How to Make Your Morning Routine Work for You

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Do you have a morning routine that works for you?

Or does it feel like just one more thing to do — along with green juicing, meditating, coconut oil pulling, neti-potting — and not very practical when trying to get started on your “real” to-do list?

Stick with me in this blog and I’ll teach you a quick 10-20 min morning routine that will leave you feeling energized, inspired, and productive — and with more personal power than you’ve ever felt before, to get the things done that matter most to you.

First of all — why are morning rituals so important?

No exaggeration, the way you start your day defines your mood and determines your level of resourcefulness and creativity for the rest of the day.

With just 10-20 min of a morning practice, you can not only 10x your productivity and results but improve how you feel and how you react throughout the day.

Morning rituals give you more ENERGY — and when you’re energized, you feel more inspired — which makes everything flow better.

You’re also signaling to the universe that you honor, respect, and love yourself — when you make time for YOU, before anything else in the morning.

In short — when you make time in the morning for yourself and put your oxygen mask on first — it has profound effects on your business and life.

How to Create A Morning Routine That Works For You – And That You’ll Do!

1. Prepare a Special (Sacred) Space the night before.

I like to do a quick “goodnight house” tidy-up before I go to sleep. It takes me about 5 minutes — and that way I wake to a clean space to create from.

NOTE: If this is new for you and your house needs A LOT more than 5 min to tidy up at night — just clear where you’ll be doing your morning practice.

2. Wake up at a time that gives you 30 min of quiet time.

There is something about getting up early when it’s whisper-quiet and everyone else is asleep, that creates a sense of sacredness. These 30 minutes take on a magical feeling, and rightly so — not many people take the time or make an effort to do this.

BONUS: Wake up the sun when you can. Waking up with the sun is incredible for our immune system and our energy levels. In the winter this is harder to do, of course — so a gentle alarm clock (with a sweet sound) can be a great go-to, if needed.

3. Create a practice that feels good, to YOU.

Morning practices are not one-size-fits-all — so what works for someone else, might not work for you. Instead, you want to create a morning practice that fits and feels sourcing for you.

And since there are 3 key parts to creating a magical Morning Routine — it’s super easy to customize.

3 Key Elements of a Morning Practice

  • Movement (any movement you love)
  • Review (of what’s important to you)
  • Center (connecting to yourself + something bigger than you)

Within these 3 parts, there is so much room for your personality and what feels good — which can change and evolve over time too.

Here are some ideas:

  • Movement: Yoga, Free Dance, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Shaking
  • Review: Purpose, Intentions, Dreamboard, Goals, Gratitude, Planning
  • Center/Connect: Journaling, Breathing, Meditating, Walking in Nature

Ritual: Light a Candle, Incense, Essential Oil Diffuser, Open Windows

Here’s what I’m doing currently:

  • Wake up at 5:00am with the sun (it’s summer here in Australia – when it’s winter, 7:00am it is!)
  • Look over at Peter to see if he’s awake (and still in bed) and give him the biggest smile and cuddle if he is
  • Go to the kitchen and make 1/2 cup of warm water with lemon + dash of cayenne
  • Open Windows
  • Qi Gong for 5-10 min (my new morning energy movement practice — I simply find 10 min videos on YouTube as I’m a newbie. Hit me up for recommendations if you’re curious too!)
  • Review my Big Dream, Purpose + New Moon Intentions
  • Gratitude (I write down in my Full Moon Highlights)
  • Breathe 10 breaths in and out with my eyes closed (my favorite way to meditate and connect)
  • Plan my Day with my Soul Craft Day Planner

This takes me 20-30 min max — and then it’s breakfast time!

If I have a busy day, I simply cut everything in half and only do 10 min. When you’re busy, don’t stop….SIMPLIFY.

The key is to design a morning practice that you’ll look forward to, that sources you, and that you’ll do consistently.

Every soulfully successful person I’ve met that I admire (you know, the kind of person that is grounded, centered, and happy in their own skin) always gives a huge amount of credit to their morning practice.


Going to bed early helps you get up early in the morning. We go to bed from 9-10pm on weekdays.

Some people swear by doing their morning practice 7 days a week, some people prefer 3-5 times per week. I like 3-4 personally.

Don’t worry if you fall off the morning practice “horse”. That’s just part of being human! We all do — me too. Never, ever beat yourself up, just restart.

This I know: when I do my morning practice consistently, my business and life works, and I’m the happiest and most content.

Over To You!

  • What do you think? Do you want to start doing a regular morning practice?
  • What part of the blog most resonated with you?
  • Do you have a morning practice element that you love and think would help someone else? Share below!

As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterward — your comments help and inspire others and I love interacting with all of you.

Think someone would benefit from this blog? Sharable icons on the left.

Lots of love,

Carmen xo


PS. Curious about the Soul Craft Weekly Action Planning System? Complete with a Weekly Action Plan, NWM Day Planner, and New + Full Moon Calendar that will help you plan and take action in a modern, effective and soulful way that FEELS good? Check out the entire system here!

If you feel like you are resisting doing something you know would be good for you (such as a morning practice), check out my blog How To Knock Resistance On The Head and my Resistance-Busting Tool.

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