Just When You Think You Know Someone

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It’s hard to get to know people these days.


We all follow people online who [hopefully] motivate you, teach you something useful, and make you feel good about yourself, your business, your lifestyle.


Take you and I, for example. You probably know me as an entrepreneur with some online businesses, a positive person, and you may have noticed that I love the beach and prefer a tropical climate (and cats over dogs).


But…. did you know that I made most of my wealth through Network Marketing?


And that after all these years (20!), it’s still my biggest income generator?


I started my 1st Network Marketing company when I was 27.


It’s been my best business teacher and has enabled me to live around the world pursuing passions, doing what I love. AND, very importantly, has funded all of my other non-network marketing business ventures — Soul Craft™ Retreats, Sacred Lotus Love®, and Soul Co.™


To be honest, I am a pretty private person and somewhat of an introvert — so you might be wondering how I got involved in the first place and how the heck I was able to be successful when everyone knows someone in Network Marketing who is barely making $100/month?


Well, while I may be quieter and soft-spoken….


I’m also driven


I didn’t want to settle for a 9-5 job and working for someone else. That felt like the worst thing ever to me. THAT was my motivation.


At 27, without any business experience, I started looking for a business to start. After some research and narrowing down what franchises I could afford, my options were a mail order company or a dog washing franchise 😏 (remember how I said I preferred cats…)


Keeping a positive attitude, I kept searching.


I almost didn’t even give Network Marketing a chance (b/c of my preconceived ideas) but a friend encouraged me to give it a deeper look. When I did look at it, I was blown away by the concept of residual income and leverage. I knew the business model was brilliant – and necessary for true financial freedom. And the rest is history. I got started on a gut feeling that turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done.


Not soon after getting started, I realized that I didn’t actually like it.


No – scratch that.


I didn’t like how most people did network marketing. It felt weird, cheesy and contrived. I didn’t feel like myself, and no amount of training or practice would make it feel good —- and I knew there had to be another way to be successful using this business model.


where there’s a will, there’s a way


So, I started to do things differently. I set out to design a different way to build – a more authentic, soulful way that would feel good to me from the ground up. Everything from inviting, to presenting, to following up, to training…and you know what? It worked.


I wanted to make money that felt GOOD to make, while designing a lifestyle that I loved – and help others do the same thing.


(if you happen to be in network marketing and you’re nodding your head right now agreeing with wanting to do it differently… keep reading)


We all know someone in Network Marketing, right? There’s essential oils, makeup, skin care, supplements, clothing, energy, etc etc. Today there are so many companies and so many people choosing network marketing as their business model, way to earn a living, or even extra income on the side to fund travel, hobbies, or pursue other passions.


But what hasn’t changed all that much is their approach.


As a whole, Network marketers still have a [not so good] reputation. For spamming all of their friends on social media, email, text, and to being a little too pushy.


I see so many good, authentic people struggle with building. They believe in the concept, believe in their product and company, but they don’t have a system or method that feels natural and that work’s in today’s world.


There should be many, MANY more people making 6 + 7 figures – and I want to change that.


Let’s do it differently. The modern, soulful and kick-ass way to build a Network Marketing business.


My mission is to help Network Marketers break the six-figure income barrier, scale to 500K, and then 1M+ per year.


While building a business, brand, and a life you love.




No, I’m not recruiting you for my business.


Instead, I want to teach you how to rock yours.


I want to empower you to rock the boat, change it up, and I wanna see your business take off.


The systems and methodologies I’ve created enabled me to become a top income earner in both companies I’ve been a part of ( yes, I’ve done it twice!).


And I’m sharing some of them with you in a 7-Day Course… that costs you nothing.


This mini course will set the groundwork for you to get into action to position yourself to break that six-figure barrier.

$100k in 10 minutes a day

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It’s time to break the barrier — and make good money that feels good to make, that will enable you to do more good in the world.


Are You Ready?


Carmen xo


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