How to Keep Your Vibration High


We’re two years into the craziest times that many of us have ever lived through. I believe that we’re finally coming out of it, but it can still be hard to stay positive or make sense of what’s been going on for the past 24 months.

So how do you keep your head (+ heart) optimistic, open and grounded? How do you shift energy and keep your vibration high, when it feels like there’s a lot that can pull it down?


The Basics (because they matter + create the foundation for the big rocks)


1. Gratitude

Whenever I feel stressed, hopeless, or daunted (by anything), I ask myself what am I grateful for right now.

Let gratitude interrupt anxiety.

It’s such a small thing — but replacing a helpless thought with a thankful one, shifts your energy immediately — and it changes the lens through which you see everything.

What is something really good that came out these two years for you?


2. Take care of yourself.

When we’re stressed, one of the first things to go is our healthy practices — eating well, taking our supplements, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising, practicing self-care, and nurturing our relationships.

If you consistently feel low from world events — check-in with what most affects your physical health. Sugar, alcohol, not moving or sleeping enough….all these things contribute to feeling down and depressed.

While I’m all about the spiritual — we live in a physical body and we MUST take care of our body to feel our best.  Worried about the world?  Oxygen mask on first — so you’re better able to help.


3. Limit your news + social media exposure.

The news is everywhere — Google, YouTube, Social Media, TV — wherever we look, and whoever we talk with. I used to avoid the news up to a few years ago when I realized I wanted to know what was going on in the world — but curated by ME, not by mass or social media.

So while I do pay attention to the news, I create my own rules around what I allow in and how much.

This is super simple, but it works: Peter and I have this philosophy — if we start to feel down (and you know when you do) we simply say — okay, that’s enough.  No more news, or talking about “xyz” for today.

And we get outside, do something fun — something that makes us laugh and shifts our energy.

Okay, moving onto the big rocks:


The Advanced (what really moves the needle)


4. Decide how you will make a difference

When we shift our attention from worry, to how we can make a difference (despite everything that is going on) — it changes everything.

When COVID first hit (and all the big societal shifts that started happening at the same time), I wasn’t sure what to do as I was still processing.  But I knew I wanted to do something — so I asked myself, how I can best raise people’s energy? And that is what prompted me to take SoulFit™ Dance online.

How to have your best year vision board

Then later when COVID + lockdowns just kept going on and on, I asked myself,  “how can I best help people’s health and immune system naturally?”  Which then prompted me to re-vamp and re-launch my SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge.

Both were my way of channeling my concern and worry into something I could do.

What do you believe in passionately — and how could you make a difference in the world with that belief and passion?

Small or big — what would make you feel like you’re helping and making a difference?  We’re all here to impact the world — what could it be for you?

Brainstorm with me + tell me in the comments below.


5. Build, Don’t Burn Bridges

The beauty of being human, and of us all coming here with different souls and missions — is that we think differently. This is one of the greatest things I appreciate about western + democratic societies — our ability to freely say what we think and to celebrate different schools of thought.

However, one of the things that have most surprised me during the past 2 years, is the seeming inability to allow people to think differently, the divisiveness, and the censoring of free speech.

We all think uniquely

…especially about important topics.

It’s what keeps our society functioning — being able to talk about and debate in the open what we believe is right or true. This cancel culture has got to stop, but one way we can make difference is in our own lives — by not canceling or shutting down our friends and family for having different opinions than us.

For example, many of my friends and family think similarly to me — but some don’t.

At the start, it bothered me when one of my closest friends had an opposing opinion (we had always thought similarly) — until I remembered that that’s the whole point for freedom — to be able to think and live uniquely.  And if I truly loved her as a dear friend (which I do), and if I truly believed in freedom (one of my highest values), then I was the one that needed to change, and not feel I needed to convince her to my way of thinking.

Being able to hold two opposing thoughts in our mind, and being able to discuss and debate them openly is a hallmark of a progressive, free society.

Why do I bring this up?  Because allowing differing opinions is only necessary for a free world — and for soulful, and lasting friendships.

Build more bridges during this time, seek to understand if not agree, place more importance on being connected than right, be compassionate and be kind.

This will all help bring healing and loving energy to the world – which we need a lot more of right now.


6. Shake It Off

And finally, to end with some lightness — in the words of Taylor Swift – Shake It Off!

Trauma is held in the body — which is why animals shake after they have been scared, or chased by a predator. In the same way for us, shaking off the stress moves it out of the body, increases our vibration and raises our energy.

Dance, jog-run-walk, shake (yes, just standing up and shaking your body), sing or sound (pure vibration), take a shower, jump in the ocean (water incredibly healing), or just get out into nature.  All of it will shift the angst and stress out of our bodies.

Move it OUT — in whatever way feels good for you.

This then creates space for what you DO want in your body — more joy, creation, love, inspiration and purpose.


Over To You — what do you think?


  • Which tip resonated the most with you?
  • What is something profoundly good that has come out of the past 2 years for you?
  • What has helped you when having different opinions than close friends or family?
  • What is your favorite way to shift energy?

As always, the best part of blogging is the conversation afterward — your comments help and inspire others, and I love interacting with all of you.

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Lots of love,

Carmen xo

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