Surviving The Holiday Season – Part 2

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Here it is!  “Surviving the Holiday Season – Part 2″ – strategies that I’ve used both personally and with clients over the years.  As always, I love to read your comments below the blog as to what is helping you personally…AND, I would love to hear YOUR best tips too!

1.  Never go to a party or outing hungry: I remember in my 20’s believing that if I was going out for dinner, I should eat less during the day to compensate for all the extra calories I would be eating at the event.  You’d think I would have realized my faulty thinking after a few times of starving myself during the day, and then being so hungry at the party that I would eat EVERTHING.  LOL…it took me a few YEARS to figure that out!  Now, I never go to an event hungry.  I eat normally throughout the day and then drink a USANA Nutrimeal* or eat a USANA Nutrition Bar* before going out, to avoid last minute party cravings.  Other “magic tricks” while at a party:

2. Fill your plate with fruit & veggies at parties so people aren’t asking why you aren’t eating cake and cookies (and offer to bring a fruit or veggie tray, so there ARE fruits and veggies.)

And while we’re on the topic of bringing healthy foods to parties, check out Elizabeth Rider’s Whole Eating Cookbook – only $9.95 – for ideas on healthy, low glycemic appetizers. All SexyFit compliant of course!

3. Have sparkling water with a lime in a highball glass or wine glass to avoid any unwanted pressure to drink, and to give you something “fun” to sip on.

4. This is YOUR Life. How many times do we give in when someone says, “Oh, come on, you can have just one…it’s the holidays!”.  Don’t let others try to talk you into being unhealthy and incongruent with your health goals. You’re not high maintenance, you’re not weird, you simply care about your health and wellness.  Often times, you will be an inspiration that they can do it too.

5. Drink MORE Water. Water makes up 60-70% of your body and EVERY system in your body depends on it. Drink 8-12 glasses (8oz each) minimum each day and add one more glass for each caffeinated and alcoholic beverage you have. Water will help you feel full, have more energy and better able to handle everything.  I use the sparkling water in a wine glass with the lime trick ALL the time because if feels like a special drink, I know I’m drinking more water and no one asks me why I’m not drinking!

6. Lifestyle Choices: Choose how much sleep and exercise you need every day and make them nonnegotiable.  I know myself, when I’m tired, I overeat – so I make sure to get my sleep because I know it has a huge impact on how I feel and what I do. Also, add on a stress-reduction method that works best for you, massage, Yoga, talking to a friend, reading a book, movies, etc.

7. It’s Okay to say “No.” Holidays can also be stressful for a number or reasons and an amazing DE-STRESSER can be learning to say “No.” You don’t have to go to every party. Imagine that?  You can actually not go to everything you’re invited to!  I personally feel so much relief when I create more space in my life by saying YES to the things I really want to do and NO to the things that aren’t a resounding YES!

8. What if you DO overindulge? We all do sometimes. Drink tons of water before going to bed and take 2-3 USANA Proflavanol C100* that night to detox the body, reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system (aka the SexyFit® Rescue Formula which you’ll learn about in the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge). In the morning, drink a large glass of water, have a USANA Nutrimeal* shake with your USANA MyHealthPak* to stabilize your blood sugar.

*For USANA products at wholesale prices, visit your USANA account or contact your local USANA representative, Live Well™ or SexyFit® Coach.

Go for a workout or even a walk in the morning – the movement and endorphins will help you feel better and back on track. Most importantly, drink lots of water throughout the day, eat 5-6 small low glycemic meals/snacks during the day and don’t try to compensate by eating fewer calories, otherwise your metabolism will adjust and slow down and/or you’ll overeat later on during the evening.

9. Create Connection: Enjoy the Holiday Season for what it is about, family, friends, and connections – not just eating. It’s amazing when you take the focus off of food how many other things you will notice about the holidays!

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Be Happy….Be Vibrant…


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