Monkey Business and Ninja Moves


2020 didn’t start off well for us.

We were SO excited to get to Bali together, enjoy a few days of pure relaxation in Bingin Beach with its cliffside villas and gorgeous views (manifestation in itself) — before getting “back into the office” second week of January.

Nix all thoughts of blissing out without a care in the world — our 3 months-of-travel-filled suitcases didn’t arrive with us (they’re still missing), our #1 Top Selling Sacred Lotus Love* Product Xmas shipment had a quality issue (we take the quality of our products and customer satisfaction very seriously and something like this can sink a business)…AND to top it off, Amazon Iost an incoming shipment of our #2 Top Selling product.

NOT a fun way to start the New Year.

So when the monkeys came to play in our house from the surrounding jungle — hooray! Super cute, super fun (check out the video on Instagram).

Now, if you don’t know monkeys, know this: never, ever, ever, ever leave anything around because they will grab it, try to eat it, destroy it or take off with it. We’d been warned — so all our valuables were upstairs in our bedroom and we simply watched the monkeys like hawks as they played in our open-air living room.

Two hours later, after the Monkey Gang had left — I brought down my bag to go out to lunch. Thinking the monkeys were long gone, I took 3 steps up the stairwell to tell Peter I was ready…heard the slightest sound…and…

“Oh no.”

Whirling around, I looked down — TWO monkeys were reaching into my bag, gleefully holding up my wallet and iPhone.

I yelled and one monkey dropped my phone and the other took off with my wallet (with EVERYTHING in it – credit cards, debit cards, US sim card, money, you name it), over the balcony banister and onto a nearby thatched roof.

I raced around the corner to see the 2 monkeys gnawing on the wallet (they think it’s food).  Seeing a neighbor, I hollered – they’ve got my wallet! He looked at me with a deadpan face said, “It’s gone, hun.”


However, something kicked in at that point.

A primal determination, a primal knowing. 

My adrenalin was racing and I felt super shaky — but I KNEW I was going to get my wallet back.

The monkeys took off, I ran the other way, grabbed some Pringles (the same pringles I tell Peter are not healthy to eat :) and yelled up the stairs to Peter, “they’ve got my wallet!”

Seeing them on the OTHER side of the villa, on ANOTHER thatched rooftop, I offered pringle remains to Monkey #1, who was still trying to eat my wallet. He dropped the wallet and came towards me eagerly.

Manifestation in Bali

(Bali Monkeys about to steal my SLL Tea Tumbler)

However, #2 Monkey jumps forward, grabs the dropped wallet, and then catapults himself on the other neighbor’s thatched roof. 


Then out of nowhere — a rock comes sailing from behind me and lands RIGHT beside Monkey #2 — scaring the crap out of him. Unbeknownst to me, Peter had scaled the walls behind me, was watching everything unfold, and then hurtled a rock at the perfect time to scare the monkey.

Monkey drops wallet and takes off — properly scared. Carmen becomes a ninja and races around and down, across the cramped, crooked alley-way that separates the villas, up a VERY rickety ladder that should have been thrown out years ago — to the neighbor’s roof and grabs the wallet.

Tragedy averted.

Manifestation in Bali

(My dear wallet – after the battle)

Peter and Carmen high five each other and marvel at the miracle at what just happened.
This was against all odds. Once a monkey grabs something in its own habitat (in this case, open-air villas in the jungle on the side of a cliff), it’s GONE. Especially when they have a monkey side-kick to help them.

So, what happened here?

Because so many “odd” things were happening to us, I really wanted to learn the lesson in each of the things that were happening to, for, and with us. When a lot of unexpected things occur, I find the best response is to flow with it, and see what learnings and value can be found.

My Takeaways:


Always, always listen to your intuition, including little sounds, thoughts or feelings that are out of place.

I’ve trained myself lately because of a few experiences (more on this soon) to really notice anything that is a bit out of place. That tiny noise of the monkeys reaching into my bag — if I had ignored it (because it was so slight), probably everything would have been taken from the bag and disappeared into the jungle forever. NOT another thing I wanted to add to the catastrophe list in January.


  1. Belief
  2. High Emotion / Desire
  3. Action

Something kicked in during the chase – I KNEW I was going to get my wallet back. Maybe I didn’t want to accept that one more “bad” thing could happen (enough is enough!), but it was more than that. I just KNEW — without a shred of doubt.

There was high emotion because I had so much adrenaline racing through me and pure DESIRE to get my wallet back… and then I just got into action. No second-guessing or overthinking, just action and going with the flow as it unfolded, figuring out everything along the way.

Figuring out everything along the way…(ring a bell for our businesses, too?).


Having Peter there, in the flow of the monkey circus, was what made it possible. It wasn’t all me making it happen (I tend to be more of a lone wolf in business). Instead, asking for help (yelling, actually), collaborating and solving a problem together, in flow, was what made the almost-impossible, possible.

I’m now applying the same principles to our luggage and Peter to Sacred Lotus Love (bigger issues than clothes, I know :)

Send us good energy and I’ll keep you posted!

Over to You

  • In your business and life, where could you use these 3 take-aways?
  • Where can you use your intuition more — really paying attention to the little signs? 
  • How could you use the Manifestation Principles 101 of Belief, Desire and Action in 2020? 
  • How can you collaborate more and/or ask for help so that it’s not always you doing, or feeling like you need to do it all?

Share your comments here – the best insights happen in the comments when we share our questions, ideas and strategies. I personally read every single comment and always respond – I love to hear.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo


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