7 Questions for Training a Successful Network Marketing Team – Part 1

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How do I train my team for Network Marketing Success?

When people ask me, how did you become a top income earner in 2 network marketing companies — I always reference three things:

  • Building with unique programs and systems
  • Consistent, weekly online training for my team
  • Teaching (empowering) my leaders to do the same thing

Our team and our leaders are the most important part of a strong, stable network marketing business. And the best way to have a motivated, driven, and in-action team, is to have consistent, easy to access, and effective training — and to empower our leaders to do the same (ie break off from us and do their own trainings).

Soul Craft tip:

Your team will also be one of your favorite things about building your NWM business — so capitalize on your team training. It helps your team build quickly, grows your own leadership skills, and provides meaning and joy. When we feel like we’re contributing, we’re happier — and our business grows that much more quickly.

Let’s go through the most important Q’s:

1. How often should I hold trainings?

Every week. Show up and do a training online even if you just have one person ;-) This develops you, and develops your team.

2. What format should I use?

I love Zoom Meetings using video conferencing. It’s interactive, everyone can see each other (they can also turn off video if they want and/or call in from a cell phone) and I can still share my screen if needed. People can ask questions verbally on video, or use the Chat function. There’s so much flexibility with Zoom Meetings.

Tip: Create a simple “Zoom Etiquette” PDF that everyone reads before joining — no back ground noise or movement (or mute yourself/turn off camera), phrase all questions + answers concisely in the interest of time, maintain confidentiality, etc.

Facebook Lives on your Team FB Group are another way to have fun, super easy trainings, but I personally prefer Zoom meetings.

3. How long should trainings be?

45 min to 1 hour max. In today’s world (smaller attention spans) focus on 30 min of content and 15 min of Q&A. 

Trainings should be concise, fast-moving, and compelling — 45 min that your team looks forward to attending and can easily fit into their 10-15 hours/week of network marketing activities.

4. Why is consistent training so important in network marketing?

We can become great at anything through consistency over time. Network marketing (entrepreneurship) is a skill that is best learned in bite-sized chunks to help people stay inspired, consistent, connected and in action. Having a place to share successes and brainstorm challenges is also a key part of weekly training. 

5. If consistent training is so important, should I do more weekly trainings?

Funnily enough, no. More is NOT better in this case :) While weekly team training is crucial, limit it to one hour maximum per week, as anything more than that keeps people in learning mode, instead of action mode and the law of diminishing returns comes into effect. After one hour of training per week, everything needs to be about ACTION — inviting, presenting, following up, etc.

6. How do I inspire my team to attend trainings?

For new business partners that you enroll, simply set it as an expectation in your initial welcome training: attending weekly trainings are crucial for success. Once I set an expectation for my new associates, attendance became the norm.

For people who have been in your team for a while, let them know that you’re setting up a new training system to help everyone fast track their success and rank advance. What would they personally like the trainings to cover? What would they find most helpful? Get their buy-in and their input.

Okay – that’s it for Part 1 — a bite-sized amount of training to get you into action (sign up for Zoom, send out an email to your team to find out what they want to be trained on) but also because Question 7 needs its own blog!

Ready for Part 2? Go to: How do I train my team for network marketing success?

Over to you:

  • Are you currently doing weekly trainings and what is working for you?
  • Or, has this blog inspired you to start, and when will you do your 1st team training?
  • And most importantly, what is one action step you will take today after reading this blog?

Share here – the best insights happen in the comments when we share our ideas and strategies. I personally read every single question + comment and always respond – I love to hear.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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