I’m a huge fan of podcasts.

Living in Maui, I drive a lot to go anywhere, so podcasts are a great way for me to maximize the time to learn.
Podcasts are succinct and to the point, whereas audio books can take a long time building creditably and a case for their subject. I also love contrast, so podcasts that interview a variety of people gives me access to different topics – business, lifestyle, health and spiritually – so that I’m consistently exposing myself to new ideas.
Want the low-down on some great ones?

Here are my personal favorite podcasts for 2018:




SuperSoul Conversations


This by far, is my favorite podcast. Oprah of course is a master interviewer and has deeply interesting and diverse guests. Her questions are direct and soulful, and she tackles controversial topics with both determination and grace.

I feel like I am participating in the soul-zeitgeist of the world when I listen to Oprah’s podcasts – and I always leave a 30-min session feeling more inspired, compassionate and open-minded.

Favorite Episodes: Geneen Roth: Conscious Eating AND Dr. Maya Angelou Part 1 + 2



The Marie Forleo Podcast

While I like Marie’s 5 minute podcasts (the audio version of her weekly videos), I prioritize her full length interviews. I really enjoy who she chooses to interview and learn as much from the spontaneous dialogue between Marie and the guest, as I do from the guest’s responses. More of Marie’s personal stories and views on business and life seem to come out when she does long interviews. And, I prefer the slightly more serious side to her, yet still enthusiastic and positive, when she interviews.
I almost never miss a full interview podcast (they only come out once very 2 months or so).
Favorite Episode: Cheryl Strayed: How To Become a Writer & Advice Every Creative Needs to Hear



The Tim Ferris Show


When I want something fast-paced and focused on cutting edge modalities and techniques – Tim is my go-to. I get a TON of ideas that are super easy to implement right away.
Sidenote: Have you read Tim’s classic 4 Hour Work Week? It’s ten years old and still as relevant and life-changing as when it first came out.
His style is clear and concise and includes what worked, as well as what didn’t – so you feel like you’ve done the experiment / research yourself. I listen to him about once every 2 weeks when I’m in the mood for a snappy podcast. Then I balance it out with the more soul-ful Oprah, or Marie…and then in about 2 weeks I’m craving Tim’s podcasts again.
Another Sidenote: After a few podcasts, the repetition of the brands he recommends can be time consuming (though interesting the first time you hear them) – so just fast forward through any you’ve heard before.
Favorite Episode: The Answers to My Favorite Questions (12/3/18) AND The 4-Hour Workweek Revisited (2/2/18)



Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

I only started listening to Amy about 4 months ago – but I’ve really enjoyed her podcasts b/c they get into the nitty gritty of online marketing – webinars, course creation, FB Ads etc. While Marie is more about big picture personal development and business life advice, Amy is very detailed about the specifics – what platform, what shopping cart, what merchant processor etc. Her style is also very clear and concise with lots of actionable tips.

Favorite Episode: #200 Ten Online Marketers Share Their Zig Stories



The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony only recently started this podcast series – so I’ve only listened to two. But as always, they are filled with great personal development and business acumen – whatever Tony puts out I always get a tonne of value from. He has access to some of the top names in the business world – so it’s fascinating to listen to his interviews.
Favorite Episode so far: 2/28/18 How crowdsourcing can ignite your business – Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin on fueling massive innovation
I hope you enjoy the above! 2017 was my year for audio books, but podcasts are definitely my “2018 thing”.

Over To You


  • What are your favorite podcasts?
  • Do you have any favorites for health or Amazon businesses (those are the 2 I’m currently looking for).
  • If not podcasts, what is your favorite way to keep learning?

Share any thoughts below – I personally read every single comment and always respond – I love to hear.
Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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