7 Questions for Training a Successful Network Marketing Team – Part 2

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How do I train my team for Network Marketing Success?

Hola Soul Crafters!

Two weeks ago we started an in-depth conversation on how to train your network marketing team for success. Let’s continue the Q&A here…

#7 Strategy needed its own blog as it had so many related questions:

What topics do I train my team on?

These 5 foundational topics are important to ensure success in your NWM team. We call these the 5 Soul Craft™ Needle-Moving Business Activities:

  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Follow Up
  • Enrolling
  • Training


But the following topics are just as important:


  • Your Why
  • Beliefs (Money, Self)
  • NWM Myths

Training on your Company

  • Company
  • Products
  • Compensation Plan


  • New products
  • Contests + Incentives
  • Convention / Conferences

Personal Development

  • Various PD Topics
  • ie Consistency, Fear, Resistance etc


  • Trainings on a particular way you have of presenting the products or business


And my absolute favorite topic to train on….

Current Challenges + Q’s in My Team -> ie whatever is coming up during the week in my team

I keep a running list in my “Notes” on my iPhone. This is literally the BEST thing to train your team on because it’s relevant, what people are struggling with currently and is the absolute most important part to include in your weekly training, if not make the main topic.

Some important topics that will come up:

  • Resolving Objections
  • How to Invite Doctors, Athletes, ______
  • Dealing with Rejection, Disappointment, Finding Leaders

All the above will make sure you never run out of topics to train your team on — especially when you pay attention to the weekly needs and challenges of your team and specifically use those for your trainings.

What should the format of a 45 min training look like?

  • Short + Concise Success Story from your team
  • Topic/s
  • Q&A
  • 2 AHA’s and 2 Action Steps*

How do you end your training to inspire people into action?

Always make sure that you leave enough time for people to think about their 2 AHA’s and their 2 Action Steps* on the call. Knowledge without action is pointless — and the best way to help people get into action is to inspire them to engage, and to commit to action.

How do you manage everyone sharing their AHA’s + Action Steps?

I take a (1) normal smiling and a (2) being crazy screenshot of our group at the end of our call. I then remind everyone to post their 2 AHA’s + 2 Action Steps in 2 minutes – as soon as I’ve posted the 2 photos on our FB group. Everyone loves this and leaves the call on a high…and with an action plan.

Don’t miss this step – it’s is one of the best ways to see what is resonating with your team, for everyone to integrate the learnings from each other AND to commit to action.

AND it’s FUN! Always, always have fun in your business.

What’s your most important advice about Weekly Team Trainings?

Just do it. This week. Don’t wait to be perfect about it (just like you don’t want your team to wait to invite or present). Lead by example and jump in before you’re ready – you’ll learn everything along the way that you need to, I promise. And your trainings will create a beautiful and inspiring team culture that is so necessary in today’s world for people to feel connected and that they can do this too.

And that’s it for Part 2!

Over to You

  • What other topics do you think are important to train your team on / what do you wish you had more training on?
  • What is your biggest AHA from Part 2?
  • And most importantly, what is one action step you are committed doing today after reading this blog?

Share here – the best insights happen in the comments when we share our ideas and strategies. I personally read every single comment and always respond – I love to hear.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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