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Carmen Marshall


Hello beautiful friends around the world!

Just a quick note to you on a Monday morning so you can download my FREE audio while it’s still up online…

Kris Britton’s Wealth Building Tele-Summit has just begun and is off to a rocking start!  As you know, one of my favorite things about her format is that you can listen online during the scheduled interview, OR you can listen to the recording at a time that suits you.

My How To Create Genuine Wealth interview was on March 30th, so the recording is available HERE now.  It will be up online until April 3, or, if you would like to keep recording, click on the link above and follow the written instructions to download permanently onto your computer or into iTunes.

In my 30 min interview I share:

  • My background, my fears and my challenges
  • My top tips for creating wealth
  • My own broke money beliefs I had to break through
  • Why and how joy and doing what you love speed up wealth creation
  • Philosophies, beliefs and habits that made all the difference in creating wealth
  • Why any one can and why everyone should create financial freedom in their life
…in between lots of laughing, canadian accents and stories!
Action Steps:  
  1. Download the audio right now so you have it permanently.
  2. Listen to it  as your Monday morning personal development – put GOOD stuff into your mind first thing in the morning.
  3. Come back to the blog and share:  What did you find most useful that you you do?  What are you going to do THIS week to start creating financial freedom for yourself?  
Sharing your learnings helps you integrate the information at a deeper level, and declaring your intentions gets you into action.  Share the FREE audio if you like it, tweet and comment here – I love reading every single comment and your comments help everyone!
PS I’m super excited as I’ve just starting to plan Create A Life You Love 7 Day Retreat – Bali – May 2014.  Only 21 spots available, so get on the list here if you’d like to come to Bali with us!
Have a beautiful Monday!
Be Happy…Be Vibrant…


Carmen xo

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