Creating Intimate + Fulfilling Relationships in Today's World With Russell Price | The Heart Alchemist

August 16, 2022

#4: Creating Intimate + Fulfilling Relationships in Today’s World

Hi gorgeous souls!  Episode 4 is all about creating connected relationships, and I have a super fun interview for you with relationship coach Russell Price.

Russell (or Ruski as I’ve known him for many years – fun fact – we rent our beloved villa in Bali from Ruski when we live there) is a wonderful example of someone who really lives what he teaches.

He’s studied and explored the dynamic of relationships deeply over the years – including opening the Australian College of Energetic Medicine and teaching a blend of bodywork, energy work, and modern psychology, dedicated to helping people heal their mind, body, and soul.

Russell uses a unique, body-centered approach to relationships using Quantum Hypnotherapy – a beautifully effective tool (which we’ll explain in the podcast) to release trauma, and Heart Alchemy – the practice of releasing old relationship patterns to cultivate safety and intimacy with your partner.

In this juicy interview, we cover a range of topics from – how to untangle from trauma, the cultural effects on relationships like the #MeToo Movement, Tinder, and Political Correctness – to important but simple strategies to deepen your relationships right now.

What we cover:

  • What is hypnotherapy and why it’s so effective
  • Shifting the nervous system to make different choices
  • Classic “mind loops” that prevent connection
  • A relationship tool you can use right now
  • Letting the love in that you want
  • Navigating uncomfortable conversations
  • Why your wound is often what you should be teaching
  • Cultural Effects on Relationships in the last 5 years from the #MeToo Movement, Men’s Circles, Tinder, Gender Fluidity to Political Correctness
  • Commitment + Safety versus Freedom + Variety
  • Polyamary (yes, we go there!)
  • Being emotionally vulnerable
  • Reclaiming your own authenticity and loving yourself.

This interview went by so fast – there are so many things to talk about!  I look forward to a Part 2 in the future, but for now, let’s dive in.

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