My 7 Personal Favorite Life Hacks That Never Fail

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Do you ever wish you had a few tricks in your back pocket to snap you out of feeling “off”?

Today I’m sharing my 7 personal favorite daily life hacks. They each center and ground me and immediately restore my sense of balance, purpose and flow.
AND…if I ever get out of balance (and don’t we all?), they’re what I double-check and go back to first.
IMPORTANT: They can be done anywhere, help you feel good now, and take 10 min or LESS.

1. Soul Craft* My Day {10 min}

I swear by this simple ritual.  The key is to keep it simple. You only need to do 4-5 times per week, allowing for a good balance of both focus and flow in your life. I created a blog and video last year that walks you through exactly how I Soul Craft my day, but here is a quick overview:

*formerly known as Create My Day

• Nestle up in a sacred / special space in my house
• Read my Big Dream + Perfect Day and/or look at Dream board
• Review my New Moon Intentions + Weekly To Do List
• Prioritize my 3 Most Important Things (MIT’s) for today
• Choose a word for how I want to FEEL today.

Tip: Do all the above in a way that feels really good for YOU, so that it’s never just another task to do, but something you look forward to. Soul-fully create your day, your way.

2. BE in Nature {5 min}

I love doing this first thing in the am.  I take my Chai Latte and sit outside for at least 5 min.  As soon as I’m out in nature…I immediately relax, and everything makes sense again.  If I don’t get out into nature at least once a day, my “To Do List” starts feeling heavy and un-inspiring. When I get out in nature (even just for 5 min), I fill up and I’m able to stay connected to my dreams, why and purpose.

Tip:  This can be a bit harder if you live in a city.  While I love living in nature-filled Bali and Maui, I also love living in cities like Miami part of the year, so I simply make sure that every day I’m getting outside in some way.  I go for a walk, a run, sit on a bench, on some grass, under a tree – anything that connects me to plants, trees, the earth or the sky.

3. 10 Gratitudes {2 min}

Once a month, while doing my NEW Moon Intentions, I list all the “Good Things That Happened” during the past 30 days.  I also write down what I’m grateful for throughout the week (makes it easier for my monthly review, AND produces daily endorphins).

But my absolute favorite way to practice gratitude, is to lie in bed at night and count off 10 things that I’m grateful for.  It’s literally the best way to fall asleep (it puts you into a relaxed, non resistant state) and programs your subconscious during it’s most receptive time.

Tip:   I sometimes do this on my own as I’m falling asleep and sometimes with my partner, which is a beautiful way to connect before falling asleep.  I ask Peter, “What were your favorite things from today?” and vice versa.  All the little nuances you learn about your partner – what is important to them, how their day went –  is just another benefit of practicing gratitude.

4. Be A Corpse {2 min}

Whenever I start feeling anxious, pent up or worried about something – I go lie down for 2 min. It’s the strangest thing, but just 2 min of laying down on your back (like savasana at the end of a yoga class), allows all the tension to drain from your body. Once I get back up, I feel completely different, more resourceful, rested, creative and centered. And it ONLY takes 2 min to feel the benefits (of course feel free to stay longer if you want).

I think this is one of the most under utilized mood and body-shifters out there – so simple to do, but it’s often the last thing we would even think to do.

5. Dance {5 min}

Okay – I lied – this one is even better when you do 30-60 min :) But even just a 5 min dance break can make all the difference to your mood, outlook and resourcefulness. It’s partly the music, partly the movement – but either way, free dancing wildly in your living room to music you love, can shift everything in an instant.

I dance is for fitness, for the love of it and for the feeling that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing (teaching dance). But one of the biggest reasons I love dance is that it immediately makes me FEEL good, no matter what. And that in turn makes me more resourceful, creative and effective.

6. Cancel or Say No {1 min}

I’m a big believer in doing what we say we will do – aka staying integrity with ourselves (it’s the number one way to build self-confidence – when YOU can trust YOU). However, there is so much power in letting go something to create more space in your life, and in saying “No” to more things in the first place. Sometimes I feel like I want a 2 week holiday, right now. But actually, what I really need, is just a little break. And, to not continually be filling my life with things that make me feel like I need a 2 week holiday.

For me this is an ongoing practice. I’m always asking myself – how can I simplify my life, let go of and and create more space? Can you relate and would this help you as well?  Things I’ve cancelled the past week or said no to:

Cancelled: An evening dance class that I usually love to go to, but decided last minute to stay home and relax instead. This made all the difference to my feeling rested and centered.
Said No: A European Tele-Summit that I really wanted to do, but that I knew would leave me over-the-top busy.

7. Breathe {5 min}

I definitely believe in the power of meditation. In the early 2000’s, I meditated for an hour every morning for 2 years. In 2011, I meditated twice a day for 30 min. Both were hugely helpful. However, what I’ve stayed consistent with, what is sustainable for me (and just as effective), is breathing for 2-5 min in the morning. And then taking 2-5 min in the afternoon to check in with myself, breathe and slow down.
Two times I like to Breathe.

• Right before I Soul Craft my day.
• Around 3-4pm in the day when my energy starts to lag.  I’ll do in my car before a work out, close my eyes in a coffee shop, or at home in my office.

Interestingly, if you feel down, overwhelmed or tired, all the things above might be the LAST thing you feel like doing. Do 1 of the above though, as each is a complete mood-shifter right away.

Sometimes what we resist is the VERY thing we need to do.

Over to You.


What are your favorite ways to center, ground and feel good?
Which life hacks above do you resonate with most or want to try?

Share in the comments below– the best insights happen in the comments when we share our ideas and strategies. I personally read every single comment and and always respond – I love to hear.
Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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