Wow…this is longest time I’ve gone without writing a post in ages.  I’m alive and kickn’….I’ve just been MIA in the most intense, busy…AND most magical periods of manifestation in my life.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve dreamed of living an “intercontinental lifestyle” with homes in different countries while learning and experiencing life.  And as part of my work/purpose, sharing everything I was learning to help others.  With my client and my friends – YOU! many of you know…I’m moving to Maui-Bali-Europe in 2.5 weeks.   Yippee!  There is a whole story of how it literally just flowed in.  It’s goose bumpy thrilling.  And I’ll share all of it with you soon because I want you to be able to do the same in your life.  I want you to vision and manifest your dream existence.

What can expect coming down the line?  Videos, tele-seminars and RETREATS about manifestation and living a yummy, juicy life.  A life that YOU get to completely design.  Everything I’ve learned in my life up until now, and what I’ll continue to learn. This next year is going to be a creative, expansive and SHARING year.  And I can’t wait to start the journey with you from around the world.  

In the meantime…I want to share everything that has got me to THIS point, so that that you can use everything I’ve used in both my business and personal life.  They all serve as a wonderful foundation.

1.  Get Business Savvy

Want to take more of your business online, so you can travel more, have more free time and flexibility?   Want an intercontinental lifestyle? 

Marie Forleo’s B-School is what utterly changed the direction of my business.  She is part of the business reason I can now live where ever I want, with my business 95% online.  She’s not cheap, but neither is anything worthwhile.  Invest in yourself, invest in quality, and you’ll get quality back.  You, your business and your dream life are worth it. 

B-School Registration is closing soon, so register HERE.  When you register with my link, you will also receive a 1×1 coaching session with me 1/2 way through the program.  Full access to ask any and all questions on I personally implanted Marie’s sage training.

Marie only does B-School once a year (she’s a SMART cookie…watch & learn from everything she does), so don’t miss out on propelling your business forward THIS year.

2.  Get Life-Coached

The Handel Group, as you know, is my absolutely favorite life-coaching company. They ROCK.  They get underneath all the stuff in your head that is stopping you from living the life you want.  They’re revolutionary, insightful, compassionate…AND they won’t let you get away with any BS.   i.e. all the excuses you tell yourself as to why you can’t have the life you want.

I highly, highly recommend getting your own personal Life Coach with the Handel Group, or attending their weekend Life Coaching Crash Course (I’ve done both and continue to do my own life coaching with the Handel Group).  Both are life-changing.

I also co-host 4 week tele-series (about 1-2 per year) with Laurie Gerber, President of the Handel Group, such as Life Coaching for the Self-Employed or Life Coaching for Wellness Professionals.  Subscribe to my list to get updates of any tele-series I will be doing this year.

3.  Get Residual Income

If you don’t have residual income, or another income stream besides your job, you need one!  In order to live the life of your dreams, fulfill your purpose and make a difference in the world, you need to have recurring income, time flexibility and be doing something you love. 9-5 jobs are never going to create the financial and time freedom you need to create your dream life.  Go to the top of my website and sign up for my free download, “The Top 5 Mistakes Women Make – And How To Fix Them”.  

Then, if my article resonates with you, fill out the form on the “Work with Carmen” tab and we’ll set up an interview over the phone to see if there is a fit for your life goals and my business model.

4.  Get Healthy

I believe in vibration.  On all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.  I also believe that we need to be physically healthy and vibrant for manifestation tohappen more easily.  If you feel like crap, have low energy, your clothes are too tight, you’re not feeling like your best self.  And easeful manifestation needs you to feel GREAT.  

If you want a program that coaches you on how I personally eat, with me in your “back pocket” – do my 30 day online SexyFit Nutrition Challenge.  It’s fun, uber informative and supportive…and is part of what allows manifestation to more easily happen.  YOU feeling great in your own body.  You being educated on how be your most healthy, vibrant self. 

5.  Fill your mind with good “stuff”

Instead of reading  the newspaper, news (can you believe how morbid and depressing it?), commit to reading something that expands and uplifts you for 10 min per day, before you go to sleep.  Click here for ALL my favorite books.  My top five:   Think & Grow Rich, The Passion Test, Ask & It’s Given, The Big Leap and Powerful & Feminine.  

Your ACTION Plan:  

Commit to doing 1-2 things in the list above, right now.  Choose the 1-2 that resonate with you the MOST.  You’ll know.  Which ever you choose to do, I’ll personally be with you on ANY choice…coaching and supporting you.  

See you on one of the above – it will be your FOUNDATION for Creating Your Amazing Life.  Then…more to come soon during my year of experiencing, expansion, creating and sharing everything with you!

Here’s to your standing on the Threshold of your dream….


Carmen xo

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