My Favorite Decadent (and healthy!) Treats

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A corner stone of my online nutrition program is no dieting, no deprivation and finding a healthy alternative for any craving. So, healthy deserts and treats have always been a big part of my lifestyle.

When I went “mostly” raw vegan 10+ years ago, everyone warned me it would restrict my choices, when in fact it introduced me to many ingredients I had never even heard of – Raw Chocolate, Carob, Coconut Nectar, Chia Seeds, Maca, Hemp Seed to name just a few…all incredibly delicious and nourishing.

I never once felt restricted on my new way of eating, but instead like I’d been turned on to whole new world of options.

I think it’s also a big reason why I only occasionally “fall off the wagon” (and don’t we all sometimes ;-) because I have things that I LOVE eating and look forward to eating every day – whether that’s a raw kale + jicama salad with pumpkin + hemp seeds OR 1/2 a bar of healthy, raw chocolate.

Over the years, I’ve had many favorite snacks, treats and deserts. Here are my top three “Discovered in Maui in 2017″ favorites. All are organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, vegan, low glycemic…AND SexyFit® compliant.

Note: I usually buy my treats at Whole Foods (it’s where I find NEW deserts too :), but you can also order everything online either at at or the website I listed below each treat.

Primal Chocolate – Signature Dark


We can’t seem to keep this in our house – Peter and I both love this brand. Not only is it 100% Organic, made with 72% Cacao (that tastes great and not too bitter) but it’s also dairy-free, soy-free and vegan. AND it’s sweetened with coconut sugar.

Unfortunately, even non-commercial, beautiful small-batch, artisan chocolates can have sugar, cane sugar or sucralose (artificial sweetener). So I was ecstatic to find Primal Chocolate and it’s 3 ingredients – Organic Cacao, Coconut Sugar + Cacao Butter.

Hail Merry Bites


I actually came across Hail Merry a few years ago in Miami, but this year, they reformulated their already “to live for” macaroons to be EVEN more amazing. 1-2 macaroon bite completely satiate me – and gives me decadent, nourishing desert. Organic, gluten and dairy-free with melt in your mouth shredded coconut and virgin coconut oil, they’re sweetened with just a touch of low glycemic maple syrup.

My favorite flavors: Dark Chocolate + Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream


This is also hands down one of my favorite treats. A non-dairy and completely natural ice cream – it’s made from organic coconut and lightly sweetened with agave syrup. No artificial sweeteners or weird things to make it taste good – it’s tastes amazing with just it’s natural ingredients. I love this for when I’m craving something that creamy and slightly sweet, but made from coconuts, not milk.

My favorite flavor: Naked Coconut

Over to YOU. What are favorite healthy treats and snacks to “fill the void”? Any old favorites, or new discoveries this year?

Share here – the best insights happen in the comments when we share our ideas and strategies. I personally read every single comment and and always respond – I love to hear.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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