Making Soulful and Smart Decisions by Carmen Marshall


Is there an area in your life that you can’t quite figure out?

Are you running a zillion scenarios around in your mind and stressing yourself out? And, instead of finding answers, are you only succeeding in winding yourself up and creating a whole bunch of RESISTANCE in your life?

That’s so me. I can completely WIND myself up :))

So… I’ve been hugely missing the ocean and being IN nature. Returning from Bali this time around was a massive adjustment.  While at one stage in my life, I really, really wanted this gorgeous, modern, high-rise condo overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami, now that I’ve manifested it, I’ve been plagued by the the tormenting thought – do I still WANT it and is it me?

Ahh…life :-) Stay tuned for more insights on this BIG topic: What happens when you manifest what you “want”, but then you might not want it anymore?

So, I’ve been thinking – should I sell my place? Should I rent it out when I return to Bali for 7 months in January? Should I sell everything and be a nomad again? (YES – that idea HAS actually crossed my mind :)

With all these thoughts ricocheting around in my head for the past 4 weeks, I suddenly realized this morning: I don’t actually know anything about selling or renting my place, the potential financial gains or losses, so how in the world can I make an educated decision on what I should do?

I promptly emailed my wonderful real estate agent Melanie and said, “This what I’m thinking. What are my options? What’s the market like for selling, buying and renting? What’s your professional AND personal opinion?”

After researching for an hour, Melanie called me back and gave me the low down on the the best time to sell and why, what my options were for renting my place, for re-buying or renting another place on the beach and, of course, shared some even better ideas knowing some of my life dreams.

Duh. I could have saved myself 4 weeks of unnecessary stress.


Moral of the story?

soulful decisions
1. Nix trying to figure it out all by yourself. Clarity never comes from stressing solo.Or stressing period.


2. Call a professional and get educated. This is so relevant for anything like purchasing property, business endeavors, a divorce or any large decision where money and legalities are involved. GET THE FACTS FIRST. Just “knowing the terrain” takes away so much uncertainty, mystery and concern. Knowledge is {EM} POWER {ING}. You’ll be able to make a better decision, with more options available than you probably imagined.


3. Talk with someone close to you and ask for advice and ideas. A prerequisite? He or she must be someone who champions you and your life dreams. If the “professional expert” knows you personally, even better. Melanie did, so she could advise me on what she thought could be good for my personality, lifestyle and dreams.

Decisions are best made when we involve our heart AND our mind. Our heart will always win out of course (and should), but we have a head for a reason. It’s there to HELP to guide our heart for soulful-and-smart decisions. They’re not mutually exclusive.

So what am I going to do? Am I going to sell my place? Am I going to become a gypsy again? :)

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I feel 1000’x better knowing all my options. With this empowering knowledge, I now know that I can put my house on the market when I return to Bali in January (the ideal time to sell in Miami) and if it doesn’t sell, or command the price I want, I can rent it out. If it sells, great, if not, that’s fine too. AND, thanks to my chat with Melanie, I also know my options for re-buying or renting on the beach in Miami (perhaps a good idea for a gypsy girl still exploring the world).

And this clarity all came from reaching out to get the facts.


Knowing your options allows you to create space for a soul-ful + smart decisions. Then let the universe and life do it’s magic. (tweet it!)


Now I can relax, knowing I have a soulful, smart and flexible “plan” in place — and see what opens up.


Action Steps:

1. What’s one thing you’re stressing about?

2. Who can you call for professional and personal advice?

3. After getting their advice – what soulful-and-smart plan could you put in place…and then trust that life will guide you by showing you the most ease-ful and feels-right option?

As always, I love to hear what you think, your comments, questions, and how this is working for you. Share here or below in the comments!

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Big hug, big love,


Carmen xo

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