October 25, 2022

#12 Turning Your Passions Into A Successful Business

Episode 12 is all about Turning your Passions into a Successful Business with Vladia Cobrdova.

Vladia is a published cookbook author (4!), gut health specialist, nutritionist, and co-founder of Jungle & Co. with her sister Sandra.

The two sisters decided to open Australia’s first dedicated Gut Health Bar and their mission is to inspire people through personalized nutrition to become their own wellness experts.  In just 4 short years Jungle & Co has become a landmark in Noosa, Australia – and they are currently opening a second cafe in Brisbane, Australia.

I wanted to interview Vladia because 1) their cafe is my favorite healthy restaurant in Noosa where we’re currently living, and 2) she has an amazing story of taking her passions and personal interest in wellness – and turning it into a successful and fulfilling business.

Whether you’re a current or aspiring business owner, Vladia’s tips and insights will help you create or expand a heart-centered and impactful business.

Our interview starts with her growing up in communist Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), to moving to Australia and following her passion for healthy food and wellness – and all the little synchronicities along the way of following her heart and feeling the fear and doing it anyways.

What we cover:

  • The power of following your passions and what makes you feel alive
  • Why gut health is so key to our health
  • Physical + spiritual importance of listening to your gut
  • The 2 most important things you can do for your gut right now
  • The stages of business and now to navigate for success + life balance
  • Working with family in business – ie your sister!
  • Personalizing your business and letting it be a reflection of you
  • Letting go of perfection + putting yourself out there (the sooner the better!)
  • Vladia’s 5 Top Health Tips as a leading Nutritionalist of 20+ years

I’m looking so forward to introducing Vladia to you.  A health expert of 20+ years, she’s a fountain of inspiration for fad-free whole-food eating.  And thus, this interview is packed full of soulful, business-building strategies AND, easy, down-to-earth nutrition tips.

Let’s dive in.

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