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I was 27 when I read Wayne Dyer’s first self-help book “Your Erroneous Zones”. 

Yes, you read it right – Erroneous, not Erogenous…still has me smiling after all these years.   Clever man…since his book went on to be a top-seller.

New to Wayne at the time, I read his biography on the back cover and it said something like this, “Wayne believes… loves… travels… and spends half his time at his Maui beach house writing his books”.  

Immediately, I had this feeling-thought desire:  

“I’m going to have a house in Maui one day.  I’m going to write in my house overlooking the ocean”.

Fast forward 14 years later, and in June of 2012, I moved to Maui and Bali.  I’m in Canggu, Bali right now, writing to you on my laptop, looking out at the ocean, with my two Balinese kittens fighting over my toes :)

Miracle?  Coincidence?  Lucky break?  Nope. Deliberate manifestation that YOU can absolutely do as well.

So how can you start consciously designing more of your life?


1.  Know that you can manifest a life you love.  

Manifesting a life that you love is not for that “somehow special” person.  You absolutely can do it too.  However, you have to believe you can.  Read books, watch YouTube videos of people that you admire, hang around people that inspire and motivate you, so that you have examples of people who have done it.  

Although I was hugely loved, I didn’t come from a “you can do anything” environment as a child.  So, I had to surround myself with people who had created amazing lives (mostly through books :-)) to open my mind to the possibility of what could be created.

There are countless stories of people who have gone from rags to riches.  And since you’re probably not in the rags category… what is really stopping you from creating the life you want?   Only you… trust me on this one.


2.  Get crystal clear on what you want.

It’s so much easier for everyone, including the universe, to give you what you want, when you know what you want.  And when you’re clear, you won’t be pulled in a zillion different directions, which diffuses your energy.

Don’t worry if you want a lot of things or you’re scared that you’ll pigeon hole yourself.  You can add to and evolve what you want over time.

For example, I didn’t even know where Bali was on a map when I was 27, let alone that I would want to be live part time in Bali AND Maui.  I only knew, at that time, that I wanted to live in Maui.  It then expanded to Bali.  And now it’s expanding to Australia…or maybe Europe…hmmm…. :)  Your wants are meant to expand and evolve.  And you’re allowed to change your mind.

So, what do want right now, for this year?  What’s alive for your right now?

Action Step: Quickly jot down ONE thing for each of the following categories:

Health & Fitness



Living Environment

Passions + Creativity


Personal Growth

Life Goals / Material Things

Travel / Adventure

How to manifest anything by writing it down by Carmen Marshall Soul Craft

Did you do it?



That’s  totally normal, because you’re rushing to read the rest of the “secrets”. :-)


Don’t go any further till you write 1 thing for each category…I promise it works.

I want to help you get clearer and clearer about what you want to manifest for your life and NOW is always the best time.


3.  Feel the feeling of having it.  

This includes writing down what you want (goals), but more importantly, write as if it’s already happened, because that’s what creates the FEELING.

And it‘s the FEELING that galvanizes energy.  As Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”.  

Write what it FEELS like to be living the life you want.  It’s the FEELING that changes you vibrationally and pulls what you want more quickly to you.  Plus you get more excited about life.  And that is extremely ATTRACTIVE – to everything and everyone around you.

Stay connected to what you want every day .  Use visual reminders of what you want your life to look like.   Imagine and FEEL your life as if it’s already happened.  For example, in March of 2012, when I got another gut feeling, “I want homes in Bali AND Maui”, I started putting screen savers up on my computer of where I wanted to live in Maui and Bali, so I could SEE and FEEL it every day.


4.  Take consistent action every day.

Do you want to have a healthy, fit, vibrant body?

Do you want to be making a 6+ figure income?

Then you have to take daily actions that support your goals.  Manifestation of a fit, healthy body and making a 6+ figure income doesn’t come from visualization alone, it comes from moving towards what you want to create every day. 

If someone tells me manifestation doesn’t work for them, I know they are either not clear on what they want, they are not taking any action towards their goals, or allowing enough time.

One of the BEST things you can do to manifest more easily, is to ask yourself this question:

“What would a person who has “xyz” DO?
Who would they BE?”

Then do and be those things…this amplifies your manifestation abilities hugely because you actually BECOME the person it takes, to have the things you want.

Hiring a Business and / or Life Coach can also help you breakdown any  “bad theories” you may have about life and yourself.  Coaches and mentors have been a big part of my life through my 30-40’s as they’ve helped me see things I just don’t SEE.

Action Step:  what is 1 thing you can be and do every day to support just one thing you want, from the above categories?

Carmen Marshall do what makes you happy to manifest what you want

5. Keep your vibration high by doing things that you love.

When you are happy and enjoying your life, you literally pull more good (GREAT) to you. 

Since we ARE energy, and we pull into our life whatever is a vibrational match – relationships, events – everything. 

Ever notice how unhappy, grumpy people always seem to have constant drama and bad things happening to them? 

Ever notice that successful, balanced, happy people keep having “lucky break’s”? 

Keep your vibration high by doing things that you love and you’ll pull what you want to you more quickly.

One of the biggest things that catapulted my business and financial success, was to start doing what I loved NOW, rather than waiting till I had more time or money.  I started teaching dance (an utter passion of mine), which made me happier in my life, which in turned raised my vibration and increased my success in all areas. 

When we are happy in our life, we literally PULL things to us.  We are ATTRACTIVE and MAGNETIC to everything.  Kind of cool, huh?

Action Step:  What do you LOVE that you could start doing at least twice a week?


6.  Trust the process.

Don’t give up too soon.  Trust the process. 

Believe in the universe or god/goddess.  Believe in yourself.  Most people just give up too soon.  Be clear about what you want, take action, course correct when you need to, but never give up or settle. 

This is YOUR life that you are creating and it takes a little time, but as Napoleon Hill says in his famous book, Think & Grow Rich, “When the riches start coming, they come in FAST”.

The art of manifestation is like anything worthwhile – it takes time, practice, discipline.  It’s almost like the universe wants to make sure you can be a good steward  of everything it will give to you. 

Take home point: do the work, and you’ll receive … ALOT.


7.  Be unattached to how it comes to you.

I knew I wanted to be wealthy in my late 20’s. 

I knew I wanted to live in beautiful homes in multiple locations.  I knew I wanted to love what I did for my work.  I knew I wanted all of this, balanced with a life of connection, health and meaning.  I knew I wanted to live it, and then from a congruent, authentic place, teach it. 

I didn’t know exactly how it would come, but I knew it would come.

Be clear on what you want, and the FEELINGS that you want to experience every day (freedom, meaning, purpose), and then be unattached to how it comes to you.  Intention, Attention, No Tension as Janet Attwood so beautifully says in her book, “The Passion Test'”.  

This allows the magic to show up…the mystery, beauty and soul-fulness of life. 

That’s also why the same Janet always ends her goals with, “This or better!”

How to Write out the 7 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life

Your Action Steps 

  1. Write out these 7 Steps to Manifesting + Design Your Dream Life.
  2. Post-it note them on your computer, type them into iPhone pop up reminders or where you will see them every day.
  3. Write down 1 thing that you want in each of the categories above for this year.
  4. Make dream boards (visual) and write how you want to FEEL on the dream board.

Remember, “the easiest thing to do, is the easiest thing not to do”, as the wise Jim Rohn said years ago.

You and your life are worth taking the time to design your life.

Are you up for Crafting A Life You Love?

Share, tweet and comment below – I love to hear your stories, aha’s, questions and any area I can help in!


Be Happy…Be Vibrant…

Carmen xo

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