Surviving the Holiday Season – Part 1

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The Holiday Season can bring up feelings of both excitement and dread as we think about how we’re going to navigate the next month. So… what if this year was different than any other year – what if you not only survived December 2011, but THRIVED? What if it was easier and FUN to be healthy this year? Here is Part 1 of my best tips that I’ve been using with clients and personally for years…stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

  1. Have A Plan: For each event, create a “wellness plan” that works for you.  For example, what are you going to eat before a party to minimize cravings, what new healthy recipe are you going to bring to your friend’s house, how are you going to work out during the holidays at your parents or in laws house?  And remember, just maintaining your weight during the holiday season is wonderful, you don’t have to lose weight.  I actually recommend to my clients to NOT add extra stress to themselves by trying to lose weight during the holidays.  Instead, just focus on maintaining your weight, staying healthy and feeling great during the season.
  2. Keep Consistent: When we are busy/stressed, our health habits are even MORE important.  For example, during the holidays, I am even more vigilant about taking my Multi-Vitamins & Fish Oil* morning and night, stabilizing my blood sugar first thing in the morning with my breakfast smoothie*, using nutrition bars* for snacks to keep my energy high and cravings at bay.  I know I need high-quality vitamins & minerals, anti-oxidants and good nutrition even more during this season.  I also continue to eat low-glycemically and eat lots of greens and raw foods – everything I do on a day to day basis, however, I am even more vigilant with my health habits during the holiday season.
  3. *Of course, my personal choice for these are the USANA MyHealthPak, Fish Oil, Nutrimeal Shakes and Nutrition Bars that I’ve using and recommending to my clients for over 12 years. Visit your USANA shopping cart or contact your USANA Representative today to purchase USANA products at wholesale prices.

  4. Schedule Your Exercise: When we exercise, we feel better, so you’ll be less likely to use food to “feel good”.  And if you do over-eat, exercise is the best way to detox the body quickly and move everything through and out of your system.  Schedule “appointments” with yourself in your calendar during the holiday season. What if…for the whole month of December, you exercised at least 5 days a week for at least 30 min, no matter what?  How would how you FEEL on Jan 1st after doing that?  Who could you enroll to do this with you?
  5. Do Double Duty: Use your healthy habits as a way to connect with family and friends.  Call a friend before a party and decide to be “health buddies” for that outing.  Make your Mom (& Dad) a healthy smoothie Christmas morning.  Gather your whole family to go for a walk after your holiday dinner, or do a Zumba video together – which will make everyone laugh hysterically.
  6. Nix the All or Nothing Mentality: When we overindulge, a common response is to keep going…because we’ve already “ruined it”. Remember that just because you ate that piece of cake, it doesn’t mean that you need to eat the entire dessert table. One meal/desert doesn’t make you gain weight, it’s what you do the day after and the day after that…so by getting back on track the next day, you’ll be absolutely fine.  Don’t beat yourself up, just ask yourself the next morning, “What would a healthy person eat and drink today?  What would they do to feel GREAT?”  Then DO it.  BE a healthy person.  Then you’ll BE healthy.  Little actions add up.
  7. Fill the Void: Offer to bring healthy appetizers to parties and family get-togethers. Foods that are harvested in the fall are packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants (i.e. pumpkin, squash, apples, sweet potatoes) and there are so many yummy low-glycemic recipes out there, you won’t even miss your old favorites!  Check out Elizabeth Rider’s NEW Vegetarian, Low-Glycemic, Gluten Free Kindle Cookbook coming out THIS Wednesday.  It’s only  $9.99 – you can’t beat that price for the wealth of recipes you will have  – and they’re all completely SexyFit® compliant of course!

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Be Happy….Be Vibrant…


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