How to Knock Resistance on the Head

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Wouldn’t it be great to nix resistance AND have a sign that tells you exactly the right path to take in life?

Well, the good news is — you do — and both! The bad news is that you also have a very strong handbrake that is holding you back…

But let’s start at the beginning


Why do we resist the things we know we should do?

You know — all the things that would be good for us — getting up early to journal or meditate, writing that blog or social media post, doing our Weekly Action Plan (WAP), having that tough conversation, or taking the first step to starting our dream business.

These are all things that would make us feel great. These are all things that would help us get the results we want in our life. They’re also things you’ve probably said, “YES! I’m going to do that tomorrow!”

But when it comes down to doing it, we hit a wall of resistance — and we don’t do it.

Why is that?


A big part of it is because of your “Lizard Brain.”

Sciency Stuff: Your Lizard Brain (also called your Reptilian Brain) is the oldest part of your brain (your brain stem) and is responsible for your primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear (your fight or flight response).

Now, your Lizard Brain (let’s call her Lizzie to make her more relatable) is great for warning you not to walk down that dark alley, but she’s NOT your best friend for encouraging personal growth.

Lizzie’s the opposite — she wants to protect you — and have you stay in the same place you are right now.

So anytime you get near a personal growth edge, or business and life breakthrough, your lizard brain tries to pull you back to ‘safety.’ She gets anxious when you start to grow and expand; she craves comfort, the status quo, and is very risk-averse.

So how do you override well-meaning, but not your best growth cheerleader, Lizzie?

DO the very thing that you’re resisting.



Resistance IS your sign for the next step to take, big or small.

Getting up 30 min earlier for your morning practice, inviting or marketing for your business, exercising and eating healthily — are what your lizard brain will resist — because they are the things that will transform you — and help you be the best version of yourself. And remember, Lizzie is scared of transformation because it’s new, unexplored, and different territory.

But when you realize that resistance IS your sign, it changes everything.

What you are resisting — will create the life and business you want.

For me, this was HUGELY liberating. I stopped beating myself up or feeling bad when I was dragging my feet getting things done. Instead, if felt myself resisting something, I simply asked, “why am I resisting this”? Oh! It’s just well-meaning Lizzie again, but doing this is actually the growth edge that will help me create what I want.

Using resistance as my guide not only helped me get rid of guilt, frustration — but I started getting the important stuff done, and taking the actions that mattered. And in my experience, whatever I’m resisting, is always EXACTLY where I need to go.

So tell me, what are you resisting currently?

For the rest of the week, notice every time you resist doing something. Ask yourself why you’re resisting it, remind yourself it’s just well-meaning Lizzie, and then do the very thing you’re resisting.

This one new habit will shift everything in your life.

Are you in?

Over To You:

  • Does this resonate? What are you currently resisting?
  • Do you have an example where the thing you were resisting ended up creating incredible transformation? Please share with us!
  • For one week, are you game to try doing what you feel resistance around, big or small?

As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterward — your comments help and inspire others, and I love interacting with all of you.

PS: Want more tips on Overcoming Resistance? Check out my vlog on 7 Resistance-Busting Strategies.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo


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