What helps create balance in your life? A sense of grounding and center for you personally?

When we do certain actions, eat certain foods, take time for ourselves, give to others, experience life in the present moment (rather than worrying about the past or the future), or do something that we love…we can center and ground ourselves on even the busiest day.
Over the past month I have started noticing what helps me feel more centered (or less), and on the days that I feel scattered, I purposely do at least one thing that helps “pull me into my center.” Using your own inner wisdom (the answers are always in you), let’s look at what grounds you.  I’ll give you some examples to help your ideas start flowing…

What do you love doing with friends or family that centers you?  An example might be preparing a meal and sitting down and eating together.  I have found that preparing food with friends/family with my HANDS is very grounding for me.  Which is the perfect segue for the next question…

What foods ground you? For me, I always eat a large green salad (kale, spinach, romaine) everyday as I have found that “green” foods balance my brain and my mood.  And who knew that spinach and or romaine lettuce taste great in USANA Nutrimeal shakes?! Look out for Live Well “Green Food” recipes coming soon.

What places ground you? Personally, as soon I enter a bookstore, like The Tattered Cover, I feel centered, grounded and “at home.”  Palm trees and beaches also ground me immediately.

What personal “rituals” center you? Lighting candles at night, playing a personally designed “iTunes playlist,” meditating or just sitting in silence a couple of times a day (am and pm) can all be extremely centering.

What can you let go of that definitely DOESN’t ground you?  Saying yes to everything (just say no), being constantly busy, stressing, procrastinating (saps energy) etc.  I personally had to practice saying no to taking on more things in my life…but wow did it pay off.

What TWO other things ground you personally? Often, what grounds us personally are the simplest things that are unique to us (laying on the floor grounds me immediately).


Discover the many things that center you and incorporate at least one thing into your daily life.  Know yourself and take charge of your life.  Every day is your own, create life… make each day a yummy, precious day.

Be Happy… Be Vibrant….


Carmen xo

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