Hello from Sanoviv!

After five days of our Live Well Coach Wellness Business Retreat and five days here on my own, I am feeling thoroughly detoxed, blissed out, slowed down and zen-ified.  Grateful.  Restored.  Centered.

Driving back to Laguna this weekend, so I’m soaking in the last few days in healing paradise. (Sanoviv is built on an energy vortex and that you can literally FEEL the healing quality here).  Click here (my Facebook page, so you may have to “like” if you haven’t been to it before) to see some gorgeous pictures of the facility and 25 very happy women enjoying gourmet raw food, sea weed wraps, cutting edge wellness education and each other.

Of course I don’t want to leave, but I’m also chomping at the bit to share my favorite nutrition and mind-body-spirit wellness learnings when I get back.  Especially tools to slow down the rhythm of your life to SAVOR and more fully enjoy each day. Why slowing down is crucial to being profoundly and deeply connected to yourself.  How to take a retreat experience and infuse it into your every day life.  How to generate your own healing and increase your vibration. Yummy, easy raw food recipes too…stay tuned!

I’ve been taking a “technology break” as Sanoviv suggests, except for a few important things, and this one counts as there is only 6 more days to register.

As you know, I love everything that the HG Life Coaching does – especially if it’s Laurie Gerber (President of Handel and co-host for our “Dive Into the Promise” tele-seminar 2 weeks ago) or Juliana Gambrell (my own coach).  The 4-week tele-seminar format is so user-friendly too because you can fit it into your daily life AND have enough time to integrate between each session.  Here’s all the details…

Why Love Fades & How To Keep It Vibrant: 4-Week Teleseminar Series*

Join coach Laurie Gerber, President of Handel Group® Life Coaching and proud wife of Will Craig, to learn why love fades and how to keep it strong and vibrant. This 4-week teleseminar series is perfect for any individual in a couple who is struggling or just wants to make sure the good stuff continues on forever. Naturally, it just doesn’t. We invite you to think that love fading over time is a call to action, because you understand that developing mastery as a partner matters and works to make your relationship loving and lasting. We’ll teach you the basics of how to keep love thriving!

4 Wednesdays – 2/15, 2/22, 2/29 & 3/7
12pm-1pm ET (that’s 10am-11am MT)
$100 ($90 with promo code)
Led by: Laurie Gerber



*All calls will be recorded and available to those who sign up in advance.

Okay…I’m going dark.  Off to bed for 9pm “curfew”- isn’t that a great “rule” that they have here to promote health?  Sleeping with the doors open to the ocean, waking up with the sun…

PS:  Want a “taste” of what the tele-seminar will be like?  Here’s Laurie’s latest blog:  Should You Be Arrested For Your Love Crimes? She’s a GREAT writer – content and delivery.

Be Happy….Be Vibrant…


Carmen xo

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