What If You Can’t Seem To Find Your Purpose?

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When I finally found my purposes, (yes, purposes with an “s”), I felt such a profound sense a relief.  My whole body exhaled the biggest sigh that it had probably been holding onto for 20 years.  I walked around on Cloud 9 the whole day (Eek!  I know my purpose!).   

I also felt grounded – knowing that every morning I could remind myself why I was here and design my day based on what was most important to me.  I had found the framework and meaning for my whole life – for my business, relationships, passions and my BEING.

I want to stress though that when I “found” them, they weren’t perfectly stated.  Far from it.  OMG, far from it :)  They were just rough rocks that still needed to be refined with soulful words.  And this will come in time – I’ll explain how in an upcoming blog.

But what if you haven’t even found the “essence” of your purpose (that makes you cry) after doing my purpose exercise from last week’s blog?

I think this will help you…

Often times we are so cut off from our emotions and our heart because we’ve been taught for so many years to NOT be emotional.  To NOT cry…to NOT be led by our feelings. 

This was definitely me. It took me years to realize that it was okay to cry, to show my vulnerability and to FEEL my feelings, let alone be guided by them (anyone relate?)

Or, we’ve cut ourselves off from our feelings, because our emotions have been channeled into other things (sadness, grief) and we haven’t had any “bandwidth” left to FEEL for anything else.

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So, this week, I just want you to notice things that you LOVE.  Things that INSPIRE you. Things that make you smile, feel happy, loving, passionate, soulful, teary (even a commercial!).  

Let yourself be pulled by those emotions and NOTICE…just for a minute here and there all week.  Search things out.  Have an inquisitive mind – what makes me FEEL alive? 

Write down everything what you notice – what makes you feel EMOTIONAL.  Carry a little Purpose Notebook with you (buy a gorgeous little journal!).  This is important.  Nothing is more important than finding your purpose.

Just notice and FEEL this week. That’s all.  Let me know throughout the week (comment here) what you’ve written down and how you feel.   Don’t think about how this will translate into a “purpose” – I just want you to get connected to what you LOVE, get emotional about and feel inspired by. 

Will you do this with me? I’m purposely keeping this simple so you’ll do it :)

Have FUN with it.  Love up what you love.  Give it lots of air time this week.

Of course, we will go much deeper into your purpose at my Create A Life You Love Retreat in Bali – the whole framework of the retreat will be focused on you finding, soul-i-fying and designing your life AROUND your purpose.

But don’t wait til Bali to do this – the more energy you can give to your purpose NOW, the more everything will align in your life.  

I’m looking forward to hearing what you discover this week.  Share here – I love to read what you’re finding and it helps everyone!

Uncover, soul-i-fy and then orientate your life around your purpose and your bliss.

It’s why you’re here.

Be Happy…Be Vibrant…



Carmen xo

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