you know how to get into a state of non-resistance to help you Soul Craft™ a Life You Love?

Thank you so much for all of your comments in last week’s video on my blog and YouTube (watch: “How To Shake A Bad Mood”).

When we are in stressful or frustrating situations, we tend to become really resistant to EVERYTHING in life. Thus, making manifesting, creating, and living the life we want to seem like it’s not working or that it’s more difficult than it should be. So, we need to consciously practice being in a state of non-resistance. And then take it one step further, and be in a loving state.

This week’s video blog is really an explanation in response to all of those questions into 1 solution or strategy to try. It’s a little longer this week, but really worth your time (I hope!).


How do you know if you are in a resistant state?

  1. If things aren’t flowing
  2. If you’re irritable, tense, mad at different people
  3. If you’re not happy

Today, I’m talking to you about my personal experiences and ways I’ve put this strategy into practice, and then, what happens when you do. It’s truly amazing because when we are able to shift inside – shift our mood, vibration, and energy – magic happens.


“When we shift inside, magic happens around us”(tweet it!)


Watch now to learn more about this concept and exactly how to get into a in a non-resistant state to help you Soul Craft™ a Life You Love.


The State Of Non-Resistance and The Power Of Love


I’d love to hear from you! How has this strategy worked for you? And if you’ve never tried it, is there a situation going on that you can apply it to right now in your life? Comment below :-)

Lots of love,


Carmen xo


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