Introducing Soul Craft™

I’ve been wanting to rebrand for about 3 years and finally this year, I knew I absolutely needed to. I’ve always loved the saying:   Allow one day per week for your soul to catch up to your body. In the same way, my brand needed to catch up to the soul of my business, and the soul of ME.

Launching – Create A Life You Love in 2009, as I was going through Marie Forleo’s B-School, changed the whole trajectory of my business and life. Literally – it reframed every. single. thing: how I could scale my business, the amount and location of people I could impact, where I could live, who I could work with, my purpose, my enjoyment + quality of life – and the list goes on and on.

And version 1.0 served me well for the past 8 years. However, after many band-aides (version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0), not only was it time for a technical overhaul, but a complete SOUL overhaul.  Not just a re-fresh and update, but a complete re-brand for my company – one that would authentically communicate how I want to show up and make a difference in the world 2017, not 2009.


Daunting?  Yes.


Overwhelming?  Yes.


Necessary?  Yes!


Can you relate in any area of your life?


Is there any place in your life where what is showing on the outside, is no longer representative of the inside? Is there any disconnect between what the deeper part you wants to do (your soul), and how you are showing up (and what you actually doing) in the world?

Have you perhaps felt too busy to do anything about it? That it’s scary, might not be accepted or liked by others? That doing anything about it will be expensive and take you away from other things (family, friends, business)? That what you’re currently doing is good enough, so why rock the boat?

But then, that little nagging voice, that tugging, persistent feeling that if you DON’T do something, you’ll be living inauthentically, and not doing what you’re meant to be doing…

Keeps tugging insistently…


Until finally that PULL, that inner knowing, is stronger than any fear or uncertainty.


I sat in that “tugging” place for about 2 years, when finally at the start of 2017 I said, RIGHT.  ENOUGH. I need to do something about this.


And hence the complete re-brand of my whole entire company.


I’m still a fierce advocate for helping women (and men) create a life they love, but I’m much more into combining east and west modalities to craft your money, health and relationships in a soulful, nourishing way.

There’s a reason I felt drawn to live in both the east and the west – not just because Bali and Maui are breath takingly beautiful, and Miami is so culturally interesting, diverse (and has LOTS of latin dance)…but because at a deep level, I wanted to intentionally design life while keeping my day-to-day existence balanced, magical and nourishing.


And I wanted to LIVE my life this way – not as a theory, or wishful thinking, but to show that it could be done.


That we can intentionally craft our life and achieve our dreams (western way of thinking) while staying connected to nature, our intution and our body (eastern way of living) – even when living in a city.  Even more than that – to actually use nature, intuitition and listening to our body as non-negotiable life + business strategies.

It’s not just about manifesting; it’s also about soulful living in the present, and being connected to ourselves, others, nature and this amazing world we live in.

It’s about intentionally living a grand, beautifully fulfilling life—while doing work that feels good and making important contributions to the world – while staying healthy, engaged, peaceful and grounded (especially right now when the world can feel a little crazy).

It’s not an either or world – we can Soul Craft™ our life and business without burning ourselves out.  We don’t have to continually “hustle” to be successful, we don’t have to be online all the time or “look” perfect, and our inner and outer world can be in alignment.

And so…


Soul Craft™ just launched and I would love to hear what you think.


I have poured my heart into creating spectacular tools to help you craft your wealth, health and life, and a brand new Soul Call Quiz designed to help you know what your Soul is calling you to do.

There are sections for your Body + Health, Personal Development + Life Design, Business Development and Pleasure + Lifestyle, to make everything super easy to navigate.

There are lots of free resources, online courses, links to my Soul Fit™ Dance classes and my two latest “heart” businesses (dreams of mine for years – Sacred Lotus Love + Soul Co.)

There are blogs on almost every single important topic and life lesson I’ve explored over the past 20 years…and if you want to speed up the learning curve, a Soul Craft™ Retreat every year somewhere magical in the world, where you can spend time with me, like minded Soul Craft-ers ..and most importantly – YOU.


I’ll let you explore the website rather than outline it all here – but my biggest wish of you is that it will inspire you to craft the life you truly want.


To know that it IS possible, and that you can do it in a soulful, nourishing and balanced way.


That’s what Soul Craft™ is all about: crafting your life, your career, and your world in such a way so that you never have to sacrifice a single shred of your substance.

To Soul Craft-ing your life,


Carmen xo

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