5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System – Part 1

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How do I strengthen my immune system, quickly?


Even with COVID restrictions relaxing around the world, there is still so much talk about social distancing and masks — and very little talk (if any) about strengthening our immune system. 


Crazy, eh?


Our bodies are our BEST protection system, bar none.  So let’s talk about what we can each do to boost our immune systems right now, and long after COVID.


Note:  Everything I am sharing today is what I personally do and will boost your immune system quickly NOW and for the future.


1. Up Your Nutrition


This is a GREAT time to review our nutrition — we literally are what we eat.  And it’s easy to let this go when we feel stressed or are at home with a fridge nearby all day.  I find that reviewing ‘what is a healthier diet’ inspires me to stay on track with my nutrition — maybe you too?

Eat whole, minimally processed foods, including low-glycemic carbs (think quinoa instead of white rice), healthy proteins (wild-caught, hormone-free or plant based — depending on whether you eat meat or not) and good fats (nuts, seeds, goat cheese, olive oil + coconut oil). 


Eat more vegetables (raw when you can for extra enzymes) and less meat.


Nix additives, anything artificial and sugar.
Minimize alcohol, caffeine and drink lots of water and herbal teas.
Know yourself — for example, I don’t do well with most grains (quinoa is fine) or sugar – so I stay away from them. The momentary yumminess of eating a chocolate cookie is  not worth how I feel the whole next day — and over the years, how I FEEL the next day has become much more important than how I feel in the moment. However….


Don’t deprive yourself — replace.


Buy or make healthy chocolate, sparkling water with lime, chai tea, coconut macaroons, coconut ice cream, home made, non-flour naturally sweetened cookies — all are amazing replacements for the non-healthy versions so you never feel like you’re on a diet or are depriving yourself.

Action Step:  What is ONE nutrition change you could make from above that would make all the difference for you and your immune system?


2. De-stress


One of the side effects of these crazy-COVID times is higher level of stress for everyone —  especially because of the non-stop mainstream media reporting.

So…first of all, stop watching (or minimize) the mainstream news!  It is all doom and gloom and sensationalism to get you to click — and most of it isn’t even true or has been spun to get you to think and feel a certain way — to be SCARED.

In the beginning, I wanted to know what was happening (especially because Peter and I have family and clients around the world), but after about 3 weeks, I stopped watching and reading mainstream news because it made me feel stressed, anxious…and it wasn’t even accurate reporting.

The USA mainstream media’s biggest funders are pharmaceutical companies — that want you be SCARED. Don’t let your health, mindset and freedom be dictated to you by companies who have a vested interest in you being in a continual state of fear.

I’m going to leave that there as it’s a big topic — but if you find you need to watch mainstream news for any reason — balance it out with things that will restore your nervous system. Which are…


My Favorite Ways To De-Stress


    Stress just melts away when you do this — lately it’s become one of my favorite things to do when I want to destress. Grab a book, convince your partner to come in with you, (they’ll get addicted quickly) and buy Epsom Salts (detoxifying, relaxing and energizing all at once). This is one habit I’m going to continue long after COVID.

  • GET OUTSIDE (as much as you can)
    This can be hard if your country still has strict lockdown restrictions, but at least put your head outside a window or door (if you can) to feel the sun and breath the air. One of the worst things we can be doing right now, is locking people up inside, shutting down beaches and national parks — as nature is one of our best healers.
    Sun, air, the earth — we NEED these to keep our immune system strong. Australia just started relaxing their rules 2.5 weeks ago, so Peter and I are now doing a “sunset” walk around the neighborhood most nights — another great habit that has come out of COVID.

    One of the best things that came from COVID is that it “forced” me to start teaching my SoulFit Dance classes on line! Something I’ve been wanting to do for years… and probably would have taken me another few years to start. Doing what we love directly impacts our morale, vibration, fitness, energy AND immune system — it helps everything.
    We’ve all had more time to remember what is most important to us and what gives us the most joy — and hopefully we will all carry this beyond COVID as well — me too.

What have you re-discovered that you love and spent more time doing?

For me, reading psychological crime books (for some reason I love that genre), doing puzzles, laughing A LOT with Peter, finding great shows to watch together on Netflix/Apple TV, taking online courses I’ve wanted to do for a long time, cooking (or uncooking / raw in my case) — are all things that bring me joy and that I tried to do MORE during this time.

Final thoughts – Your immune system “eavesdrops” on your thoughts and your feelings — that’s why how we feel and what we think is so important. Feeling good, feeling hopeful, positive — are all things that strengthen your immune system. The opposite — worry, stress, concern, fear — deplete the immune system.
And remember, we are more easily controlled when we are fearful — do not let anyone keep you in a fearful state. Keep using your common sense and if something isn’t feeling right — it probably isn’t.


Remove what you can that is causing stress, and add things in to crowd out the worry.


Action Step: What do you love doing and how can you do it more right now?


3. Move, Move, Move!


Movement and exercise are some of the best ways to feel good — which again, improves our immune system emotionally, and physically.  For me, exercise is non-negotiable as it helps me be a better everything — entrepreneur, partner, coach and friend.  It helps keep my body, mind and emotions fit — which helps everything flow better — our resource-fullness, creativity and mood.


But what can you do during these times — especially if you can’t go outside, or go to a gym?    


Online fitness classes have been the answer for me — my favorites are:  Les Mills On Demand (BodyPump – weights), teaching SoulFit Dance (of course!) and stretching / yoga (with my friends who teach online).

I LOVE Les Mills On Demand because there are so many options for classes (BodyCombat, BodyBalance, BodyJam) and they’re all set to great music (pre-requisite for me :)

And of course SoulFit Dance has been the biggest gift — not only because it’s allowed me to dance around the world with YOU in our living rooms — but also to CONNECT after class on Zoom.  This created a new, international community that I never even imagined possible. 


Want to come join us?  I have a pay-what-you-can format right now — so even if your budget is tight, don’t let that stop you from dancing with us!   


Think you can’t dance?  Just 3-5 online classes with us, and you WILL be able to – I PROMISE.

All details here including how to register and a SoulFit Dance Video so you can see what we get up to.

Action Step:  Register for a SoulFit Dance Class — I would LOVE to dance with you and have you part of the SF Dance Community!


4. Add In the Right Supplements


I’m a huge advocate of whole food, natural foods and raw food, but I’m also a huge fan of proper supplementation.    

One thing I know for sure is that the right supplements, in addition to a great diet, make all the difference to your health, immune system and anti-aging. 

The supplements that I recommend to all my clients and for all my programs, I’ve personally been taking for 20+ years.  I’m 48 years old now, and I’ve been sick a maximum of 3-4 times (flu or cold) in the past 20+ years, for real.  Why so few times?  A strong immune system stops you from getting sick as often as most people do, and when you do get sick, you recover more quickly.   

I know beyond a doubt from my own experience, and my clients, that diet and the right supplements are crucial for your health, immune system and anti-aging.


What do I recommend to all my clients as a minimum?


Depending on your budget, the Cellsentials (multi-vitamin) OR Health Pak100 (am + pm packettes that include the Cellsentials and other important supplements).

I also recommend everyone take 2-4 Proflavanol C100’s per day, especially right now when we want our immune system to be even stronger.  In combination with the Cellsentials OR the HealthPak, PC100 (grapeseed extract + Vitamin C) will boost your immune system quickly and effectively.

See my blog about the massive benefits of Proflavanol C100 written 10 years ago — still my most popular blog to date as it addresses how we can naturally and effectively boost our immune system —  something that is so important at anytime, but especially now.

And if you have not been getting a lot of sun lately, Vitamin D is a great optimizer to consider adding, as it also helps boost the immune system.


In short:

Cellsentials + PC100 + Vid D  OR HealthPak100 + PC100 + Vid D


Why do I recommend USANA Supplements?


USANA is a 28+ year old science-based, R&D company (not a marketing company) that specializes in cellular health and cell signaling.  Their premise is simple — focus on getting the body’s cells healthy…and our cells will take care of our body, as they are designed to.  Prevention is key and natural is best.  USANA has never had a product recalled, or a lawsuit against a product (this is unheard of in the supplement industry) and have been consistently ranked #1 by 3rd party studies, for completeness, absorption, potency, purity and safety. 


And they work :)


For more information and to order any of the products above, click on any of my links above or here to create your own free account to get 10% off retail (for one time orders) or 20% off retail (for ongoing orders).  You can edit your cart as desired (add more or take away products), and still get the same discount using my distributor link.

If you have any questions about any USANA supplements that you would like to ask me directly, please email me at info@carmenmarshall.com at any time.


Part 2 Coming Next Week! #5 – Get Better Sleep! This one is a bigger topic that needs its own blog, so I’ll see you back here to share 10 Zzz Sleep Strategies that will make all the difference to your sleep, energy and immune system.


Each of these ways will help you boost your immune system quickly now — but also way after COVID.  Our immune system is so important, and so worth it.


Over to you:


  • Which of the 4 ways to boost your immune system do you want to start implementing into, or do more of?
  • What have you discovered during COVID that was GOOD, that you want to keep doing? ie. a forgotten passion, new habit or new way of thinking?
  • What has helped your mindset or your immune system the most during COVID?


As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterwards — your comments help and inspire others and I love interacting with all of you.


Lots of love,

Carmen xo


PS: If you found this blog helpful, please share the love – shareable icons are on the left. :-)

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