Healthy Stress-Free Holidays (+ Secret Week)

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Want to design a healthy holiday season + get ready for the new year?


We’re doing something very different for Soul Craft + the Soul Craft Team…

We’re taking a proper and real Christmas Break this year!

Usually, Peter and I travel to see family over Christmas, and then we’re off to Bali for a few months. While it’s SO worth it, it also takes extra personal and business preparation time, so we end up taking a shorter Xmas break.

Healthy holidays in Canada

Trying to stay warm over Christmas in Canada last year.

But this year since we’re not traveling, and we’re living in beautiful Australia (where people have the best life-work balance we’ve seen anywhere), we’ve been inspired to take a true TWO week break — like the Aussies wisely do.*

*the Soul Craft Team will be taking 2 weeks off too — so the Soul Craft Office will be closed Dec 22 – Jan 4th.  Except for SoulFit™ Dance ONLINE classes — we have to keep dancing of course!

But before we head into the holiday season I wanted to re-visit two things that I always teach and DO in December.

  • Soulfully completing 2020 + preparing for 2021
  • Staying healthy over the holidays.

They’re both hugely important for our dreams, life design, and quality of life.

I’ve written many blogs and articles on these two topics over the past 20 years…

Here are my 2 favorites and what I personally do:

Check out my favorite blog + video for how to complete 2020 and prepare for 2021Looking Back to Move Forward.

I recommend doing this during “Secret Week” (the quieter week between Xmas and New Year) — my favorite time to do this beautiful “book-ending” ritual for the year.

Check out my next favorite blog for the season7 Ways Stay Healthy During the Holidays.

Each tip will make it EASIER to stay healthy during the holidays, and helps minimize stress and overwhelm during the holiday season.

Over To You!

  • Are you doing the holiday season differently this year?
  • What are two important things to you during the holiday season?
  • Do you have any health or completing-the-year tips that you think would help others? Share here!

As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterward — your comments help and inspire others and I love interacting with all of you.

Have a beautiful holiday season — may it be relaxing, connective, nourishing and fun — and I’ll see you on the other side of 2021!

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Lots of love,

Carmen xo


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