August 30, 2022

#6 Deliberate Living

Episode 6 is all about Deliberately Designing your Life with transformational coach and facilitator Juliana Gambrell.

I’m really excited to bring you this interview because Juliana was my first, and favorite life coach of all time.  Specifically – she hugely impacted my life by helping me learn to know, and then speak my truth.  She also helped in the early years of intentionally designing my business, lifestyle and relationship.

Prior to coaching at the corporate level and one-on-one for the past 17 years, Juliana was a Self Expression + Leadership Program Seminar Leader for Landmark Education for 14 years.

Her mastery and skills live in the relational fields – self with self, life and others – all so her clients can get to the heart of what truly matters in their experience of life.

Juliana is extremely gifted in how she empowers her clients, her ability to help you wordsmith your desires for life (language to reflect the authentic self), and the questions, frameworks and resources she brings to every coaching session – which you’ll get to experience today.

What we cover:

  • What Deliberately Designing your Life means
  • How to step into your Identity and who you want to be
  • Developing self-trust
  • Knowing and speaking your truth
  • How to Self Coach
  • #1 Way to know if you are in alignment
  • Tips for Aspiring Coaches
  • The connection between integrity and numbing out
  • 5 Questions to ask yourself for Deliberate Living

There is so much gold in this interview – questions, nudges, tips, aha moments –  that I know will help you whenever you are on the journey of crafting your life.

Let’s dive in.

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