“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” ~ Charles Noble


How would you feel if you could accomplish 52 important things {to you} every year?

What if you could do it easily?

Here is a simple + effective process that I’ve been practicing for the past 6 months:

*Personal examples and background notes included to help you do even more easily.
There are three areas in life that basically have us covered – Health, Wealth & Relationships.
On Sunday night, I ask myself…

What is 1 thing in each of these 3 areas, if I were to do this week, would make all the difference in my life?

Why is it important to me?

How will I do it, what obstacles might I come up against and how will I handle?

Then, I write down all the above in my journal. (ie: here’s what I wrote this weekend):

One Thing That Will Make All The Difference:

*O+O = Potential Obstacle + How to Overcome

My Health:

What: Eat fewer nutrition bars.

Why: More live food is always better, I want to always be at my healthiest, walk my talk.

How: Replace my morning nutrition bar with coconut yogurt, fruit + nut granola.

O+O: I will CRAVE my morning bar – so I’ll make sure I have my alternative breakfast ready to go in the fridge the night before.

Background Note: I LOVE nutrition bars – so much so I started nutrition bar company in Australia – www.SoulCo.online. However, even though the bars I eat and create are raw, completely organic and healthy – I still eat way too many, and want to eat more live food.

My Wealth (Business):

What: Find a US investor to launch Soul Co. in the US.

Why: Larger market, we’re currently living in the US, I LOVE building my bar company, has been my dream for 18 years.

How: Email contacts for potential investors.

O+O: Busy with B-School and projects, so schedule now to do 11:45-12:00 Wednesday and Thursday.

Background Note: My obstacles will be busy-ness with current businesses and believing that I don’t enjoy the process of looking for investors. But when I remind myself WHY I want this and identify what my excuses and fears are, it makes it easier to do, despite the discomfort.

My Relationships:

What: Call my sister + niece in Canada
Why: Staying connected with Dawn + Ashlie is important to me
How: Set up a time for this Friday
O+O: I get “busy” and prioritize other things. Instead, email Dawn today to set up time.

Background Note: I notice that sometimes I de-prioritize family and close friends because they “understand” if I’m busy. But they are the people I should be prioritizing the most, for exactly that same reason – because they are always understanding and supportive.
Important: You don’t have to do 3 things per week.

Even if you just did ONE thing per week, you would be doing 52 very important things to you, per year.

Which gets alot of stuff done.
So how has this practice helped me in the past 6 months?

It’s helped me restart a yoga practice, be consistent with blog writing, launch a new product for Sacred Lotus Love, drink more water, have “skype tea” dates with my mom in Canada, have tough conversations, explore more beaches on Maui with Peter…. all “little” things, but all important things that add up to a healthier and more soul-ful life.

I like this process because the questions help uncover what’s stopped us in the past – which is usually just fears, busy-ness and excuses – us stopping ourselves.

Also, during the week we can get caught up in with our “To Do Lists’. However, these life questions keep drawing us back to the most important things – of how we truly want to live our life each day. Because as we know…

“How we spend our days, is how we spend our lives”. ~ Annie Dillard


TIP: Sharing with a friend, partner or family member helps you stay accountable (writing this blog holds me accountable too!) and can inspire them to also intentionally design their life.

52 weeks in a year… what would it be like to have accomplished 52 SOUL GOALS in 2018?


Over to You

What is an important Soul Goal for you this week? Why is it important to you? How can you make sure you accomplish it?
Are you game to share in the comments below? Your answers will inspire and give ideas to others. I personally read every single comment, always respond – and I love to hear.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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