Okay, maybe your life isn’t boring.  If you’re anything like me, it’s busy, full to the seams…and not exactly boring.

Or IS it??

  • Do you basically have the same routine every day?
  • Do you eat the same foods, do the same exercises, do the same things on the weekends?
  • Does your life feel a little stale?
  • When is the last time you did something totally new or that SCARED you?
  • When did you do something just for FUN?

A couple of weekends ago, I felt an important “nudge”.  I was at Cafe Gratitude (my new favorite raw food restaurant with a delectable menu and uber friendly staff) with Laurie Gerber, President of the Handel Life Coaching Group and a group of life coaches, yogis and business partners that she had brought together.  Amazing food, people and conversations.

Laurie, being the wonderful hostess she is, brought the whole table into conversation by asking a compelling question, “What did you do this week that you’ve never done before?”


And my ensuing mental “cirque-du-soleil”:

  • “Ahhhh!  I can’t think of a SINGLE thing that I’ve done this week that is new!”
  • “Why not the last 30 days, I’m sure I did SOMETHING new in that time???”
  • “Wait, I’m not listening to anyone else…stay present…that’s the worse thing to do..thinking about what I’m going to say, when someone else is talking…”
  • “LOL…all these yogis around me and I’m definitely not being present…”
  • Mastin Kipp just named FIVE new things he did, why can’t I think of ONE?”
  • “What a SILLY question.  Why can’t she just let us talk amongst ourselves?”… (My inner BRAT voice, which you’ll hear about on tonight’s Life Coaching Tele-Seminar.  How our “brat” and “chicken” voices sabotage us, big time.)
  • “Stop thinking…LISTEN to the person talking right now…stop stressing…”
  • “AHHHHGHHH!  I still can’t think of anything and it’s almost my turn!!!…”

I eventually thought of something, but the point is, it was HARD.  I had to scrape DEEP to find anything, which made me realize what a truly profound, stop-me-in-my-high-heels, question Laurie had asked.

So…like Laurie asked us, have you done anything this week that you’ve never done before?  Did you do anything that scared you?  Did you take on a new way of being, to get a different result than you have in the past?

If you can’t think of anything…don’t worry…you’re in good company (me!)…and I have a PLAN to rectify the above AND make your life more FUN and JUICY…

“Do something once a day that scares you”. – Lululemon Athletica

With divine timing tonight (of course), my good friend and Maui partner-in-crime Danielle Vieth, told me tonight that she wanted to take singing lessons… just for the FUN of it. Something NEW, something she didn’t think she was “good” at (I,however, suspect a slumbering voice in her) and something that would STRETCH her.


Which got me thinking of a FUN project that I could do, with YOU for the next 90 days.  What if I committed to doing something new, once a week, for 90 Days?

Want to join me?

The 12 Week Do-Something-You’ve-Never-Done Project

What I’ll do:

Every Friday morning, (Jan 27 – April 13, 2012) I’ll post on my Facebook something I’ve never done, was scared-to-do-but-did-anyways, or something that I’m proud of. You can count on me to do this for 12 weeks straight.

You can:

  • BEST:  Share something that you did that is NEW, that you were scared to do, or something that you are proud of.
  • GOOD:  Visit my Facebook every Friday morning for inspiration from people around the world sharing!

Are you up for the challenge?  I would LOVE to read your comments Friday mornings and see what you’ve been up to during the week…I think there is going to be a whole lot of stretching and inspiration going on in this auspicious 2012 and year of the Dragon!

See you THIS Friday, Jan 27th on Facebook…for the next 90 Days!

Be Happy…Be Vibrant…


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Need help with your 2012 Goal Setting?

Tonight, I’ll be doing a one hour tele-seminar with Laurie Gerber, President of the HandelGroup® (my personal Life Coaching Company of choice) on how to pinpoint and realize your dreams for 2012.  Register asap today as you will receive TWO questions upon registration that you will want to bring to the call to get the best results from the one hour life and business coaching call.  “Hear” you tonight!

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Wednesday, January 25th
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Be Happy…Be Vibrant…


Carmen xo

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