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Want to know the secrets of how to have a successful business and hugely fulfilling life, working for yourself?

Having your own business is the ONLY way to go (in my opinion), as it can set you financially free and put you in charge of your own life.  And yet, it takes something to be a business owner AND to create a life you love. 

Laurie and I co-hosted our Life Coaching for the Self-Employed course last year and absolutely LOVED our in-depth, interactive time with everyone.  Due to popular demand – we’ve decided to do the 4-wk series again.  Why?  To build upon what you learned last year, take NEW people through this amazing methodology (that I LOVE), and to share everything that we’ve learned  in our businesses over the past year that have allowed us to expand in important and necessary ways.  In other words, all our tips, strategies and techniques – old and new –  for creating a business and a lifestyle YOU love. 

So what happened for us during this past year that makes us want to share more HOW’s with you?  

Well, Laurie (and her wonderful husband Will) landed a new TV show on A&E, that she also got to promote on The Dr. Phil Show (AMAZING!!).  Laurie also recently completely re-defined her role in her business for greater fulfillment and happiness.  As for me, I went on a global relocation experiment, increased my income by over 30% from the previous year, while living in Bali and Hawaii doing what I LOVE for work and play, and most importantly, completely re-orientated my life around what most inspires me.

And it’s our personal mission to help YOU create more of the exact same thing – successful businesses, wealth, freedom, balance and fulfillment in your life. 

Why are we so passionate about this?  Because more people (YOU) deserve to be uber successful, financially free, HAPPY and to have more time and money to fulfill your passions and purpose on this earth.  So Laurie and I are going to share everything we’ve got on this topic…distilled into 4 weeks! 

I know from personal experience the ups and the downs, the self-doubt, the joy, the search for authenticity and life balance…and everything in between that happens on your way to becoming a successful business owner and creating a life you love.  And we want you to know that you CAN do both.  And exactly HOW to do it.  It all starts with dreaming big enough…and then knowing exactly how to manifest that dream…through a combination of BEING and DOING.  There IS a formula…and it works.

Here’s all the details:

Note:  All calls will be recorded and available to those who sign up in advance.

Being self-employed takes an unusual amount of mojo and courage EVERY DAY!  How’s yours?  Do you wake up each day inspired to grow your business, with a clear plan of action, desire and integrity to stick to that plan?  If not, let Carmen and Laurie teach you the basic tools for fulfilling any heartfelt dream. We’ve boiled down our in-depth method (tested on thousands of small business owners) to a four-hour, interactive course.  

Through 4 live one-hour teleseminars, social network interactions and targeted assignments, we will teach you how to bust through your own excuses, help others (like your co-worker and even family and friends) do the same, and finally be responsible for your own happiness and success.

Laurie Gerber, Executive and Senior Coach at Handel Group® Life Coaching and Business and Lifestyle Expert Carmen Marshall will re-mojo your world with methods, exercises, insightful coaching and personal case studies.  

This teleseries will cover:

  • How to dream big and design your career/business to flourish.
  • How to deal with rejection powerfully.
  • The power of a promise and how to get yourself to do anything.
  • How to bust your excuses and see the inner voices that scare and defeat you for what they are.
  • How to connect with, live, sell and teach from your purpose.

Special Guest Coach Carmen Marshall has been self-employed for 16 years, and is one of the top business, health & lifestyle professionals in the industry.  Having built 3 successful businesses and two international companies that put her in the top 1% of income earners in the US, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face and what is required for both business and life success.

An active entrepreneur and health aficionado who walks her talk, Carmen is the founder of the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge, a 30-Day Nutrition Program, Soul Craft Retreats, and Live Well International, a business and lifestyle training company.  Carmen is also a writer, speaker, live food lover and Zumba® teacher.  She currently lives in Miami-Bali-Australia — one of her dreams come true – to live in warm, ocean based environments that inspire her daily.

4 Weeks starting Thursday, Nov 7, 2013
7-8pm MT, 9-10 pm ET
Laurie Gerber + Carmen Marshall
Price: $120 (crazy inexpensive!)

Here are the dates of our four calls:

  1. Thurs 11/07/13, 7:00 pm MT, 9:00 pm ET
  2. Thurs 11/14/13, 7:00 pm MT, 9:00 pm ET
  3. Thurs 11/21/13, 7:00 pm MT, 9:00 pm ET
  4. Thurs 12/05/13, 7:00 pm MT, 9:00 pm ET

Each call will last one hour.  Register asap so your assignments can be emailed to you.



You must attend at least two of the four sessions live because the calls are designed to be interactive and include Q & A.  International Clients who can’t make the calls b/c of time zone challenges are exempt – but if you can get on live for at least 1 or more of the calls, please do!  All calls will be recorded and available to those who sign up in advance.  The entire fee for this teleseminar series is non-refundable from the date of purchase.

Looking forward to working with you personally during the tele-series! 

Be Happy, Be Vibrant,


Carmen xo

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