The Power of Dance, Joy and What Moves YOU!

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“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

This commercial was shot at the Liverpool Street Subway Station in London on Jan 15, 2009.  Only the dancers knew what was happening; the general public didn’t have a clue what was about to unfold.  This YouTube video had over 2 million hits in 15 days!


When you watch this video, notice what moves you or makes you smile.  Is it the men in suits busting out in dance? The joy on the faces of both the dancers and the general public?  The group of people having fun and doing something spontaneous?  Is it the sense of connection among seemingly random people? (We’re all connected).

I have personally found that what moves, touches, or inspires us is usually what we need to create MORE of in our life. Articulate what you loved about this video in one sentence.  Then ask yourself, how can you do one thing TODAY to create that in your life.  How could you do it tomorrow? How could you do it the next day? Connecting to what moves us on a daily basis helps bring meaning, purpose and fulfillment into each day.

For me, dance is one the things that moves me the most and is the reason why I don’t let one day go by with out dancing at least once – even if it’s just in my living room. What is it for you? What puts a smile on your face? This is your life NOW… not next year, not tomorrow. When you do something that moves, touches, or inspires you at least once a day you’ll not only change your vibration in the present moment, but you’ll also naturally start attracting more of what you love into your life.

Be Happy….Be Vibrant…


Carmen xo

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