How to Reach your Goals (finally!)

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You’ve probably heard that 92% of New Year Resolutions fail. Crazy eh?
I think a lot this is because we get caught up in the excitement of the first week, set too many goals that we can’t possibly achieve, and then the busy-ness of our every day life takes over…

…and we completely forget about all our amazing intentions.

How can you change that this year?
Asking good questions is something I learned from Tony Robbins years ago and it’s made all the difference in my both my business and life. Taking this idea and combining it with a yearly goals process has completely changed my results, and how I feel the entire year – and made goal setting more effective and relevant.

My simple 2-Step Process of setting yearly goals:

1. Set your intentions when you normally would – around New Year’s Day. (I LOVE doing mine during the “secret week”* between Christmas and the New Year).
2. During the second or third week in January (when we start to get busy and forget about our goals), revisit your intentions with 8 EASY questions – all designed to summarize, simplify and soul-ify your goals.
The questions keep me on track because focus me on what’s most important…in the most important areas of life. The 8 questions are based on my Soul Craft™ Life Design Areas that we explore on my 8 Day Retreats.
(Included below is a sneak peak at the areas – so the yearly questions make sense and are easy for you to do now, even if you haven’t set your overall intentions yet.)

8 Life Design Areas + Yearly Questions

Estimated Time To Do: 10 -20 min
Estimated Benefit: Unlimited


Health + Wellness

What are my non-negotiable for my health and wellness this year?

Business + Wealth

What impact do I want to have with my business?  What value do I want to provide?  And as a result, what do I want to make (income) and what do I want to save (wealth)?

Passions + Creativity

What passion or creative dream will I start this year, and when?


Who do I want to spend more time with this year, and how?

Lifestyle + Adventure

Where do I want to travel and why?

Personal Developement + Spirituality

What area of growth, that if I did, would impact my life positively, and when will I do it? (extra points if it’s something that scares you).

Do The Crazy Thing

What “Do The Crazy Thing” do I want to do this year?

My Purpose

How do I want to embody and live my purpose more this year?


What are my 3 Banner Words for 2018? (Mine are EASE + JOY + GROWTH.)
Feel free to custom tailor your own questions, do 4 instead of 8, keep or change every year – whatever resonates and is most helpful for you. The idea is to take an important area in your life, and then ask yourself a soul-ful question about that area that will help you go deeper, while at the same time simplifying and anchoring you to what is most important, to you.

Why this works:

By the 2nd or 3rd week in January, most people have given up and gone back to old habits. So, by asking yourself good questions, during this pivotal time, you naturally re-anchor and re-commit. Every time you do this, you create stronger neuro-pathways, belief and ability to achieve you goals.
Also, each question represents a different aspect of a well-lived life – which brings a more soul-ful quality to your goals. Your subconscious recognizes that the question and answer are both important to you – re-confirming their significance and strengthening your why.

Motivation gets you started. Staying connected to what is most important to you, and the life you want to create – keeps you going.

TIP: I answer the questions in Evernote and then also put them in my Day Planner (2 places I tend to look most days).
So, are you game to try a different way of goal-setting this year?
*”Secret Week” – the time between Christmas and New Year’s when you can enjoy quieter downtime, coined by dear friend Leah Bosworth, Owner of Iron Wood Yoga Studios and Yoga Teacher at our Soul Craft™ Retreat Tulum.

Over to You

Which questions above do you love? Do you have any other favorite yearly questions? What are some of your best ways to achieve New Year’s Resolutions?
If you’re up for it, share your responses to the 8 questions here – your answers will inspire and give ideas to other. I personally read every single comment and and always respond – I love to hear.
Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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