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When Kris Britton, a successful and heart-centered entrepreneur on a mission to help women break through their negative money beliefs, asked if I would like to be involved her Wealth Building Tele-Summit, I was an immediate YES!

Why?  Creating genuine wealth has always been a huge area of interest and passion for me.  Not just to create it for myself in my late 20’s and early 30’s, but also to help others know that they could too.  I’ve always been super fascinated with the energy of money, any belief system that might be holding us back, and what it takes to both create and sustain wealth (keep it flowing!)

Lately, I’ve become even more opinionated that MORE people should be creating financial freedom for themselves so that they can be living their purpose and more fully experiencing life.  Live, Love, Make a Difference…I think we should ALL be doing more of that, don’t you?

And I know Kris feels the same – which is why she has put together such amazing concept for a FREE tele-summit:  21 Days of Interviews with 21 Successful Women Entrepreneurs who are rocking their passions – after having broken through negative money beliefs.   

AND, one of my favorite things about this particular tele-summit format, is that EACH interview will be sent to you as a recording the next day, so you can listen over and over to your favorite concepts – how cool and effective is that?  Register here so that you can get all the details emailed to you – the 100% FREE tele-summit starts in6days!

In my interview with Kris (who is a fellow Canadian – you’ll hear our accents :)), I share a whole bunch of stuff that I feel makes all the difference in creating wealth. I absolutely loved doing the interview with Kris…AND it got me really riled up!  More people need to be making serious money.  It made me realize that there so much I want share with you, as this is and has been, such a passionate topic and life study for me. 

I also think this topic is so juicy that it deserves a full day of focus during the upcoming retreat, Creating A Life You Love and Life That Works – Bali 2014 Of course, integrated with Bali exploration, yoga, dancing, raw food, beach time, self care and massage.  What do you think?

But that’s a little ways off…so let’s get your wealth foundation grooving right NOW :).

8 Steps to Creating Genuine Wealth That Work!

1.  Make a Study of  Wealth

To get good at anything, I was always told, you have to make a study of it.  So when I was 27, I went straight to the classic, Think and Grow Richby Napolean Hill.  But I didn’t just read it once, I read it three times in a row, cover to cover.  (I have my wise former husband to thank for that idea).  

T&G Rich was the start of my wealth journey and is probably at least 50% responsible for how I think and behave in terms of creating abundance.  It’s THAT transformational. 

So what did it teach me?

The power of having a huge why, the power of the subconscious mind and the power of reading my goals morning and night – which I then did religiously for 3 years.  This produced an income I never would have thought possible at 29 years of age – it WORKS :).  It taught me the necessity of focus.  It forever imprinted in my mind the brilliant analogy of  how a magnifying glass kept focused on one spot in a field of dry grass, will ignite a huge fire.  Contrast that with a constantly moving magnifying glass (un-focused efforts), which will never create even a spark. 

It also completely re-programmed what I believed about money, energy and how to create wealth.  Lastly, it taught me what became one of my core business beliefs: Creating wealth is a direct reflection of how much value you deliver in the market place. 

Your Action Step:  Buy Think and Grow Rich this week and read it 3 times in a row.  I guarantee this is a crucial physical and spiritual foundation for creating genuine wealth. 

Will you do it?  Do you want financial freedom enough?  

Tip:  Commit to reading just 5-10 min every morning and night for the next 3 months and you’ll have it read 3 times.   Write down your your why +  your goals, and read am and pm.  This will instill the prosperity consciousness you need to create wealth.

2.  Identify Your Negative Money Beliefs

What do you believe about money?  Do you have any bad theories about money, that might actually be PUSHING away abundance in your life?

Common Negative Money Beliefs and Phrases:

  • Wealth and Spirituality are Mutually Exclusive
  • Rich People are Bad, Mean, Superficial and / or Dishonest
  • Rich Bitch
  • Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
  • He must be doing something illegal to have that kind of money

 My Own Negative Money Beliefs That I Had to Transform:

  • I’m too young to make lots of money
  • I can’t do what I love and create wealth
  • I’m an English Lit Major, not a “Business Person”
  • There’s a whole other level of wealth I don’t know how to access
  • People know “secrets” about wealth creation, that I don’t know

So how do you transform negative money beliefs?  Well, even just identifying them gets you 50% of the way there.  Next, listen to the 21 women on our tele-summit who will share HOW they transformed their negative money beliefs.  Listen for YOUR specific negative money beliefs as they talk to you about theirs – you’ll find incredible answers this way.

And finally, get a coach, if having a personal mentor resonates with you.  It took me years when I was in my late 20’s, to get to the core of my bad theories.  I wish I had a Handel Life Coach back then, as they are experts in helping you identify and shift unsupportive theories in your life.  They simply ROCK at this.

Action Item:  Write down at least 2 negative money beliefs right now that pop into your head.  

Tip:  Listen specifically during the tele-summit, for your personal negative money beliefs you just wrote down.  They will be in there!

3.  Have Specific Monetary Goals

What do you want to make by the end of the year?  What do you want to have saved by the end of the year?  5 years?  10 years?  The Universe loves clarity and specificity.  Remember, you can always adjust your monetary goals.  But just the act of SETTING a goal, will get your further ahead.  

Action Item:  Write down what you want to be making by the end of this year, and how much you want to be adding to your savings.

 4.  Track your Money

I still have a spreadsheet that I fill in on the first of the month.  How much do I have in my checking, business account and savings account?  How much do I have in my mutual fund?  How much are my monthly expenses?   Anything you focus on expands, so knowing exactly how much money you have, what your expenses are, and what is going in and out of your bank accounts, is a trait of millionaires. 

Do NOT bury your head in the sand about this, it won’t go away!  As Cheryl Richardson says, “No one is coming to save you”.  It is extremely empowering when you learn and know everything about your money.  It makes you feel confident and secure when YOU are running your money, not the other way around!   Remember, whatever you focus on EXPANDS and what ever you track and measure, IMPROVES.  And baby steps are great in the beginning!

Action Plan:   Right now, go to – and sign up for a FREE account.  I absolutely adore  It’s THE most fun and easy way to track your money that I have EVER come across and used.  Schedule an hour right now in your day planner to input your details this week (it’s EASY), and then commit to spending 30 min at the beginning of every month tracking your money.  Promise me you’ll do this, K?  It’s one thing I know will make such a huge difference for you.

5.  Start a business that will create an additional income stream

At 27, I started my first business in the direct selling  industry because I fell in love with and wanted  5 things it offered:  I wanted to have my own business.  I wanted to create financial freedom and be completely in charge of my own life.  I wanted to integrate what I loved  into my every day work (health, dance and personal development).  I wanted to create residual income (the queen of all income).  And I LOVED the philosophy that if help others do the same thing, that’s how you create wealth.  Help others achieve what they want, and you will naturally achieve what you want.  BEAUTIFUL.

You may want to do something different to create genuine wealth, but do SOMETHING.  Working for someone else will never set you financially free and I KNOW you have so much to give and offer the world with your time, passions and gifts!  Also, make sure you do something that creates residual income – as it is this type of income that gives you the most choice and freedom in your life.  Out of all my companies and income sources over the years, it’s my direct selling companies and my residual income that have given me the most income, freedom, flexibility, choice, creative expression and meaning in my life.  

6.  “Love up” your Money!

This next tip might seem a little odd, because it’s an energy thing, but it works! 

Have you ever seen (or known intimately :)) people who have scrunched-up dollar bills in their car, purse or shoved into their pockets after getting their change from cashier?  In essence, they’re (or you’re :-)) sending the message to money that you don’t really value it.

Instead, you want to send the “energetic message” to money that it has a safe, secure and honored place with you.  How do you do that vibrationally? 

I’ve done and taught this for years:  Line up your bills in your wallet from the greatest amount to the smallest amount and with the presidents facing the same way.  Never leave it scrunched-up anywhere – always put it away neatly and right away.  Weird as this may sound, it energetically connects you to taking care of, respecting and valuing your money – which pulls more of it to you.

Action Item:  Grab your wallet and organize your bills right now.   Commit to ALWAYS putting your money away neatly in your wallet, no matter how rushed you are at the check out counter.

7.  Hang around people with great money beliefs

You’ve probably heard the saying that if you take the average of the salaries of your 5 closest friends, that is most likely your own salary.  We literally become who we hang around.  And you want friends that support you in becoming fantastically wealthy AND want to join you in a life of purpose, financial freedom and doing amazing things in the world! 

Hanging around people with great money beliefs, in the beginning of your journey, can also mean reading books by those entrepreneurs you admire.  For me that’s Richard Branson, anything I can get my hands on about Lululemon, Apple and other brands I admire.   

8.  BE Generous and Abundant

Be and generous and abundant in sweet, unique ways, so you can FEEL what it feels like to be in the energy of prosperity.  I don’t mean go out and buy a pair of Manolo shoes to feel “prosperous”, if they’re beyond your means right now.  That will make you feel prosperous..for about 5 min…and then really, really broke, and stressed.  Not good and counter productive.  

What I mean is, be generous in simple, unique ways that you that make you feel prosperous and abundant.  When I started this in my late 20’s, I would ALWAYS tip 20% (if the service was good of course).  I would pay for my friend’s lunch or dinner, or Starbucks latte.  I would buy fresh flowers once a week for our house (a generous and prosperous thing to do for myself).  I would do little things that made me feel abundant and generous so that I could EXPAND my feelings of how prosperity felt.  When you do this, you become a vibrational MATCH for more prosperity to be pulled to you.

Action Step:  What is one thing you can do this week to be and feel generous and abundant for someone else and for yourself (within your means)? 

There are zillion other things I want to share with you – creating value for clients, doing what you love, having FUN while creating wealth, investing, saving, not living beyond your means, the vibration and magic of money…but I will leave you with our upcoming tele-summit and the tease of a future Bali retreat or online course to go deeper in this subject!

Share, tweet and comment below – I love to hear your stories, aha’s, questions and any area I can help in!

PS  Thank you Michael Bennett for providing the snapshot of “Think + Grow Rich” – which I know you’re in the process of reading 3 times!

Be Happy…Be Vibrant… 


Carmen xo

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